Peaches Prattlings

{January 5, 2017}   Oh…the joys of traveling for work…

Yup, you guessed it, this is a slightly annoyed post, hopefully there will be a happy ending. 

Left work in time, shared an Uber with a coworker, it was nice chatting with him, we don’t usually have that much time to chat.

Bag drop…check, security…check, get to the gate…check, wait at the gate…check, wait at the gate,  wait at the gate, wait at the gate,  huh?

Flight was supposed to leave at 451pm, when I checked my bag in, I was told it would be delayed until 501pm, ok…I texted the family at 518pm that I was on the plane. If…we had taken off on time, we would have landed on time and I would have made my connection. I have a feeling you know what’s coming next…we waited and waited and waited and then they said they needed to de-ice, what? I also just found out that when they decide to de-ice that means that it’s now the weather’s fault and no one is responsible for providing hotels or rental cars.  Nice…

We landed and I could see my next plane from my window, it was the next gate. That would have been great if we landed on time…no notification on my phone, app, email, nothing…then we sit on the tarmac for a bit, then mosey to the gate and wait some more…joy. We landed or pulled into the gate I still had maybe 15 minutes,  yeah right. 

Finally get off the plane and watch my next flight take off. I call my travel company and apparently, I the airline had rebooked me, 7am tomorrow morning, would have been nice to be told…and as much as first class 7am would be nice, I want to go home, spend the night in my childhood bed…I asked if they could get me on any flight to NYC, spending the weekend with my dad, awe. 

They got me on a flight leaving about 10pm, great. I go to get something to eat. I take my time, talk to the guy next to me who was on my flight and he couldn’t get another flight out and his wife is driving two hours to pick him up, then driving two hours back, glad I’m not going to be in that car! Ha ha. 

I get to my gate and realize, duh…I never asked about my bag! The gate agent was fabulous, he got my bag, which was still going to Newark tomorrow morning, huh? It’s now going to be on my flight,  fingers crossed. 

We now sit waiting for the crew, who just landed at the other end of the airport..and if you know DTW, you know it’s not a short walk, especially after having to de-plane everyone…think we’ll get out on time?  It’s 944pm, we were supposed to leave at 955pm..hmm…

I have to say…and I know there are others who will back me up…Thursdays out of O’Hare…yuck!

So…here I am waiting, with everyone else, will there be a happy ending? Fingers crossed! 


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