Peaches Prattlings

As we talked about, I started on a new project today and tonight was my roll on dinner.

Second day on the project had reviews, meetings, training and a project meeting at the end of the day where I introduced myself to the project team. It was also a day of getting to know my new team mates, we talked families, love interests, travel, work, you name it.

Then…there was more of that! That I liked a lot, getting to know my team mates. It’s very important to get to know the people you’re working with and hopefully have some things in common.

After the big team meetings, we went to Tsunami’s for good sushi and an amazing sunset! Isn’t it fabulous!

We had a few appetizers to share, seaweed salad, a cucumber salad and edamame. Then I had miso soup, a piece of tomago, a vegetable roll and a tofu roll. Everyone got a kick out of my reaction to the chili paste on the tofu roll…I was so not expecting it and didn’t realize it was chili paste! O M G!

The food was great, sunset amazing, company fantastic. A good sign for my time on the project, looking forward to new experiences.

Technically 10 is a double digit, there are two of them, right? Why do we say 11 is really the first double digit. Is it because it’s the same two digits? I have no idea!

Doesn’t matter!!! EJS is going to be ELEVEN on Wednesday, can you believe it?! I, for one, cannot. Imagine what it’s like for my sister and brother-in-law! I remember so much from the last eleven years, I know, almost eleven, don’t push it! Ok, I’m going to stop here, because if I tell you everything fabulous about her today, what will I tell you on Wednesday, although I’m sure I could think of a few more!

Today we had the party. Originally EJS had wanted a bouncy house, they are super fun, but…Mid March in Massachusetts, that’s a mouthful in and of itself! But mid-March in Mass…touchy with the weather. Good thing they didn’t…it snowed hard this past week and there would not be a flat surface for the bouncy house this weekend!

So… it was a slimy weekend! She had six friends come over and they made…slime! The table was set with glue, laundry detergent, soap, shaving cream and lots of things to put into the slime, such as food coloring, beads, sparkly things, shiny things, everything that a kid could want for their slime and so much more!

Who knew eight kids could be so fascinated making slime for over two hours! There were containers galore so each kid made at least two, if not more! It was pretty cool and for once, the grownups barely made an entrance into the lab!

We hung out in the kitchen, munching on snacks of junk and healthy, a fine mix! Then after the slime had slung, the girls went downstairs to play games, then upstairs to play games, then downstairs and then it was time for dinner! Pizza, pasta, salad, oh my!

After dinner, it was Pitch Perfect and then ice cream cake and then pretend to go to sleep. Oh, did I mention it was a sleepover party too? The cutest thing to hear was them trying to recreate the songs from Pitch Perfect. Too perfect!

I think the last one went down about 11:30pm! Oh, I do not envy their parents tomorrow! Luckily, they all go home by 9am, we go to brunch and hear…crickets.

Eleven, wow. Yeah, that’s about it. I’ll tell you more on Wednesday!

{March 14, 2018}   Happy Pi Day!

It’s March 14th…that would be 3.14!

This is the 30th anniversary of Pi day! THIRTY years! 1988 was the earliest known official celebration of Pi Day. It was organized by Larry Shaw, who worked as a physicist. He would march around a circular space, with staff and public and then eat fruit pies! He worked at the San Francisco Exploratorium and they still hold the Pi Day celebrations!

On March 12, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution recognizing March 14, 2009 as National Pi Day! What are the odds? Something that someone thought would be fun is now a national thing!

I ordered a few fruit pies for the office, there was a cherry, peach and a sweet potato, they didn’t have the sweet potato, so they sent a crumble. Yum!

And then…to top it off, I met WIS for our last date night! At Kitchen 17, the new location. Do you remember me telling you about it last week? Well, it was time for pizza pie! We tried something different, mac-n-cheese pizza! Different, but yummy!

How perfect is that? On Pi Day, 3.14, I had pizza pie and fruit pie. And I ate with a sweetie pie! How could I resist?

I hope you got a piece of pie! Happy Pi Day!

{March 7, 2018}   A work GNO…awesome!

Tonight was a girls night out with some co-workers.

It was DLP, myself, JM, you might remember her from our movies in the park over the summer and PB. OMG! I just realized, she and I together and PB & J! How funny is that?! I am so easily amused!

PB has been in the field, JM rolled off the project a while ago, so it was great to

We met at MAD Social,, a lot of plates for sharing, salads, flats, skewers, they were able to make some of them vegan, which was great for me and plenty to eat!

DLP and I went from the office, PB and JM were coming from other locations. We haven’t all seen each other in quite a while, so it was fabulous to be together. We laughed, we caught up, we talked about what’s next, laughed, and repeated the process all over again.

What a great time we had tonight, seeing each other and spending time together, sharing stories, time and affection. It’s not always easy to connect with co-workers on that level. You might be friendly with some, but to take it to the next level, it doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it’s special.

Looking forward to the next GNO, fabulous!

{February 16, 2018}   Gong hei fat choy

That is Cantonese for “wishing you great happiness and prosperity”. In Mandarin, you would say ‘gong xi fa cai’.

This is what you would say to someone to wish them a Happy Chinese New Year. And why? Because today, February 16th, is the beginning of the Chinese New year! It’s the year of the dog.

I found out some facts when I went online. Officially, the holiday is three days, unofficially, it will be celebrated over two weeks, I like that! Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, so it’s not the same date every year, hmm…sounds familiar!

The holiday was born out of the myth of Nian, which is also the Chinese word for year, who was a beast that would appear every New Year’s Eve and attack villagers, ouch! So, the legend says that to scare away the beast, villagers would put up red banners and explode firecrackers and bang drums. Does that sound like some Chinese celebrations you’ve seen or heard of?

When I was a kid, we would celebrate Chinese New Year with a family we were close with, it was wonderful, the food, the family, friends and I’ll never forget the red envelopes with cash in them. I bet I still have one of those envelopes!

Just like astrological zodiac signs, each sign of the Chinese zodiac has their own personality traits. The dog is a true companion, associated with loyalty, honestly, intelligence with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are known to be swift and passionate believers in their own personal philosophy. The dog does its best to protect high-integrity people and support their cause.

Famous dogs: Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, Steven Spielberg, Madonna and Michael Jackson!

I wish to tell all who are celebrating and especially JCT, her daughter, ST and her mom, LaLa, Gǒu nián jí xiáng.

{February 14, 2018}   February 14th, what a day!

It’s a special day for a lot of reasons, let’s talk about why!

First, it’s Valentine’s Day. On the one hand, there’s a lot of pressure…that people put on themselves. To show their loved ones that they are loved. It’s a happy day for some, for others, not so happy. If you’re single and don’t want to be, it screams at you. If you’re in a relationship, some use it as a test to see what their partners will do for them, like it proves something. If you’re single and you’re happy, it doesn’t make a difference.

You know the song, ‘if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with’, well that can count for Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to be with ‘that special someone’, you have to be with people you care about. Friends, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, families, co-workers, whoever makes you happy!

I spent it with two co-workers who’s company I enjoy very much, DLP and SH. We went to the Chicago Diner, one of my favorite vegan restaurants that neither of them have been to, so it worked for me! They both wanted to try it, no reservation needed and the company was stellar, what more could you want?!

And when I got to my hotel room, look what my sweetheart sent me. Sigh. Don’t tell, but I think he likes me a little.

Second, it’s Gotcha Day for Miss A, my very special girl. Gotcha Day is the day when adoption is official and Feburary 14th is Miss A’s Gotcha Day. How fabulous is that?! The traditional day of love is the day that SDL and Miss A became official, mother and daughter. SDL’s sister became Aunt D and I became Auntie G to a wonderful little girl.

How about that, three different types of love on the same day. It’s ‘just another day’ for some, special for others, but really, it’s what you make of it. If it’s a day that lets you express yourself a little more, more power to ya!

And no matter what my dear friends and family, I love you every day!

I finally remembered what it was I was going to tell you yesterday!

First, do you know what a butt dial is? That is where you randomly dial someone’s number on your cell phone without realizing it. It’s called butt dialing or pocket dialing because people would keep their cell phones in their back pocket, hence, pocket or butt dialing.

I had two random butt dialed calls from two of my sister/friends…on the same day! The first was JCT at about 7am, I answered and called her name, nothing. I’m not sure if she got my text checking on her, hmmm

The next came at 4pm, it was RJS! She answered when I said her name and then asked if she called me or did I call her?! We caught up for a minute and then it was over. It was loverly.

So, what does that say about our bond, I say it’s something special, they both had me on their subconscious, so not in their control and I love that about them! Hmm…who’s butt dialing next?

Today was a much better day on the mountain, so hard to leave!

This morning we slept in a minute, we were only about 20 minutes from the mountain, so we took our time. Got some breakfast, a late checkout of 1pm and headed back to Breck for some fun.

It was a clear, crisp, beautiful day, all that powder from yesterday was groomed, so definitely better for ST and for me, my goggles didn’t fog, definitely better for me! We hopped on one of the shuttles, went back to where we were yesterday and no ice build up! We had almost no issue with the build up at all! Off to a great start!

We did a few more runs than yesterday, oh how we wish we had today’s weather yesterday! No regrets! About 11:45 we headed back to the hotel, quick shower, pack the bags and car, get gas, clean the windshield, grab something to eat and get on the road, about 1.47 hours to get back to Denver to drop off our skis. Oh! Do you see the ice on the windshield? That’s on the inside!

Ok, so, I thought 1pm would be alright to leave. Ha ha. We hit the on ramp, it was backed up, not a good sign…It was very stop and go the entire way! And, oh joy… all of a sudden, a warning light comes on “Transmission overheating, stop for 5 minutes’ What?!

So…pull over for about five minutes. Somewhere in there, a guy walks up to the car and asks if we’re ok. I told him what happened and he said, oh yeah, that happens all the time! And it will probably happen again! Really?! Great…

And he was right, it happened about three more times, grr. So… the stop and go, having to pull over four times, our little two hour trip down from the mountain turned into a little over three. We dropped off ST’s skis and then mine and then made a beeline for the airport.

Then that comedy of errors began! Dropped off the car, meanwhile, ST’s flight is now delayed, not good. I was going to do curbside checkin with my bag, but I missed the entrance, so car return it is. We get off the shuttle and on the way in to the airport, I wiped out! Seriously?! I get to the counter and I had just missed the 45 minute cutoff for dropping bags, but… status is fabulous!

I limp through security and to the gate, made it just as they were finishing my boarding group. Then… the longest boarding process ever! It was like no one had ever been on a plane! But amazingly, we left 2 minutes late and arrived on time! And my bag made it too!

Now I’m at the hotel, icing my ankle, enjoying the fireplace thinking about sleeping right here on the sofa!

I can’t wait for my next adventure!

{February 11, 2018}   A day on the mountain!

What a great day! Second time on the slopes for me this season, first time for ST in a few years! Let’s do this thing!

We got up earlier than anyone should for a Saturday! 6am, ugh! But, we had to get on the road, it’s about 1.5 hours to Breckenridge from Golden, Colorado. Ok, so that’s without traffic…GPS said 1.55, ok. In reality…3 hours, we literally got there about 9:45am, wow! It was snowing pretty hard, so everyone is moving slowly and we see the snow plows…going in the other direction!

I have to say, growing up in NYC, going to college in western NY, living in Colorado for a bit, all of that helped with driving in the snow, especially since we were in a Ford Escort! Nothing more suitable for the snow this time, that wouldn’t cost me a lot extra, no thanks! There were a few slip and slide potential moments, but…according to ST, I handled it like a champ! I hope he wasn’t lying!

We got to Breck, found a place to park, thankfully! Suited up, ok, tomorrow, we are wearing our ski pants to the mountain instead of putting them on in the car and in the snow! Boots on, that in and of itself is a beast! We got our skis, walked to the shuttle and poof! We were at the gondola! We got ST’s buddy pass and up the mountain we went!

Here is where the real struggle began! This happened to me the last time I was up here and it is incredibly frustrating, but…it’s nice, sort of, to know it’s happening to others as well, not just us! The snow is so wet, it is building up on the bottom of the boots, with ice, so fast that you cannot hook into the skis! You had to scraped the bottom of the boots really well before you can snap in. About 30 minutes later! we were on the lift!

Since this was ST’s first time in a while, it was slow going, only meaning that he took his time and I was totally fine with that! I remember my first time back on skis when I moved to Colorado. There was a lot of fresh powder, which sometimes makes skiing a little more difficult when it hasn’t been groomed. He took it all in stride and like a champ!

We skied a few runs, then it was time for lunch, well, we decided to have lunch with I think everyone else on the mountain! We were lucky to find a seat! Got some lunch, wow, what they charge for food! I am not sure if the lift ticket was cheaper!

After lunch, I went back out to do a few more runs and…after about 30 minutes of trying to get the skis back on, I was done. I was SO frustrated! I called ST and told him what happened and that we were outta here! GRRRRR

Do you see the amount of snow that piled up while we were in the lodge?!

Well, it was only about 3pm, we headed to the shuttle, got on the wrong one and got a short tour of Breckenridge, then back at the gondolas, got on the right shuttle and back to the car.

Then…it turns out a co-worker from my project in Chicago, who lives in Colorado, SG, was going to be in Breckenridge this weekend with his family and some friends, as well so we made plans to meet up this afternoon. We ended meeting them at Mi Casa, a Mexican restaurant, in downtown Breckenridge, for happy hour and we oh my, a very happy bunch!

There were three couples, with five kids between them, they are all neighbors and friends. There were pitchers or beer, drinks for the kids, wings, tacos, guac and chips for all, not to mention good conversations, a lot of laughs and new friendships.

A few hours later, we all parted ways, they all headed to their hotel in Breck and we headed to Silverthorne to our hotel. The roads were better than when we came in this morning! We chilled, got settled and thought about dinner.

But…we were so bushed, guess what’s about to happen in a few? zzzzzzzzzzzz What does tomorrow hold? More!!!

{February 7, 2018}   Another farewell…

Another roll off dinner, another farewell to another co-worker.

Tonight, we said goodbye to the man who brought me on to this project in Illinois. Neither of us are sure how he found me, but he did. I don’t know if you remember me telling you about about the time we first talked, but I was in the back of a hotel shuttle in Washington, DC. I was with the family for Spring Break week.

We talked about the project and I told him that I knew nothing about IES, never even heard of it. I also didn’t know at the time that DHS stood for Department of Human Services, I still thought it was Department of Homeland Security! Imagine that! I quickly found out what it was and I was game.

I told him what I tell anyone I interview with, if you want an expert in that software, I’m not the person for you, but if you are want someone who can learn the product, get ramped up quickly and deliver, then take a chance on me. And he did! I’m so glad for it!

He’s always encouraged me, supported me, listened when I had ideas or needed to express or vent, as it were. Throughout the entire project, he’s been so supportive, giving me the tools I needed and always trying to help me grow in my role and take on more responsibility.

We’ve laughed together, been frustrated together, talked about movies, music, books, travel, had the same views on some things and differed on others. It’s fun to be able to talk to your manager about things other than work. There have been one-on-one dinners, team dinners, outings, events, meetings, calls, you name it, the list goes on.

And, as with all things, all good things must come to an end. This is the time that the project is wrapping up and people are rolling off left and right. A few weeks ago, a roll off, tonight, a roll off, I wonder who’s next!

So, tonight, we all gathered at a new restaurant and had food, drinks, toasts, poems, a team gift, lots of laughs, stories and a good time, just as a send off should be!

I wish him a lot of luck and as always, thank you for taking a chance bringing me to this project knowing I didn’t know the product. Good luck MS! I hope we get to work together again some time, I’d do it in a skinny minute!

et cetera