Peaches Prattlings

{December 31, 2016}   A visit to Molokai 

First, I’m feeling much better! So today’s post will cover two days. 

Something I haven’t told you about PSM, he travels for work. He travels between Oahu, Maui and Molokai. At least once a month he’s on the other islands and this month we were able to travel together and extend the trip by a day. 

We flew over to Molokai on a 6am flight, it was only about a 40 minute flight, a nice nap. We were met at the airport by a coworker of PSM’s, who drove us to the farm, they had some meetings and I was given a tour of the farms by a nice guy, J.

After the tour, PSM and I went to get some breakfast at a nice local place and then took a tour around the island. The hard part for PSM is that I had taken a nyquil before I went to sleep on Wednesday, about 130am, so of course, it didn’t hit my system until late and I was groggy all day. In between stops I was pretty much unconscious! 

Our first stop was Palau’u State Park, there were two walks, well, the way I was feeling, they felt like hikes! for the Kalaupapa Overlook. If you look down along the water you can see the leper colony.

The second walk from the start was to the Phallic Rock, yup, you heard me right. 

In the ancient Hawaii infertile women came here to pray, bring offerings and spend the night in hopes of conceiving a child. Even today women still come here in hopes of getting pregnant soon.

Next stop was a local coffee house and then a drive to a hotel that is no more. Some of the units are now private condos and a lone shop. The best part of the hotel…the beach. We sat for a bit, listened to the sound of the surf, watched some surfers, a spear fisher, laid back and had the best nap in a long time! 

Next stop was our hosts house. PSM works with R, he picked us up from the airport, and his wife, L, offered to have us stay with them for the night. They live on a hill with an amazing view of the ocean,  their back deck is something to see. We went to dinner at a local place and then back to the house, I turned in early, I needed to get rest and sleep of the nyquil. You know I didn’t feel well, I crashed about 730pm!

I slept until about 430am, feeling a little better. We got out of bed about 830, headed to the same breakfast place and then out to see more of Molokai. Unfortunately, we only got about 20 miles towards our destination and the rain was coming down enough that the road class get washed out enough that we could get stuck on the other side of the island! Apparently schools have been closed because of that before! 

We went back to R & L’s house, they were kind enough to let us hang at their house until our flight. We tried to get on an earlier flight but all flights were booked our canceled due to the weather. We watched TV, chilled out, enjoyed the view and had dinner on that fabulous deck. PSM was in charge of shucking corn, not sure if you can see his helper, their cat, Judy. 

After dinner, they drove us to the airport, we hung out waiting for our puddle jumper back to Honolulu and when it was time, a private plane! Well, it was the same baby plane-let, we were just the only ones on it! 

Now home, taking needs, we’re both sick! Talk to you and lights out! Tomorrow is a new day and at midnight tomorrow…a new year! 


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