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Sorry, I know I just blurted that out, but I couldn’t help myself! If you watch The Masked Singer and you haven’t seen the fist episode yet, sorry! I’m just still in shock!

If you don’t watch The Masked Singer [IMDB listing], then you’re good! If you don’t watch it, the premise is A singing competition guessing game based on Korean format King of Mask Singer. 12 celebrity performers wear costumes to conceal identities. One singer is eliminated each week and unmasked. Small hints are given for the viewer guess along. There are four judges, but it’s the audience, and the judges who vote, not just the judges, and at the end of the show, whoever gets the least amount of votes goes home. Now you know the way you win or lose. Let’s get to the rest of it.

There are 12 famous people who are in the costumes, and these costumes were nominated and won an emmy! These costumes really are something! Look at it this way, you can’t see the singer, so you need something to look at! Here is a list of all 5 seasons of costumes! There have been some great ones and some goofy ones, but all of them have been impressive. I want to say we tried to watch The Masked Dancer and one episode was enough for us, you won’t hear me talk about it again!

In each costume are celebreties that include singers, dancers, actors, politians, athletes. These performers include stage and screen, paid atheletes and olympians, you honestly never can tell! There are four judges, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, and host, Nick Cannon. Niecy Nash is hosting the first few shows of the season, I looked it up, Nick Cannon had Covid at the time they started taping. She was fun, gave Ken Jeong the same crap Nick Cannon does! The winner of The Masked Singer is going for The Golden Mask trophy, the judges are going for bragging rights and now, The Golden Ear trophy. Each week, four singers go up against each other, before they go on, they give the audience and panel clues to their identity. When they first come out, the judges have to make a first guess and it goes into a vault, to be taken out at the end of the season and the judge with the most correct guesses, wins. Some of the clues are easy, some are tough. It’s funny to watch the judges try to guess, Ken Jeong is the goofiest of them all. The silliest part…they ALL say this is the best opening ever! And it’s always the toughest to watch someone go…

The thing we like about the show is you honestly don’t know who is in the costume and they really are doing for the love of doing it! Sometimes you can’t believe how long someone has lasted and you’re shocked at some of the ones who go home early! It really is a fun show and what we love…we watch it on Hulu, so if we want to just binge an entire season…there it is, even better…I paid for no commercials! I told you, I have no patience!

Ok, back to the first episode. This season, so far, there are Russian Dolls, Porcupine, or Robopine has he wanted to be called, you’ll see…Seashell, Raccoon, and Snail. I thought Racoon would go first, but Snail [this was the Snail singing the song] it was. He sang You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates, I thought he did pretty well. Actually, when he started singing, I actually, for a moment, thought it sounded like Barack Obama! Why not?! But it wasn’t. It was actually… Kermit the Frog! O M G! If I remember correctly, the tag line was a TV Legend, movie star, producer, singer, actor, entertainer. And wow, is he ever! If you know me, you know I am a HUGE Muppet fan, not just Kermit the Frog, as evident by my Muppets Monopoly [2 different versions], Muppets Chess set, Muppet Show and Muppet Movie collection, GIANT stuffed Kermit the Frog and Kermit the Frog cookie jar, and my other Muppet stuff, I’ll show you those some other time.

Kermit the Frog was the first eliminated singer, watch the reveal, also the first puppet/Muppet to participate in The Masked Singer. We were floored. If this doesn’t tell you what a big kid I am, we need to talk! Bottom line, we really enjoy The Masked Singer, not a lot of reality shows we watch together, but this one is fun and fun to guess and get shocked at!

And…sorry for the spoiler alert…I wonder who’s next! I won’t do that to you again, promise!


{January 30, 2021}   Catching up…It’s wonderful!

Today was a day in, cold and freezing rain, we took the pups for a walk, then settled in for…settling in!

I was texting with my sister for a minute, then the phone rang, what a treat! We are both so crazy busy that we don’t always get time to chat, so…when we do, as I said…what a treat! We talked, and talked, and talked. Like my blog, about everything and nothing. We talked family, spouses, kids, four legged fur babies, work, tv shows that we like, what we binge, wearing sweat pants, you know…the usual! Then dad called and I conferenced him in, that was a serious treat! When we hung up the phone about an hour and a half had passed and I don’t know about her, but it felt like no time at all!

A while after I got off the phone, PSM had some errands to run and off he went and my next catch up/treat…a text from JCT who I haven’t spoken to in a few months. Work, as you may or may not know had been crazy for the past few months so…unfortunately, some of my relationships suffered and for that, I am truly sorry. We texted or had a few moments on the phone, but never a serious chat like we used to. The holidays came and went, work, and life got in the way and one day led to the next and here we are, in January and we were able to get on the phone and catch up. And catch up we did…over THREE HOURS! O M G! It was FABULOUS! Like almost all of my friends, and one of the things I value more than anything…we pick up as if we just spoke the other day and I have to tell you, I la la la love it! Don’t you? That is true friendship, when you pick up the phone and talk as if no time has passed and I thank you!

Tomorrow, I actually have some phone dates scheduled, how excited am I! Best news…with my new adventure starting Monday…I’ll have more time at reasonable hours for catching up and even some quick chats and I cannot wait! Lookout ‘Ma Bell’ I’m comin’ for ya!

{October 15, 2017}   The Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Date night! I’m home, on a date with my honey on a Saturday night!

The, first, Kingsman we loved. I haven’t read the graphic novel, but I want to, but I loved the movie. I thought it was clever and funny, inventive, and just violent enough to be ewe, ouch and yeah! And the toys! You might call them weapons…

The only issue I had with the movie, no, the unbelievability of the entire plot? I totally got into the movie. Samuel L Jackson’s speech pattern, lisp, whatever you want to call it, awful.

It’s been a while, but The Kingsman are back. This time, an equally annoying villain. To be honest, she’s just not my favorite actress. Now, in her defence, she played a fabulous nut job!

The basics were the same with some twists. There is an evil in the world that wants to wipe out the Kingsman and see their product take over the world or at least hold the world hostage for a price.

We start in England, following our favorite agent, Eggsy, doing well and we see where his training took him in the first movie. Then boom, explosions and his world, with the Kingsman is torn apart. He and Mark Strong, one of my favorite roles for him, end up traveling to America to enlist the help of The Statesman, the ‘yank’ version of The Kingsman. This time, instead of fine men’s tailor, this group is in Kentucky making fine whiskey, led by Jeff Bridges.

There was action, adventure, plot twists, violence, cool toys, ok weapons, bad guys, and gals, agents and a common enemy to rally against. While there were some great characters, there wasn’t a lot of character development. In the fittest movie it was a combination of bringing new recruits, watching one in particular, Eggsy, become the man and agent he is today. I get that this wasn’t about watching another new agent, but a little backstory on the other side would be good.

Big surprise in the middle that helped with the plot twists and action, and there was a lot of action, which I love and some of it was a bit ridiculous, but it worked for the movie.

Do the Kingsman and Statesmen save the world? You betcha. Do they do it in style? You betcha. Will there be another Kingsman movie? Part of me wants to say you betcha. Will I see it? You know it!

{June 15, 2017}   A great work outing

Tonight, after work, I went out to meet coworkers and the client for a happy hour. 

I don’t know why they call it a happy hour, it lasts a lot longer than that! 

Had a really good day training, after a tough training session at the gym, good questions, responses, engagement by the participants. One of the students even and me to stay after class and help her, that felt great!

Then it was off to happy hour! I got there and on my way to say hello to DLP, I was stopped to chat, then I went to get some food, with the intention of going back to the drink I ordered, I started talking to someone wasn’t very familiar with, as I’m usually in the field and he’s in the office during the week. 

We talked movies, kids, tv shows, movies, Star Wars and you know what that means to true fans…quotes, sounds, memories, laughter and much more! Really great to not talk about work with co – workers!

We were joined by MS, then AK and talked about movies, kids and business travel, that was a big topic of discussion! Get a bunch of road warriors and you can’t get away from it. It’s nice to have common stories and interests. And…SG is Lifetime Diamond with Hilton, wow! That means ten years of Diamond status…ah..a girl can dream!

Then it was off to the next happy hour, we were very happy! Stayed for a while then off to the hotel. I had to pack and get ready for tomorrow!

I can’t wait to tell you what I’m doing or better yet, where I’m going! Pictures, stories, fun to come!

This picture is my idea of a happy hour

{February 14, 2017}   Just another travel day…

It’s Monday, so back to the daily grind, right? Off to Mt Vernon, IL I go.

As I mentioned yesterday, I stayed at a hotel last night in case the roads were bad to the airport, I was close. 

I got there, checked my bags and went through security. There was literally no one on line! This is Logan airport in Boston, that never happens! Do you remember when I showed you JetBlu a few weeks ago? Nope, no one! There we people at the airport, but hundreds of flights had been canceled, so it was sparse. 

I got some breakfast, got on my flight, which was full, by the way. That flight was at 840am, we waited for the de-icing to begin, then left. In Detroit, I had enough time to powder my nose and get to my next flight. 

In Chicago, I had a two hour layover, but not as much time as you’d expect. Get luggage, catch shuttle to next terminal, check luggage back in, walk from B-gates terminal to C-gates terminal, then go in search of something to eat, it’s been a while and a time since since breakfast. Why is it so difficult to find something for a vegan, it’s 2017 airport people! I would like something more than the hummus cup with pretzels. 

Get to gate, wait 20 minutes, board flight for St Louis. Short flight, collect luggage, go to car rental. Collect car, drive 1.30 to Mt Vernon. 

I started at 7am eastern and ended 530pm central [630pm eastern]. 

Let’s just say, I decided if I was going to do anything for dinner, it would be coming to me! I’m staying put in my comfy clothes until I have to get up for work tomorrow! 
The best part of the day…since you can now download from Netflix…I binge watched Stranger Things!  Wow! 


What a day! 

It started way to early…6am to be exact! Not right for a Sunday! PSM had a 9am flight so we left about 7am, got to the airport about 730am, had time to check his bags and spend some one-on-one time together. Can’t wait to see him again on Thursday.

Back to the hotel,  ST and I go out to get some breakfast at a place that was recommended and shouldn’t have been. The food was ok, when we finally got it, enough said. 

He headed to the airport,  I headed to my next hotel and DLP headed to pick me up. She was with her friend,  H. We went to The Green Door Tavern,  one of the oldest pubs with a speakeasy in the basement. It was a great atmosphere and the food was good, bonus. Good food,  conversation,  friends. 

Then it was on to Walmart to get candy for the office for Halloween, a shopping spree!  Being silly and having a good time. 

Back to the hotel, run some errands, hang out with DLP on the phone while we watched Monsters University and Bar Rescue, reminded me of when CKM and I used to do that with Hoarders. It was fun and a good memory.

Now, talking to you and thinking about drifting off to sleep. 

Until tomorrow…

{March 24, 2016}   Binge watching…pros and cons

I think I’ve told you…I love binge watching.

I actually prefer to watch the entire show after its gone off the air, but sometimes I just can’t wait.

I might acutely be addicted to binge watching.  No commercials…just power thru…one more episode…an entire season in the blink of an eye.

I was just doing that with NCIS tonight, I was towards the end of an episode, not knowing where I am in the season and I thought to myself as something huge happened, “I love binge watching,  I don’t have to wait for the next season…unless this is the end of the episodes and I have to wait until the next season is added.”

Grrrrr, what! Oh no! Now I have to wait! Nooooo! What am I going to do now?!


{February 22, 2016}   Mozart in the Jungle

Just watch it!

It’s sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, and the rock stars are classical musicians. 

There truly is sex, a bit of bed hopping,  pining, forbidden love, experimenting.

There are drugs, DiDi, the percussionist supplies everyone with whatever they need.

There is rock-n-roll, in this case, the NY Symphony Orchestra. And the star power, just in the players themselves.

The series opens with the old conductor, or Maestro, making his exit and the way for the new,  younger,  exciting, challenging and brilliant Maestro, Rodrigo.

It’s funny and cerebral and clever and goofy, it’s about finding out who you are, learning, growing, accepting, discovery, being open to new things, love, loss, passion, greed,  deception, and…and…and…

It’s an original series on Amazon and I love it,  there are only two seasons so far and I want more!

Watch it and tell me what you think!


{June 6, 2014}   Call the Midwife

Love Love Love!!!

I have heard great things about this show, I was somewhat intrigued, but it wasn’t high on the list. I like period pieces, but I found recently that I enjoy the mystery shows that are period.

I really enjoy the ones set during WWII, I find them incredibly fascinating and enjoyable. My dad turned me on to Foyle’s War, it took a minute, but I got into it hard core, and then it was over. It’s hard when you enjoy a series and then it ends, but that allows you to find other things to watch. Which is one of the things I enjoy about Netflix, it allows me to find a show and watch it to the end, as long the series is over, if it’s still going on, you might not get the entire series.

I had been considering watching Land Girls, which I really liked, I’ll tell you about it some time.

It was time for something new and Call the Midwife it is! It’s about the lives of a group of midwives in the late 1950s.

Vanessa Redgrave is the narrator, an elder Jenny Lee, who is talking us through her memoir. Jenny is a nurse and trained midwife, she is joined by Trixie, a vivacious blond, Cynthia, a shy and sweet brunette, Chummy, a very tall, solid and wonderful woman who feels like she is all thumbs. They live at Nanartas house, which is run by Sister Julienne and a group of nuns, all who are midwives. Pam Ferris is Sister Evangelina, tough as nails and a big softy. You may know Pam Ferris as Aunt Marge from Harry Potter or Ms Trunchbull from Matilda. Judy Parfait plays Sister Monica Joan, an aging nun, very forgetful and speaks in riddles. You may remember her as the queen from Ever After or Vera Donovan from Dolores Clairborne. Sister Bernadette is the quiet conflicted one. They are joined by a few male characters, PC Peter Nokes, Fred, the caretaker, the town doctor, Dr Turner.

The setting is the east end of London, very little money, several people to a flat or a room, poor conditions, but the people are happy. The funny or interesting things that I found. The women smoked, not just inside, which was common, but WHILE THEY WERE PREGNANT! Even while waiting for their prenatal appointments! How about the fact that they leave their babies in their prams outside the clinic or houses and apartments, that’s just the way they did it!

No matter what, when you called Nanartas House, you had a midwife come to visit. They would make weekly house calls and sometimes they performed duties for people in Poplar as a nurse, for both men and women. They get involved with the lives of their patients, get to know and care for them, experience their joys and heartaches and a lot of babies! There is at least one to three babies born each episode and you get to see it! Not the full birth, but you see the babies as they are coming out, from the side, you see their head and then their little bodies, it’s amazing.

As you watch each episode, you get involved with these women, their lives and you laugh with them, you cry with them, ooh and ah with their new babies, get scared with them and feel joy. You also see how medicine has changed, but one thing that hasn’t…women are still having babies.

Bottom line, I really like this show and recommend it highly. It’s a show you never want to end, does that help?

{October 3, 2013}   My Fair Wedding

No! I’m not getting married, I just la la la love this show!

Years ago, I would watch “A Wedding Story” before I got married, I used to watch “A Baby Story” (my cousing, SS was even on an episode!) when I was newly married and thinking about kids.

Recently, I found two shows that fascinate me. The first is Four Weddings, this is a show where they take four women who have never met and sort of pit them against each other; they are each competing for the chance to win a honeymoon. They attend each other’s weddings and then rate them on dress, venue, food, overall feel. It’s interesting to see how each bride differs in her style and the wedding she puts on. There have been some interesting ones, one bride said her vows in an aquarium tank, another in a converted theater that was set up to look dark and gothic, there were traditional sweet weddings, all different, still not sure why I am drawn to this.

The next show, the reason I started this post, is for My Fair Wedding. I watched it once or twice when I was traveling and thought it as fascinating and then…da da’s on Netflix! And as you know, when I find a show I like, I just watch as many episodes there are and move on to the next show.

My Fair Wedding is hosted, sort of, by David Tutera. He’s a big time famous wedding planner with a thriving business who puts on these elaborate and extravagant weddings. This show centers around one bride that he selects who applies to be on the show and their wedding is, let’s just say, in need of guidance and flat out help. Some have themes: Picnic, Wizard of Oz, Motown! Mini trucks, Asian Fusion, Belly Dancing, the list goes on. Some brides, just don’t know what they want or their ideas are all over the place.

That’s where David Tutera comes in and basically saves the day, he takes over where he needs to. Everything from changing the wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, venue, menu, anything that needs help.

One of the fun things to watch is when he first meets a bride, she shows him her vision and he keeps a straight face, especially if the idea is seriously out there! Off camera, he will tell us, the viewers what he’s thinking, but on camera, with the bride, he’s always intreagued. He is always complimentary when he sees the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses, no matter how bad they are, he finds something positive.

Sometimes, he does love an idea or a theme, he might go with it in a small way incorporate it into the overall event, or he takes it and runs with it. But what he will do is make whatever is they want happen, within reason. He went against the grain and gave two brides black wedding dresses, who does that!

The big thing he does is listen to the bride, what they want, what their vision is and make it so much more, come to life, almost as he steps inside their minds and sees what they really want, sometimes it’s exactly what they say, sometimes it’s completely in the opposite direction.

The thing that amazes me, and possibly anyone who watches the show and the brides he works with is that he treats each bride as if she is the only bride he has ever worked with, they are the most special and beautiful woman on the planet.

He has approximately three weeks to put the wedding together and he will do things with her to make her feel special, it might be jewelry, selecting flowers, a makeover, signature cocktails, food, perfume, something to help her relax, like swinging from a trapeze, zip lining, hot air balloon rides, you name it, he’ll do it!

Ultimately, no matter what he does, it’s to make the bride feel special and have a day that she and her husband will remember and treasure for the rest of their lives. You can tell how much he touches these women, not just in words, but in action and you truly feel that he loves each and every one of them. Aside from the tears of joy and wonderment when he reveals their weddings to the couple, they can tell how much of himself he put into their theme, ceremony and reception, their words of love and devotion to him for all he did for them, sometimes it’s just words, sometimes it’s a token of their appreciation, in a physical gift or a donation to one of the many charities he is passionate about.

I love watching each and every episode, sometimes I’m not sure about his choices, but he knows what’s best for that bride and the wedding party and sometimes I marvel at how he’s going to come up with a wedding that brings the bride’s vision to life. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I wanted a themed wedding and how David Tutera would bring it all together.

All in all, I really enjoy the show and it’s just a feel good time and of course, being a girl, from time to time, I tear up at the ceremony, who doesn’t?

et cetera