Peaches Prattlings

Yes, I said selectively! They crack us up, in case you couldn’t tell by some of the stories I have shared with you!

There are times they hear us and times they don’t, I don’t think they are different from any other dog. If it’s time for bed, Ruby sometimes pretends she doesn’t hear us, but Bee, well…there is a treat involved!

So…when I open the treat jars, Bee jumps up from a dead sleep! Ruby, she might look up, but she’s not as interested. Especially if we’re going out, or it’s bedtime and she’s not ready, and that means she has to go in to the crate. On the other hand, Ruby LOVES her walks, so…when she hears me open the Velcro on my sandals, she loses her mind! If it’s anywhere between about 415 and 5pm, which 5pm is their walk time, any time I move…are we going?!. I actually have to pick up my Chucks and carry them into the bedroom so I can put them on without her jumping on me!

Now…I know Ruby can hear my feet on the floor when I have my Chucks on, or almost any pair of shoes, and she thinks it’s walk time! But…if I walk towards the garage with shoes on, they are both on my heels like the world is gonna end! They think I’m heading for the car and we are going for a drive! HA HA

PSM said they never do that when he goes to the garage, I reminded him, most of the time when he leaves, he leaves through the back door and through the backyard fence, for me, my car is in the garage, that automatically signals car ride! Ruby is up for it, I think I told you, Bee isn’t a fan of going for drives, but she doesn’t want to be left behind more! What motivation!

When we get back from being out, they hear the garage door or the kitchen door and they perk their heads up, we have to tell them that we’ll be there in a minute, we might have to put some things down or away and then those tails start wagging and banging against the crate. We are super quiet when we leave for yoga at 530am, we know they can hear us, we hear them stirring! Ya can’t get past them!

So many times our dogs do something that cracks us up, makes us go hmmm or just plain tickles us. We love those goofballs!


So…yesterday, I told you that Ruby got spooked and tried to get on the sofa, and we don’t allow dogs on the furniture. I did also say that being on the bed was a special occassion, as long as PSM or I are there. And she got on the bed and got yelled at for it.

Today, I walk into the living room and guess who is lying on the sofa, happy as you please, without a care in the world?! Yup, Ruby! Seriously?! I reacted, yelled to get off the sofa and she did, after a moment, then ran into PSM’s office on the dog bed. PSM was in the other room at the moment and asked “Did you put her in the crate?” I’m still learning some of the doggie discipline. I’ve put them in the crate when it was really bad, I didn’t think about it this time, but he was right.

I went into the office and grabbed her by the collar and said, “into the crate” and that’s where we went, well, we went into the front room and she went into the crate. Here’s the interesting thing…when Bee was in the crate on Saturday, while I called the vet and then was rinsing the dye out of my hair, I didn’t want her inhaling the house or throwing up everywhere, it was for her safety, and Ruby, because she was worried about her sister, Bee, she kept running back and forth from me to the crate. Today, Ruby was in the crate, Bee was off somewhere sleeping! Not fair! ha ha

Apparently her time with the dog sitter, when she got one over on JS and got on the sofa, we have to do a little re-training. One thing that PSM did point out about it, she knows this is her home and she feels safe. That makes me feel good, sigh. Why can’t she just say that with kisses and snuggling? ha ha

Just another typical Saturday, not much happening…except…

Up early…hot yoga…without PSM! What?! Yeah, on Thursday, we took hot yoga together and he told the instructor he wouldn’t be there, but I would…to represent us. What?! So…set the alarm for 645am and hot yoga, here I come. It was in the high 30s when I left the house…brrr, but about 45 when I came out of yoga, and I was sweating, so…top down on the car, ahhh…smoothie on the way home, what could be better?!

Got home, added a thin sweatshirt under my favorite heavy Keystone sweatshirt, got the pups out of the crate and to the park we went. It’s Spring, the flowers are blooming and people are going outdoors, nice! The park wasn’t too crowded, we did a few doggie greetings, and a kid even stopped us and asked if he could pet the dogs, especially Bee, beagles are his favorite dog breed. At the park, we walked through a Bald Eagle breeding ground, someone we passed told me there was a nest and there were 2 eagles in a tree, I couldn’t find them, bummer. There was even a sign “Bald Eagle Breeding Site, Don’t Linger and Be Quiet”. I really wanted to see them, maybe next time!

Back home, breakfast for all and to relax! While we dined, I watched the first episode of season 7 of Brokenwood, a mystery series based in New Zealand I’ll tell you about another time. It was great, I called my dad right after to talk about it since he had watched it the other day and was waiting for me to talk about it.

I showerd, got dressed, threw in a load of laundry, and loaded the pups in the car, top down, we were going to the bank, problem was…bank was closed, oh well. Drove around for a bit with the dogs then headed home. Ruby was happy to be out and in the car, Bee just didn’t want to get left behind! She’s up and happy and looking out the window when we’re stopped, but while the car is in motion, she is hunkered so far down into the seat, I think she’s hoping it will swallow her up! ha ha

We got home and the guy is doing amazing things fixing up our yard was there, we caught up for a bit, talked about Spring Break, plants, yards, forsythia, which he calls forcynthia, which I love! and then, into the crate with the pups, into my new black suede Indian Motorcycle jacket, I had to take it for a spin! It was about 75 degrees out at this point and even though it was warm, it was still a little windy, so I was very happy to have the jacket on.

I rode out to Castlewood State Park, not a far ride, rode through the park, there was a road that you can normally drive on, but it was closed, so I drove out of the park, down this fabulous winding and winding road, ended up on a main drag and kept going, it was great. I eventually turned around and headed back towards home, stopping at a Starbucks to enjoy a tasty beverage and a break, then headed home again.

Pups out of the crate, walk around the neighborhood, dinner for them, dinner for me. I tried something new, I roasted an artichoke and wow! It was fabulous! I can still smell the garlic in the house! y u m! I will be making that again! Then it was relaxing time! I finished an episode of Endeavour, I’ve been trying to finish the episode for about 3 weeks! It was good! Then it was RuPaul’s Drag Race and after the pups went to bed…I headed to the basement and made some really good progress with the stuff I brought back from Colorado. Grabbed the laundry and headed upstairs.

And now…I sit here talking to you, I moved the laundry basket to the floor so I can’t see it, I’ll take care of it tomorrow! So…there you have it, typical Saturday, not much happening, ha ha!

{February 23, 2021}   A ladle…a vets tool?

Earlier in the week, Bee and Ruby to the vet for their annual everything. I’m so glad they don’t mind going to the vet, so different than a cat!

So, the annual everything includes heartworm, flu, Bordetella, rabies, I’m sure there are other things, I can’t remember, but they got it all. We got good reports, happy and healthy dogs, I have another post to tell you about, that will make you laugh, but this is all about the ladle.

A day after we took them to the vet we got a call that in their bloodwork, there was signs of something they wanted to test further, a blood and pee test. Ok, no problem, let’s book an appointment. Only issue, sort of…they need the first pee of they day, they open at 8a, no problem, we’ve left them in the crate until almost 8a before, no, the problem is…some of the staff they need aren’t in until 8:40a, what? I don’t know about you, but I know what I’m like first thing when I get up…

When we go to yoga early, sometimes the dogs realize we’re up, but we leave them in the crate, then take them out when we get home. The longest we’ve actually left them in is 8am, they start stirring about 7, maybe 7:30a, then the whining starts about 8am. At one point there was a yelp and a bark, someone stepped on someone else, I had to tell them to quiet down. I don’t know who this morning was harder on, them or me!

I waited as long as possible, 8:35a, luckily we only live a 5 minute drive from the vet’s office. I got them out of the crate, leashes at the ready and luckily they love to get in the car, so I very excitedly got them to the car, let’s go!

5 minutes and I’m dialing as I pull into the spot. Whoever answered the phone I told what spot we were in and she said someone would be out shortly and I said sooner, they need a pee test and they haven’t been yet, that seemed to work! The dogs were looking out the window, well Ruby had her nose pressed against the window and they were both starting to whine…Here come the techs! I noticed they had ladles in their hands. Ladles? Really?

They grabbed the dogs and off they went to the grass. I didn’t see anything after that, well, I saw one of them holding or trying to balance the ladle while wrangling my dog! Ha ha. Um… how are you going to hang on to the ladle’s contents?

As they were walking back, I saw it…a giant syringe looking thing. Ok, that makes sense. And while I was waiting for them to come back out, I watched another vet tech trying to collect pee with a ladle from a much smaller dog, it was funny, she kept bending down thinking the dog was going to…well, go.

Whew, they got what they had to, go girls! And when they brought them out, they told me how great our dogs were, honest! They told me we had two very lovable dogs and Ruby just wants belly rubs! We love that!

{January 30, 2021}   Catching up…It’s wonderful!

Today was a day in, cold and freezing rain, we took the pups for a walk, then settled in for…settling in!

I was texting with my sister for a minute, then the phone rang, what a treat! We are both so crazy busy that we don’t always get time to chat, so…when we do, as I said…what a treat! We talked, and talked, and talked. Like my blog, about everything and nothing. We talked family, spouses, kids, four legged fur babies, work, tv shows that we like, what we binge, wearing sweat pants, you know…the usual! Then dad called and I conferenced him in, that was a serious treat! When we hung up the phone about an hour and a half had passed and I don’t know about her, but it felt like no time at all!

A while after I got off the phone, PSM had some errands to run and off he went and my next catch up/treat…a text from JCT who I haven’t spoken to in a few months. Work, as you may or may not know had been crazy for the past few months so…unfortunately, some of my relationships suffered and for that, I am truly sorry. We texted or had a few moments on the phone, but never a serious chat like we used to. The holidays came and went, work, and life got in the way and one day led to the next and here we are, in January and we were able to get on the phone and catch up. And catch up we did…over THREE HOURS! O M G! It was FABULOUS! Like almost all of my friends, and one of the things I value more than anything…we pick up as if we just spoke the other day and I have to tell you, I la la la love it! Don’t you? That is true friendship, when you pick up the phone and talk as if no time has passed and I thank you!

Tomorrow, I actually have some phone dates scheduled, how excited am I! Best news…with my new adventure starting Monday…I’ll have more time at reasonable hours for catching up and even some quick chats and I cannot wait! Lookout ‘Ma Bell’ I’m comin’ for ya!

{January 29, 2021}   It’s Date Night!

Tonight was date night! Sunday is the 6th anniversary of our first date! Wow, has it really been six years? Yes it has, and it’s been an amazing ride, even this last year!

As you know, or at least I think you know, we’ve gone out over the last year, into restaurants, pubs, and bars when some places were closed for indoor dining. When St Louis county closed everything down, St Charles did not, so we went to some of those restaurants. We always look inside, if it looks like they are following the limited capacity and social distancing, we stay, if they aren’t, see ya.

About a week ago, I think it was, at least! I texted PSM and said ‘the SIXTH anniversary of our first date is this weekend! Let’s have a date night!’ And…we went to an Irish pub for our first date, let’s do that! I don’t know if you remember, but I had just gotten back from Ireland a few months earlier and Irish pub it was! I loved Ireland, thought about staying when I visited, I even looked for a job while I was there! But…par for the course…I digress!

PSM agreed and even though the date is actually Sunday, the weather is going to be cruddy all weekend and he’s not available Sunday, so…Friday night it is! We both looked for an Irish pub and came up with the same one. It was one that we had tried to go to a few weeks ago and didn’t get in, I think they closed by the time we go there, oh well, so tonight it was!

I called to see if they had a wait and luckily, no wait. We headed towards the pub and then GPS took us another way and as we started talking, I had mentioned that there were two locations. I called one and PSM was going to the other one, what are the odds?! We arrived and there was a 15 minute wait, ok, sounds good. We hung out in the lobby with the other waiting patrons, socially distant of course. We took a look around and it didn’t look much like an Irish pub, aside from the Guinness posters, a few advertisements for a few other beers, and the crest for the pub on the wall, slightly disappointing, from an Irish pub perspective.

We were able to get a seat at the bar, which was nice, because those tend to be the most socially distant spots in restaurants or pubs. Well, some of them anyway, this time, for sure. The server was brand new, day 2 of her new venture and she was very nice, well the two times we talked to her, she was very nice.

The best part about date night was…well, my date! We had such a good time, despite anything and everything else, we had such a good time. It was like the first time, but better, we know each other. We reminisced about what the first date was like, touching, awkward, interesting, informative, and fun. I remembered what I was wearing, his overcoat, the weather, and the fact that he looked like Adam Sandler. Yup, but I’m not the only one who says that, he’s a cutie and a keeper!

We talked about everything and nothing and there was such a feeling of familiarity, of course, we’ve been together for just about 6 years, I know, but it’s not like that for everyone. It was much nicer than a first date, no nervousness! We talked, laughed, cajoled, teased, shared, talked, laughed some more. We lingered long after the meal and drinks were gone and then it was time to go home. Together.

We stopped at the market for some ice cream, to share as we snuggled on the couch. Got home, let the dogs out [Who, Who HA HA HA come on, click the link!], had some doggie play time, then…ice cream!

The best part about this date? Yes, we got to go home together. One of my favorite things about being married…A forever date. Sigh…

{January 27, 2021}   It’s a Snow Day!

That actually used to mean something to kids! HA HA. I remember…back in my day…oh brother! groan, eye roll, when it snowed like this, we got the day off from school. Now…with Covid routines in place, if you’re remote learning or hybrid, do you still get a snow day? Probably not!

Didn’t I just leave all of this behind in Colorado? Apparently, it followed me through Colorado and Kansas, back to Missouri, sorry neighbors! It started sometime in the early morning. PSM went to yoga, there wasn’t availability when I went to sign up, darn, no 6am hot yoga? I’m crushed! Ha ha. That did give me a few extra minutes to sleep! He was very quiet, I just happened to hear him, oh well. So…I slept in for a bit and then at about 7am, got motivated and got the dogs out for a walk.

Since I hadn’t been home, PSM had been taking them for all their walks solo and Bee had been a bit of a pickle, I don’t know if you remember me telling you about her aversion to walking on the frozen or almost frozen ground. Well…I put the harnesses on and we were off, no issues! What?! It was snowing steadily and they were both champs. [No wellies required for the walk!!!] Now, for the afternoon walk, Ruby and I had words, it was slippery and she kept pulling, she’s a strong dog, but momma set her straight. Ok, it took two talkings to, but it finally worked. It also helps when you keep a firmer grip on the leash!

They were both so cute, coming up from sniffing, noses all covered in snow and Bee, well, she’s a beagle and they have longer ears, so…nose covered and ears tipped in snow! They were both really enjoying it, how could I not laugh! We made it around the block, through the neighborhood getting more and more covered in snow. Look at my car, the only way you can tell it’s my car is that it’s red! But she has a lot of snow on top! [kind of like me when I don’t color my hair! HA HA HA]

It continued to snow all day and I honestly have no idea when it stopped, but everything looks so pretty, the trees laden with snow, the houses, backyards, streets, especially before the first footsteps. Sigh…

{January 5, 2021}   We have a fireplace!

Wah to the Hoo! As I like to say.

If you know me, you know I love a fireplace! My house in Georgia had a fireplace, I used it quite often. The house in New Hampshire has a fireplace and when we were there this summer, it was colder than expected and we used that fireplace often, it was wonderful, think the dogs enjoyed it almost as much as we did!

When we bought our house one of the things I fell in love with was the fireplace, even better, it’s a see-through fireplace! If you’re not familiar with a see-through fireplace, it’s just like it sounds, you can see through to the next room. It’s something I have always wanted! One of my best friends, LGR, has a see-through fireplace between her master bedroom and bathroom, another something I have always wanted!

The reason I’m so excited about not only the see-through part, but the fireplace on the whole is that when we had the house inspected before buying it, we were told that everything was in order, including the fireplace. Hmm…When I had someone come to look at it last year, to clean it to get it ready for use, turns out it was not quite in order as we were informed.

It took a while, but we are now in business, after waiting a few months for an appointment, this company is one of two in the state that can do this particular work. We practically had to have the chimney rebuilt, lots of mortar put in, bricks replaced, and a bit more. But…new bricks and mortar, and four days later, ugh, we have to wait for it to cure! …we now have a working chimney and fireplace!

Over the last few months, in preparation, we bought some firewood and tonight, we lit a fire for the first time in our home. And what a site it is! It’s lovely and something I know I’m going to be enjoying for a long time. Now…just need to find a company to deliver firewood, not sure if we can get it delivered this season or just prep for next season, but…I am a happy camper! We have a working fireplace! I’m going to buy some Jiffy Pop popcorn, maybe some marshmallows. Hey, it’s cold out there, let’s have some fun!

The embers are dying as I write to you, but it’s still such a lovely site, let me know when you want to come over to join me, PSM, and the pooches for a night in by the fireplace. Hey! You don’t even have to sit on the same side of the house! You can have a whole different room to yourself to enjoy the fire! HA HA!

It’s wintery weather out there. 2021 weather-wise has not started out with the best intentions. What’s up with that?

New Year’s Eve was f-f-f-freezing! New Year’s day was overcast, dreary, icy cold, and freezing. [Remember that we had to get those wellies for Bee!] Literally! Look at the trash can and the branches! Isn’t it crazy how it feels horrid, but looks beautiful! and wet, what a start to the new year!

January 2nd was equally cold, it was wet, but at least the ice melted and Bee didn’t need or want the wellies. Well, does she actually want them? Ha ha! It was dreary all day, and wet, and then…it started to snow. And more freezing temperatures.

The freezing and icing was very evident this morning, January 3rd, when I was taking the girls for a walk. They told me they wanted to go the extra long walk, ok, sounds good to me, I could use the steps, right? Well, I slid a few times, couldn’t see the ice, but I felt it and tried to walk very carefully and then…about half way through the walk, I slid, my ankle turned under itself and it was twisted and yes, oh man did it hurt! I will admit, there were a few tears, but I walked it off, that’s what you need to do, right?

We walked home, gingerly and slowly, mind you, it was slippery! But we made it home, I propped up my ankle and chilled out with the pups, I have to heal…yoga tomorrow!

{January 2, 2021}   Funny little beagle!

I’ve told you a little about our dogs, they are funny and interesting creatures! And…I can guarantee there are more stories to come, but today…

So, our sweet baby beagle, well, she’s not a baby, but there are times when she looks up at you or she’s laying on one of her beds and her face gets all squished up, she looks like a puppy. SO stinkin’ cute! Well, she likes to eat anything she can get her little face on, let’s just say, she’s not very discerning. This can get her tummy a little upset and sometimes, well, let’s just say, we have a supply of probiotics and Imodium, which, by the way, is safe for dogs, who knew.

Bee doesn’t always tell us when she needs to go out, so…you can probably guess what that means. She’s the one we worry about inside the house, not Ruby. Yesterday, she would not venture out for a walk and I’ll give you one guess as to what happened. Not a pleasant scene in our house.

This morning, we had a similar issue, meaning that she did not want to go outside for a walk, we got as far as the street and she basically dug in her heels and said ‘not gonna happen’. PSM took her into the backyard and I took Ruby for a walk. We think it means that she doesn’t want to go out and put her feet on the very cold, possibly frozen ground. She goes for walks in the rain all the time, so we couldn’t figure anything but that she doesn’t like walking on ice. She absolutely loves sitting in the sun on hot summer days. Apparently, have a delicate flower on our hands!

PSM did some research online and it turns out, this is not uncommon in some dogs, so…we might need to try some doggie booties! If that’s what it takes, that’s what it takes, let’s find out! We sat and kept an eye on her for the next few hours until Petco opened, didn’t want any accidents to happen while we waited.

Two very excited dogs got into the car, they love going anywhere! We got to Petco a little early, so we decided to walk a bit, I happened to still have a Mitt Mutt in my pocket from the unsuccessful walk earlier, which was a good thing, because…yup, you guessed it! The big confirmation was that she has no problem walking in the rain, on the wet ground or grass, but she does have a problem walking on frozen ground.

When the store opened, we walked in and of course, they were assaulted by so many smells, so many things to explore and a few dogs to meet! We were finally able to get to the reason for our visit and found someone to help us, he actually measured Bee’s feet! With a tape measure, it was so tiny, but medium shoes it is! The pair he gave us was yellow rubber, looked like baby wellies! OMG! LOVE! We put the booties on and started to take her for a walk. As you can imagine, she tried to shake them off, but she couldn’t do it. Made me think about Miss A and her one shoe coming off all the time! But we were a success!

She slid a little, but she started to get the hang of them. We walked a fair bit around the store, we couldn’t help laughing while she was managing, she was soooo cute! When we got back to the section that had the booties, there were rain jackets and I said she must have it and PSM agreed! There was a yellow one that matched, perfection! I wish I knew where my yellow rain slicker was, we could go out as a matching pair, but alas! We left the booties on for the walk to the car and drive home, to help her get a little more used to them.

When it was time to go for the evening walk, we got Bee dressed and ready, booties and slicker! OMG! HOW CUTE! We got outside and she was very hesitant to go at all, she dug her heels in didn’t seem to want to go. PSM took off with Ruby and I persisted with Bee. What normally takes about 25-30 minutes took us about 45 minutes to go around the block. She dug her heels in more than a few times, which is what she does, but tonight, it was more than normal. I’m not sure if the hood was covering her eyes, but she seemed to be eyes down to the ground, well, more nose to the ground, sniffing her way home. I took the hood up a few times, snapped it back, but she got it back down over her head.

No joy with doing her business, so we watched her all evening until it was time for bed, but good news, she got better with the booties as we kept walking. Since the weather is quite cold and we’re in for more winter weather, here’s hoping that the booties will help and we will keep on walking, because…I cannot help myself, but “These boots are made for walkin’!”

et cetera