Peaches Prattlings

{April 26, 2021}   I sweat like a smurf!

I love dying my hair, as you may have guessed, but there are some drawbacks!

When I use a product like Revlon to dye my hair, like my Revlon 42 Red, by the way, do you see how cheap it is at Walmart?! Now you know how I always have it on hand! I buy a few boxes when I’m there and I’m set for months! Now, when I use those products, when I rinse my hair the first time, the shower gets a little red, and my hair towel gets a little red for the first two, maybe three washes, but that’s it.

With these colors from Splat, I belive I told you the first thing that happens…with blue, it looks like Smurf-acide in the shower! And then…I have to sleep on a towel for quite a while, until it stops coming off on the pillow at night, and I have to be careful of my clothes at first, especially if my hair is wet, maybe in the rain, but the worst…when I am doing hot yoga…you are sweating like crazy to begin with. But then…as I start to sweat, every inch of me is sweating, including my head, which leaks from my hair! O M G! I am constantly wiping my neck and face, just hoping I’m not turning blue!

When I go into the bathroom after class, I can see the droplets of blue forming! This drives me crazy! It’s really the only drawback! I can talk about this until I’m blue in the face…wah wha wah wah…I figured this out the first time last year, when we were in New Hampshire and I went for a hike with DTN and PN, I was sweating and all of a sudden, I wiped my neck and…blue! I learned my lesson, I am super careful now. Not much I can do though, just keep wiping and hoping I don’t come out looking like a smurf. Wait for it…

That would really make me feel blue! ha ha


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