Peaches Prattlings

{January 3, 2017}   Travel day…end of vacation…sigh

​​​I really need to hit the lottery…
I’m looking forward to going back and seeing my friends and coworkers, not sure about the whole work thing,  ha ha…who is,  really?

This week was great, being home with PSM, even though we both got sick, it was still nice.

Last night, I pulled all my clothes out of the closet and drawers and this morning packed. PSM felt bad about yesterday, not doing anything, so he forced me to go to the beach, harsh, I know! I took Mollie and we headed to a beach about 15 minutes from us, a nice local beach.

There were about 5 people on the beach when we got there and progressively got more populated, but not crowded, it was nice. Mollie was exploring, making friends then hanging out with me, even got in the water with me, then got a little restless. It was ok when it was mostly adults, they all liked her, but when babies started arriving, I had trouble

keeping her near me,  nothing to tie her leash to. That was our cue to head home. It was a nice few hours that we had.

Home, shower, dozed off for a bit, ooh, mid afternoon naps are definitely underrated! Then it was time to pack my carryon, ensure I had everything and then head to the airport.

About a mile into the trip,  what’s my phone?  Back to the house, luckily we were only about 8 minutes from home. Off to the airport for my next adventure. Honolulu to LA to Houston to Chicago, fun, huh?

It really was great and if I could hit the lottery and be there all the time, with the money to travel when I/we wanted, I think I could handle that.

Who knows what’s coming next?!


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