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Mine did! Imagine that!

I so love driving and someone either just cuts me off or decides to turn somewhere, either all of a sudden into the turn lane or even better… right turn into a driveway, entrance, whatever, with no notice! Or… just stop, then turn. What?

I know I am guilty of not using my signal when there is no one behind me, my apologies. But come on!

That’s it, my car came with turn signals and so did yours, I am sure of it! Rant over.

Happy Friday!

I did something awesome today!

I paid off my car! What a great feeling! I had been watching the total go down and I thought,  I’ll pay it off this week and I held out,  then again and again.

Finally,  it was much more reasonable to pay off and I did! She is now officially all mine! I can’t wait to see her and take a drive with the top down, me and MY car!

Hmmm…what to do with the money? Put it aside every month so I can afford to visit her before I move.  Oh, and PSM of course, tee hee hee. “Annie I’m coming for ya!”

A really great feeling, wahoo!


{September 22, 2015}   If I have wronged you…I am sorry

That is the way you reach out to friends and family, loved ones, at this time.

Tonight is Erev Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year and part of the High Holy Days, along with Rosh Hashannah.

We observe by spending time with friends and family for the last meal before our 25 hour fast, sundown to sundown. We fast so that we can focus our thoughts where they should be on who we are, what we have done, how we will repent and on g-d. Some people begin the holiday, like my sister and I, going to Kol Nidre. “Prayer services begin with the Kol Nidrei prayer, which is recited before sunset. Kol Nidre is a prayer that dates back to 9th century Palestine. It is recited in a dramatic manner, before the open ark, using a melody that dates back to the 16th century.”

After services we go home to reflect and then in the morning we will go to services most of the day. As fasting brings our focus where it is supposed to be, spending the day in temple helps, with our focus, and not focusing on the fact that we are hungry!

“On Rosh Hashanah it is written and on Yom Kippur it is sealed. Who shall live and who shall die. Who shall prosper and who shall perish and the list goes on. We hope to have our names in the book of life on Rosh Hashana and sealed on Yom Kippur.

I know you noticed that I opened with “If I have wronged you” this is something we say to friends and family, asking for forgiveness for wrongs I have committed willingly or wrongs I have committed unintentionally. And hopefully they will say they forgive you and hope you feel the same way.

So, I will close with this…

If I have wronged you in any way this past year, I ask your forgiveness and hope you can forgive me. Amen


{August 31, 2015}   What I did on my summer vacation

Do you remember when you would have to write a report or give a report when you went back to school?

I was thinking about that yesterday, It’s been so long since I’ve been asked that. But if you think about it, once you’re out of school, you don’t really have a summer vacation, unless you have a job that gives you the summers off and they are out there. I have to admit, when you first realize you’re not going to have a ‘summer vacation’ it’s an eye opener and kind of a bummer, but it’s something you get used to and make things work for you.

Hmmm…what did I do on my summer vacation?

I have to give a nod to PSM., he said technically next weekend is the end of summer because it’s Labor Day weekend but…we are going away next weekend and it’s September 1st tomorrow, so, although he’s right about the last day of summer, as we all know, it’s my blog so what I say here goes! Ain’t I a stinker?

In June, I started my long term residence at the hotel I am currently in; I went to Atlanta and got to celebrate20150725_100718 KS’ college graduation and help TS get some packing done along with spent time with SDL and Miss A, I got to see one of my friends after a procedure. And of course getting deeper into my current project, as well as exploring more around Boston. The best part of June…we celebrated GES’ my baby sister’s FOURTIETH birthday! OMG

In July, PSM took our second international trip and went to Nova Scotia for his birthday, reinforcing that I don’t do well on cruise ships, but loved Halls Harbor and Halifax, looking forward to going back, especially on a bike trip! I got to get back in front of a class and teach a few classes. A few more trips to the NH house with PSM and some friends. Another trip to Atlanta and I got to see more friends and spend more time with SDL and Miss A and seeing another friend after her procedure and I got to spend time with KB and my grandson, Baby A!!! EJS went to summer camp and I got to hang with MGS. We also had a girls night to celebrate GES’ birthday and a family dinner for PSM’s birthday, a lot of celebrating! Throw in a sand sculpting competition and you’ve got one heck of a month!

August, the first weekend to be exact, sent GES and I to NYC to celebrate her birthday with a trip to the theater and theater and dinner with dad and La La to celebrate dad’s birthday, how perfect is that! I also started supporting the emergency department when the client went live. There were celebrations and farewell dinners, exploring and lots of fun to be had. We spent the last weekend in August exploring different cities, I saw Plymouth Rockas I told you about yesterday, what a way to wrap up the summah in New England!

All throughout the months there were also doctor’s appointments, I’m working on figuring out what’s wrong, we’ll get there eventually. Don’t forget I went on dates with my beau, family dinners at GES and ACS’ house, block parties and lobstah fests, could it be any better?

So, there you have it, what I did on my summer vacation, or at least what I could remember, along with the help of my calendar. I can’t wait to see what the fall brings!

How about you…what did you do on your summer vacation?

Happy Birthday PSM!

“PSM”, “Yes JJ?” “Your birthday is coming up, what would you like?”  “I don’t know” “Well, think of something! A trip?” “Hmmm..I’ve always wanted to go to Nova Scotia” “Nova Scotia it is!”

Get online and find Nova Star, the ferry that goes from Portland, ME and docks in Yarmouth, NS, This was really like a mini cruise, let me tell you about it. As you know, we made it just in time, I was getting us there, PSM was getting on that boat!

We had an exterior cabin with a porthole, it had 2 twin beds, bunk beds above and a bathroom with a shower, great cabin. There was a formal dining room, a buffet, a few cafes and bars. They showed movies, had live entertainment and a casino, what more could you ask for!

Nova Star  1

Turns out, I’m not much for cruises, I found that out when I cruised years ago, thought this might be different, but no…I now am the proud owner of another pair of seasick bands and the Canadian version of Bonine, the aquatic version of Dramamine.


I had my stash of saltines and ginger ale, then sacked out and slept until we pulled into port. PSM, on the other hand, no problem with the boat had a good time in the casino and won a bit of money! Go PSM! Prior to crashing, we experienced a beautiful sunset!

There were families, friends, a tour bus and a bunch of bikers, fun for all!

We docked at 7am, got off the boat, went through customs and welcome to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia!

4  3

First a trip to the visitor information location, oh my they were helpful! Then breakfast at The Shanty Café5

Dropped the top, on a very well traveled car and headed up The 101 highway towards the Bay of Fundy. First stop, Light of the Bay lighthouse, built in 1868. What a view!

7  8    9

Back in the car, another fabulous lighthouse for a nice stop and a lie down in the sun to smell the sea…ahhh…10   11   12

We drove to The Bay of Fundy, Hall’s Harbor, and found a fabulous B&B, The Deft House,, we were in The Rose Room, the suite went on and on and on! The fireplace was controlled by wall switch, a lot of fun! The couple who own and run the B&B were charming and kooky, perfect! There were other guests there and we enjoyed meeting and talking with them at breakfast, a three course experience! Cereal, home made fruit crepes and omelets, oh my!


Up to Hall’s Harbour,, to see the tide go out. This is one area of the Bay of Fundy, recommended to see the tide changes. Some of the tide swells measure up to 50 feet! We weren’t in an area to see the swells, but we did get to see where the tide went out!

See the poor boats! They’re grounded! See PSM, he’s walking the ocean floor!

14  15  16

The wishing well lighthouse gives you a good description of Hall’s Harbour and The Bay of Fundy.

17    18

We went up to the Look Off to get a great view of the tide going out and the amazing landscape of the Bay of Fundy, isn’t it amazing!

19  20

How about this! My beetle saw her cousin…a motorcycle with a VW back end! A VW Beetle engine!!! Guess who wants it! Me! Me! Me!


We went back to Hall’s Harbour to watch the sunset. It was amazing, apparently it’s a local favorite and people come in from all over to watch the sunset almost every night! Spectacular!


[My phone died the next day, no more photos, boo]

That was just Friday! Can you believe it!

Saturday, we drove up the other coast to Halifax, what a beautiful city, right on the water, trendy and picturesque. Such a change from other parts of Nova Scotia, not in any negative way, more modern, a very different feel to the lifestyle. The Bay of Fundy is more fishing village and Halifax is a modern city.

We spent a few hours in Halifax, then drove back to Yarmouth for a great dinner at Rudders,, a fun restaurant and brew pub, one of the few spots open and happening in Yarmouth. We had steamers, lobster and fish and chips, yes I tried everything!


Sunday morning, we boarded the Nova Star and sailed back to Portland, Maine. Let’s just say, I don’t remember much as I spent most of it asleep and I’m ok with that! Back in the states and on dry land.

What a weekend! A great birthday! Where are we going next? I’ll keep ya posted!

Happy birthday PSM!

Another crazy, busy day! So what else is new?

The sleepover continued, it really was a fantastic experience, I got a little choked up a few times, don’t tell EJS! We snuggled down in the bed and lights out about 10:30pm, shhh…don’t tell mommy and daddy!

About 5:45am, I realized that I couldn’t move her to her side of the bed anymore, she was all spread out! So, I got up and went to the couch to watch movies and wait for her to get up, which happened about 6:30 when she realized she kicked me out of bed, apologized and fell back asleep! About 7:00 she got up and asked when breakfast was and what time.

We watched a Disney movie, go figure, and paused it about 7:30 to get some breakfast. In the middle of eating, she realized we could bring food back to the room!? Yup! Away we went to finish our breakfast in the room, on the sofa, watching a movie! This is the life!

After the movie, back to the pool for some fun and frolicking, what a great swimmer she is! After a while, back to the room, no hot water for showers, the boiler was busted. Ok, so manis and pedis anyone? You know it!

Eventually, we headed to the house to see MGS riding her bike without training wheels!!! They said it didn’t take long and she was off!  So excited! Then EJS went to softball tryouts and I went with GES and MGS for swim lessons. I was invited because I haven’t seen her swim lesson in a while, she was great! Got all her stickers!

Back to the house to hang out and as there was so much bbq left over, neighbors were invited over, PSM showed up on his bike, and a backyard bbq we had. A great time was had by al!

Then it was goodnight kisses and drive back to the hotel to my furry babies who were waiting to greet me. Well, it’s more like they looked up when I walked in the door!

What a great weekend, my sister was so thrilled by the party and today was great…one great time after another! You should join us some time!


{June 6, 2015}   Driving a hybrid

This weekend I am driving a Toyota Prius.

I’ve driven hybrids before but this one was different. Is very quiet, sometimes you don’t realize if the car is on.  You start the car by putting your foot on the break and pushing the button,  again,  so quiet, you don’t know of its on,  you have to look at the dash to see if it says “Ready”, then use the shifter to put it in gear.

The dash is cool,  you can change the display to show you what the output is,  an internal view of what’s going on,  there are hand controls on the steering wheel that when you touch them,  to control the temperature or radio,  show on the dash.

You can control the a/c from 30 feet away, I need to try that!  Check out their page,  it’s interesting all the things involved with the creating and running of the car.

The car has been fun to drive,  roomy,  good pickup, quiet,  a little dangerous because the pick up is so good and it’s quiet, you get up there in speed without realizing it, dangerous for me, for those of you who you know me!

The gas mileage is terrific,  good sound system,  good cargo space,  passenger space. All around a good car.

It’s great for the environment, and I’m not saying I want a Prius, but if VW came out with a hybrid beetle bug,  I’d be the first one in line to test drive it!


Today was a pretty easy day.

Got up leisurely about 6:30am, always nice to wake up on your own, both cats were with me, which is always a treat. Made a great breakfast sandwich, yum, then hung out with EJS while she waited for the school bus, took a shower, packed up the rest of the stuff I would need and headed downstairs.

Before I headed out, I made the most fabulous shake [frozen cherries, frozen pineapple and almond milk, oh my! YUM!] it kept me going on the trip. Got into my previously clean car, had it washed yesterday and the pollen found it last night, oh well, it’s Spring.

I hit the road for NYC to go to dad’s, I’m in a convertible and due to my allergies, top up, boo. The trip was uneventful, I only stopped once to fill up the tank and two more times for relief. Got to dad’s in about 4.5 hours, just like Google Maps said I would.

We went out for a late lunch, then went down to the boardwalk to sit by the water and talk, then off to Verizon because, go figure, something was wrong with my phone, but it was a nice drive around the Island of Staten, then we decided instead of going to the movies, we found some stuff on Netflix, made some popcorn and chilled out.

A perfect end to a good day.


Another fabulous day, awesome!

I have to tell you what I forgot yesterday, one of the best things and the perfect way to end the day. I got to the house just before GES and ACS, after they got home, I went in and right after GES, I went to EJS’ room and kissed her cheek while she was sleeping and then I went to MGS’ room and kissed her little cheek, SO cute and sweet while they sleep! Then chatting with GES a bit, talking to you then sleep…now that’s the perfect end to a day!

Today I woke up too early, it was after 7am, but still too early! About 8am, I had a visitor in the form of a very ticklish MGS, we giggled and laughed and tickled and jumped for about 30 minutes and then like a flash she was gone! Relaxed a few more minutes, then got up and took a shower, my hair felt waayyyy better!

Got dressed, checked on the laundry, saw AS & JS, who were there to hang out and pressure wash the deck, bonus! PSM showed up on his Yamaha, inspiring me a little further to get another bike…I miss Thing2! It’s coming soon! Then we all went to town to watch the Softball Opening Day parade starring EJS and ACS! Very cool! Then at the park we listened to the opening day ceremony, saw the first pitch, then PSM and I took off for brunch at Petit Robert Bistro,, c’est manifique!

The restaurant was charming, the food was good, the company was terrific and all I want now is to go to Paris, sigh.

After the restaurant, we headed back to the house, after a stop at CVS for some supplies for the week and as we all know, I am easily amused and excited on occasion, today, I found a travel size of the lotion I use, I haven’t found it in a smaller size, I usually have to take the giant tub, so wahoo me!

Back at the house, everyone was there, including JS and AS, who didn’t even know they were coming back! We went upstairs to see what was going on with the movies on my hard drive, finally fixed some of the issues, wahoo! Then we went outside and climbed into the hammock to hang out for a while, that was great!

About 5pm, GES, ACS and the girls went to dinner with the family/friends across the street and since my taxi was coming at 7, PSM and I hopped in Annie, dropped the top and headed out and on ACS’ recommendation, went to The Walnut Grill, It was terrific! We shared a cup of butternut squash soup, a salad, a VEGAN pizza and dessert. YUM! We will definitely be going back!

After dinner, headed back to the house and the taxi was waiting, perfect! Collected my stuff, headed to the airport and went right through security, I LOVE traveling without luggage! They changed the gate without changing the signs, luckily I got up to ask a question!

The worst part about today was my allergies killing me, but…I found my wonderful herbal allergy medication online, on the way to the airport, I am going to pick some up tomorrow. Props to PSM for the suggestion.

Got to Buffalo, picked up the car, got to the hotel and the guy at the desk recognized me, that was a nice feeling.

So…another great, wouldn’t you agree?


{May 2, 2015}   What a day! A great day!

Today started early in Buffalo and ended late in Boston.

I got up, got showered and ready, headed downstairs for some breakfast, back to the room to brush my teeth and finish packing, thinking my flight was at 9:25, it was at 9:11am! Thank goodness PSM happened to ask what time my flight was, at 8:25am! Not to worry, I filled up the car last night and I wasn’t checking any bags and…the airport was across the street from the hotel!

I headed down, gave them my bag and some groceries to hold for me and off to the airport I went, dropped off the rental car and walked through security and to the gate. It was really nice not having to check luggage! Such a treat. I got to the gate, boarded about 8:50, we took off soon after and as I had no seat mate, stretched out my legs, read a little, played some games, watched the end of a movie and we were on the ground.

No need to stop at baggage claim, right to the taxi and away we went. I pulled up just as GES and the girls were getting home from karate. We hugged and spun, caught up and made a decision to get sandwiches and have a picnic on the lawn. While GES and EJS were off somewhere, MGS said “let’s surprise mommy and clean the basement!” Where did that come from? Sounds great, she will be so pleased! So off to the basement we went.

A little while after we finished they came home and we set up a picnic on the front lawn, it was great. The sun was shining and warm on our faces, which hasn’t been happening for a while. Some of the neighbors came over, EJS went to another neighbors house, some of the kids rode bicycles while the parents watched. Yes, it is that kind of neighborhood. And at some point, I went in and made popcorn to snack on, good thing, I was hungry!

It felt so good to be out there with the sun shining, good food and good friends, what more could you ask for!

We all headed inside eventually, then headed upstairs to get ready GES and ACS were going to a fundraiser at their temple and I headed out to meet PSM and his friend JP for dinner and a movie. But the best part…I got to pull Annie out of the garage, drop the top and drive! MGS watched me put the top down and shouted “That is so cool!”

We were going to eat at the pub, but the wait was about 30 minutes, while the Japanese restaurant next door, no wait, guess who won! After a yummy dinner, we headed to the movies to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron, review coming later. After the movie, we went to JP Licks, an ice cream place. Since I don’t eat ice cream, I got a sugar cone filled with sprinkles and some teeny peanut butter cups. It may not have been ice cream, but at least Ii felt like I was participating!

Then it was time to drive home, I hung out across the street  for a bit with MF and OF and their friend T in front of their fire pit, it was the perfect end to the perfect day.

I hope your day was just as fabulous!

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