Peaches Prattlings

Yup, you guessed it, this is a slightly annoyed post, hopefully there will be a happy ending. 

Left work in time, shared an Uber with a coworker, it was nice chatting with him, we don’t usually have that much time to chat.

Bag drop…check, security…check, get to the gate…check, wait at the gate…check, wait at the gate,  wait at the gate, wait at the gate,  huh?

Flight was supposed to leave at 451pm, when I checked my bag in, I was told it would be delayed until 501pm, ok…I texted the family at 518pm that I was on the plane. If…we had taken off on time, we would have landed on time and I would have made my connection. I have a feeling you know what’s coming next…we waited and waited and waited and then they said they needed to de-ice, what? I also just found out that when they decide to de-ice that means that it’s now the weather’s fault and no one is responsible for providing hotels or rental cars.  Nice…

We landed and I could see my next plane from my window, it was the next gate. That would have been great if we landed on time…no notification on my phone, app, email, nothing…then we sit on the tarmac for a bit, then mosey to the gate and wait some more…joy. We landed or pulled into the gate I still had maybe 15 minutes,  yeah right. 

Finally get off the plane and watch my next flight take off. I call my travel company and apparently, I the airline had rebooked me, 7am tomorrow morning, would have been nice to be told…and as much as first class 7am would be nice, I want to go home, spend the night in my childhood bed…I asked if they could get me on any flight to NYC, spending the weekend with my dad, awe. 

They got me on a flight leaving about 10pm, great. I go to get something to eat. I take my time, talk to the guy next to me who was on my flight and he couldn’t get another flight out and his wife is driving two hours to pick him up, then driving two hours back, glad I’m not going to be in that car! Ha ha. 

I get to my gate and realize, duh…I never asked about my bag! The gate agent was fabulous, he got my bag, which was still going to Newark tomorrow morning, huh? It’s now going to be on my flight,  fingers crossed. 

We now sit waiting for the crew, who just landed at the other end of the airport..and if you know DTW, you know it’s not a short walk, especially after having to de-plane everyone…think we’ll get out on time?  It’s 944pm, we were supposed to leave at 955pm..hmm…

I have to say…and I know there are others who will back me up…Thursdays out of O’Hare…yuck!

So…here I am waiting, with everyone else, will there be a happy ending? Fingers crossed! 


{January 4, 2017}   I am such a kid! 

I know, I know, you’re sitting going, “well, duh”! [and I know it should be saying instead of going]

Now I’ll tell you why. Well, there are many reasons, but tonight in inspired as I sit here watching Star Trek Into Darkness. It’s on TV and I came in 3/4 thru and and as soon as it’s over, I know I’m going to turn it on my iPad to watch it all the way thru, maybe even start with Star Trek. 

But what makes me such a kid, I have seen these movies at least 20 times, minimum, same with Star Wars IV, V & VI. I have seen them so many times and I could probably recite them, but I still get nervous, excited, anxious, tense, “I get goose pimply, like some great big pimply goose!” [I’ll be really impressed if I know what that line is from! ]

I sit on the edge of my seat, enraptured …will he make it? Can Spock do it? Did Kirk just die?! Will Uhura get to Spock in time? Can Bones save them? Will Scott you come back?  When will he say “My name…is Kahn? Will Luke be able to hit the spot on the Death Star? Where’s that sound? I didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten! 

So many questions I already know the answers to, but I still sit there hoping. Just so you know, it’s not just with sci-fi, just inspired at the moment. 

Such a kid! 

​I was going to have this as a post on Facebook, it was about 6am this morning, but I just kept going,  so here’s my post. 

I am not a fan of complaining first thing in the morning…my two flights so far have been great.  I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning at about 530pm and it was a snack box I purchased from the airline. I have had a drink and one of those fine free snack bags on each flight, I’m not starving, but I’m hungry. 

I am in Houston and stopped to get a sandwich, something close to my gate.  The lines at the breakfast places were really long, so I went to a kiosk that had sandwiches.  I picked up an egg salad sandwich, thought it was safe, I didn’t know I needed to read the entire label…

By my second bite…a slight kick, hmmm…then I look and there seems to be some meat in the sandwich. This is the point when I decide to read the label…

A southwest egg salad sandwich means jalapeño flakes in the bread and the sandwich AND… those pieces of meat…bacon. How happy is this ovo-vegan? 

On me…I should have read the label, but to be fair, it was 6am, I’ve been flying a while and all the other sandwiches state what type of sandwich it is “ham and cheese”, “chicken and…”

Why couldn’t the label on the front and not just the teeny ingredients list on the back say “egg salad with bacon”, I could have dealt with the jalapeño, but the bacon, not a chance! 

Bottom line…not cool. 

​​​I really need to hit the lottery…
I’m looking forward to going back and seeing my friends and coworkers, not sure about the whole work thing,  ha ha…who is,  really?

This week was great, being home with PSM, even though we both got sick, it was still nice.

Last night, I pulled all my clothes out of the closet and drawers and this morning packed. PSM felt bad about yesterday, not doing anything, so he forced me to go to the beach, harsh, I know! I took Mollie and we headed to a beach about 15 minutes from us, a nice local beach.

There were about 5 people on the beach when we got there and progressively got more populated, but not crowded, it was nice. Mollie was exploring, making friends then hanging out with me, even got in the water with me, then got a little restless. It was ok when it was mostly adults, they all liked her, but when babies started arriving, I had trouble

keeping her near me,  nothing to tie her leash to. That was our cue to head home. It was a nice few hours that we had.

Home, shower, dozed off for a bit, ooh, mid afternoon naps are definitely underrated! Then it was time to pack my carryon, ensure I had everything and then head to the airport.

About a mile into the trip,  what’s my phone?  Back to the house, luckily we were only about 8 minutes from home. Off to the airport for my next adventure. Honolulu to LA to Houston to Chicago, fun, huh?

It really was great and if I could hit the lottery and be there all the time, with the money to travel when I/we wanted, I think I could handle that.

Who knows what’s coming next?!

{January 2, 2017}   Man’s best friend

It’s so true. At least in this case it truly is. 

My cats used to stay by my side when I was sick, I think Jymy was worried, Peanut just wanted attention, ha ha, Gabby stuck to me like glue, it felt good when they did. 

As you know, PSM isn’t feeling well and today, since we didn’t have plans and stopped moving, so to speak, finally gave in and decided to rest today. 

Well, with resting came a companion, Miss Mollie McDougal never left his side, expect to come downstairs for food and to go out. He was outside on the lanai, there she was, upstairs in bed, Mollie, on the sofa…you guessed it. 

She was a good companion, worried about her person.

A very, very happy new year from Hawaii! 

Here in Hawaii, New Years Eve is bigger than 4th of July on the mainland, it’s crazy! People have been setting off fireworks for weeks, here and there, but tonight, it’s been steady for a few hours, as soon as the clock struck 12…KABOOM 

So…how did we start our day? Going to the local minute clinic to find out…we both have ear infections! That explains the ear popping, pain and discomfort last night on the flight. Is it sweet we’re both sick and on the same antibiotics? Awe…

After getting diagnosed and dropping off our prescriptions, we went home. I turned around, dropped the top on the beetle bug and went out in search of supplies, we had a party to host. 

On top of that, we had Mollie to think about. She, like many other dogs, is completely freaked out by fireworks, poor girl. PSM gave her a tranquilizer, over the course of the evening, two, it was rough tonight. 

I got to talk to GES and dad tonight so that was a good start to the new year…and closer to their midnight than mine! 

It was a small gathering but big fun! D&M R were here with their girls, A, S and Thursday. E&D D were here with their kids,  E & G. And our neighbor, A was able to join us.  

We had good food and drink,  even played some games, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone, getting to know them better. I’m so glad we met. 

I really have to give props to the kids for taking turns, together and individually, spending time with Mollie, they had a dog who was afraid of fireworks. 

By about 1045, everyone was walking out the door, PSM and I did a quick clean up then he went upstairs to calm Mollie. 

At midnight the exclusions started and actually, they slowed down, but I’m not sure they stopped! 

There’s so much that happened this year and I’m glad you were right there with me. 

A very happy and healthy year I wish for you my friends.  Happy 2017!

{December 31, 2016}   A visit to Molokai 

First, I’m feeling much better! So today’s post will cover two days. 

Something I haven’t told you about PSM, he travels for work. He travels between Oahu, Maui and Molokai. At least once a month he’s on the other islands and this month we were able to travel together and extend the trip by a day. 

We flew over to Molokai on a 6am flight, it was only about a 40 minute flight, a nice nap. We were met at the airport by a coworker of PSM’s, who drove us to the farm, they had some meetings and I was given a tour of the farms by a nice guy, J.

After the tour, PSM and I went to get some breakfast at a nice local place and then took a tour around the island. The hard part for PSM is that I had taken a nyquil before I went to sleep on Wednesday, about 130am, so of course, it didn’t hit my system until late and I was groggy all day. In between stops I was pretty much unconscious! 

Our first stop was Palau’u State Park, there were two walks, well, the way I was feeling, they felt like hikes! for the Kalaupapa Overlook. If you look down along the water you can see the leper colony.

The second walk from the start was to the Phallic Rock, yup, you heard me right. 

In the ancient Hawaii infertile women came here to pray, bring offerings and spend the night in hopes of conceiving a child. Even today women still come here in hopes of getting pregnant soon.

Next stop was a local coffee house and then a drive to a hotel that is no more. Some of the units are now private condos and a lone shop. The best part of the hotel…the beach. We sat for a bit, listened to the sound of the surf, watched some surfers, a spear fisher, laid back and had the best nap in a long time! 

Next stop was our hosts house. PSM works with R, he picked us up from the airport, and his wife, L, offered to have us stay with them for the night. They live on a hill with an amazing view of the ocean,  their back deck is something to see. We went to dinner at a local place and then back to the house, I turned in early, I needed to get rest and sleep of the nyquil. You know I didn’t feel well, I crashed about 730pm!

I slept until about 430am, feeling a little better. We got out of bed about 830, headed to the same breakfast place and then out to see more of Molokai. Unfortunately, we only got about 20 miles towards our destination and the rain was coming down enough that the road class get washed out enough that we could get stuck on the other side of the island! Apparently schools have been closed because of that before! 

We went back to R & L’s house, they were kind enough to let us hang at their house until our flight. We tried to get on an earlier flight but all flights were booked our canceled due to the weather. We watched TV, chilled out, enjoyed the view and had dinner on that fabulous deck. PSM was in charge of shucking corn, not sure if you can see his helper, their cat, Judy. 

After dinner, they drove us to the airport, we hung out waiting for our puddle jumper back to Honolulu and when it was time, a private plane! Well, it was the same baby plane-let, we were just the only ones on it! 

Now home, taking needs, we’re both sick! Talk to you and lights out! Tomorrow is a new day and at midnight tomorrow…a new year! 

{December 30, 2016}   Did you get the plate number?

Of the truck that hit me…

My friends, I love you and PSM and I had a great day that I want to tell you all about,  but I feel awful. I took nyquil before bed yesterday and I’m not sure it’s worn off!

More tomorrow! 

But I will leave you with this nice sentiment.

{December 29, 2016}   Getting a cold…

In the summer, not fun. Getting a cold in the winter makes sense, right? 

What about getting a getting a winter cold where it’s warm, like here in Hawaii. It’s very confusing. 

I was fine when I went to sleep, got up felt wonky and now I can only breath out of one nostril…not a fan. Dayquil and a nap it was. 

But…it didn’t stop me from going out to dinner with PSM and A&B R. Maybe I should just refer to them as BAR, that would be wrong, funny, but wrong. 

We met on the North Shore and went to a bar and grill for pizza and these amazing beignet things, oh my! 

Now, home to crash and rest up, get better, tomorrow we have a big and exciting day, can’t wait!

A nice normal day at home, on vacation, what could be better? 

We watched the sunrise, beautiful, then had breakfast on the lanai with Mollie. 

Then a hike on the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail. What a spectacular view, unfortunately, the lighthouse was covered for repairs, that didn’t deter our enjoyment. 

On our way back to the car, we were stopped at the entrance because a cavalcade of cars was on its way, not sure which car, but President Obama was in there. I’ve never been that close to a president, kind of neat.

After dinner, a much needed mani/pedi and then dinner at a new place called BYOB, Build Your Owl Bowl, Asian fusion. Then home to light the Chanukah menorah for our first night together in Hawaii.

et cetera