Peaches Prattlings

Having a moment…can’t remeber if I told you…semi surprise for PSM. And it worked! Wah to the hoo! I’m hoping you know that PSM reads this so I can’t tell you stuff like this!

It ‘s Friday, so a regular work day, to start…one big thing that happened…we got a doggie door! Soooo excited! More about that another time. About 430p, just after the installer left, the Uber arrived and we were off to the airport!

We got there just in time to get on the flight, there was traffic on the highway, so our 20 minute drive turned into closer to 40. Don’t get me started on our driver! If he didn’t drive the way he did… we may have actually missed our flight! I do miss flying… and first class no less, gotta love it! Settled in, headphones in, movie on, let’s go!

Less than an hour flying time, we’re there! It reminded me of inter-island travel when we lived in Hawai’i, there were never any flights longer than 45 minutes, can’t beat it! We headed for CTA, the train into the city, it was a heck of a lot cheaper than $72 for an Uber! Then a 10 minute walk to the hotel. If we had driven from St Louis, we would still be on the road!

We checked in, dropped our stuff and headed back downstairs, there was a Thai restaurant, Thai Spoon, I remember ordering from there when I was here on my project a few years ago, you may remember some of our conversations about my time on a project in Illinois, maybe! The food was good. We had tofu satay with peanut sauce and cucumber salad, fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce with peanuts. I had vegetable soup, then Cashew Nut with tofu and PSM had Tom Kha soup, then Massaman Curry. I haven’t had Cashew Nut anything from a Thai restaurant before and I love Cashews and I didn’t want my typical go-to Pad See Ew, when I don’t know what I want. The cashews were tasty and I liked the tofu and veggies, all cooked well, but the sauce was waaaay too salty for me. Thank goodness for rice! Everything else was fabulous, I would go there again!

While we’re at dinner, we’re talking about everything and nothing, per our norm, ha ha, just the way we like it! Up until tonight, I asked PSM if he wanted to know what we were doing in Chicago, he kept saying no. He sort of knew what we were doing because the original plan was to do it in July, when I could get tickets! The Immersive Van Gogh Experience, which I will tell you all about it tomorrow, because that’s when we’re doing it, and there’s so much more! So that was the only surprise for this weekend. He took care of booking the flights and hotel…points baby! I got us to the airport and took care of getting the surprise set up.

So…while we’re eating, and we’re enjoying it, he looks at me and says…”I’m not doing yoga tomorrow” “What?” and he looks at me and I say “you are” and he gives me another look and I say…do you want to know? “ok, tell me…” We are doing yoga IN the Immersive Van Gogh Experience! Yes, I said IN!!! Again, I’ll tell you all about it after we do it, but…we are going to be doing yoga while immersed in the exhibit! And then we get to check out the exhibit.

He looks at me and you can see the lightbulb going off over his head! But I don’t have any of my yoga stuff with me. And then he looks at my Cheshire Cat grin…why do you think my bag is so heavy…for a 3 day weekend? If we weren’t doing this, I would have brought a much smaller bag! ha ha. “Oh, that’s why you insisted on getting our yoga stuff washed last night!” Yupper! I am so sneaky like that! ha ha. Then I fessed up why I needed to go to Walmart after yoga on Thursday! I bought a travel yoga mat! It’s hysterical! I’ll show you tomorrow! It has the primary poses on it! So…I got a travel yoga mat, it folds up nicely, I snuck into the closet in his office, after he went to bed, of course, and grabbed his travel yoga mat and yoga towel. I also grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt so he wouldn’t have to wear what he brought to do yoga! I then packed all that, my yoga mat, my yoga towel, and my yoga clothes! ha ha! Surprise! The look on his face…absolutely the best! so worth it! He said it was a good surprise!

That’s about it folks, it’s been a long day, up early to take care of the pups, work, flight to Chicago, dinner, surprise! and now, talking to you! I’m beat, how about you?! I cannot wait for our experience tomorrow and to tell you all about it!


{March 2, 2021}   Wearing a mask…

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

When everything started, many of us were on the fence about wearing masks. I’ll be honest, I fought it as long as I could, I just didn’t want to wear one or be told I had to. No one likes to be told what they have to do, and we still weren’t at critical, but we were encouraged to wear one. I carried one with me and always asked when I entered a store if I needed to put it on and if they said yes, I complied.

As things progressed, PSM started to wear his more consistently and shortly after we had a conversation and I decided that I would wear my mask full time. I kept one in my pocket and put it on when I got to the door of wherever I or we were going. Now, it’s the new normal, as they say. And people not wearing masks is more noticeable to me, it reminds me of former smokers who sometimes get more sensitive when someone around them is smoking. I’m not here to talk about people wearing or not wearing masks.

One thing that hasn’t been bad is wearing the mask keeps my face warm in the winter, so that’s been a plus. What hasn’t been a plus is having to wear a mask when we do yoga, it gets hot, sweaty, wet, and it’s hard to breathe, especially when it’s hot yoga. When I said it gets hot, sweaty, and wet, I wasn’t kidding. The mask itself is wet, and when you’re sweating, the straps get wet, ick! Ha Ha! I always wear a different mask into and out of the yoga studio, and if I forget, ugh.

PSM and I both have multiple masks, he’s bought a few, I’ve bought a few, PSM works for Bayer, and they sent us a set with their logo on it and those are the ones we wear for yoga. They are soft and silky and fit just right, soft enough to wear when we do yoga. I’ve tried the cloth ones, they don’t breathe as well and wearing the disposable, medical masks with the metal bridge get wet during yoga and when I bend over, they ride up into my eyes. We’ve definitely tested!

With all the safety precautions at the ski resorts, I believe I told you, masks are mandatory. Actually, in Colorado, when you step out of your car, you should be wearing your mask. I wear a mask that my sister got me, a Beatles Hey Jude pattern and a Turtle Fur neck gaiter. I was talking with a friend who said it must be great, the mask keeps my face warm while I’m skiing, but…it’s like when I’m doing yoga, and it’s actually the same on the motorcycle when it’s cold and I have to wear a face cover to keep warm…when you ski you breath out of your mouth and nose, which is covered, and when it’s that close, and you’re active, you’re breathing heavier and guess what happens? It gets wet. ick. So…as it gets wet and cold, and the temperature drops, sometimes it freezes, how’s that for ya?!

I know there’s an end in sight and I look forward to it. Until that time, masks up!

{February 22, 2021}   Yoga…Love…Love…Yoga

As you know, PSM and I have been taking yoga together for almost two months, well, you may not have known how long, but you knew we were taking it together.

People ask me how I like yoga…I’m getting there.

My favorite question and answer:

“How do you like hot yoga?”

PSM LOVES hot yoga.


For most people, it’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love, in all sorts of ways. So, to you, who celebrate, I say Happy Valentine’s Day! Wait, let me say it in a few different ways!

  • Traditional Chinese: 情人節快樂 Qíngrén jié kuàilè
  • Russian: С днем ​​Святого Валентина S dnem ​​Svyatogo Valentina
  • Scottish Gaelic: Latha Valentine sona dhut
  • Samoan: Manuia le Aso o Valentine
  • Kazah: Әулие Валентин күні құтты болсын Äwlïe Valentïn küni quttı bolsın [nod Miss A!],
  • Hebrew: יום אהבה שמח
  • Greek: Καλή Ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου Kalí Iméra tou Agíou Valentínou
  • Welsh: Dydd San Ffolant Hapus
  • Vietnamese: Chúc mừng ngày lễ tình nhân ❤ ️ 🌹 🌷
  • French: Joyeuse saint Valentin
  • Hawai’ian: Hauʻoli lā aloha

Don’t get too excited, Google Translate is my friend! HA HA It truly saved me in several countries we have visited! Ok, so Valentine’s day, if you celebrate it, enjoy it!

For one of my best friends, JCT, and her husband, it’s their wedding anniversary! What a beautiful testament to love. Happy anniversary to you my seester friend, I hope today today is just as par-fect as you two! [They are a golfing family, har har har]

For two very special people in my life it’s Gotcha Day! This is the day that Miss A’s adoption by SDL became official in 2011! O M G! We often have chats, trying to remember what life was like before she came into our lives! Don’t remember!

For me, it’s a day to tell the people you love that you are thinking about them and you love them. If I didn’t reach out to you directly, please know that I am thinking about you and I la la la love you! I am spoiled by mty dad, he sent me flowers and…I got the most amazing hand painted cards, one of them…I even thought about turning into a tattoo! O MG! I am such a daddy’s girl, thank you!

One great memory, I can’t go without sharing with you…I told you a few weeks ago that this was the 6th anniversary of my first date with PSM. What you didn’t know, or maybe you did, six years ago, this weekend was our third date and he took me skiing! We actually skied on Saturday, 2/14/15, pretty cool, right?! When we first started emailing, he came up with six ideas for a first date, what guy does that!? and skiing was one of them. On our second date, I mentioned it, and he said…”since you mentioned it…” ha ha ha. So…Friday, 2/13/15, I received a dozen roses, a little while before he picked me up, with Molly, his [and my soon-to-be] dog, and we drove to the ski house he owned with his brother in New Hampshire. That was our first road trip, of sorts, and we discovered how much we had in common, especially with random music selections, come on, how often do the Animaniacs come up when talking about music! And…as you might say, the rest is history.

Whatever February 14th means to you, maybe you tried to kill yourself doing a power yoga class, ha ha, or should I say, hint hint, I hope it was the best Sunday, or Valentine’s Day, or Anniversary, or Gotcha Day, or whatever…I wish you love and happiness. Wait, I do that every day, why is it so special today? Just is!

Come on, line up! I’m kidding of course, but seriously, who else?!

I am quite proud of the fact that I am 49 years old! Can you believe it, this year, I turn the big 5-0! I rocked the silver, for a minute, I’ve gone blue, purple, aqua, pink, green. I ride a motorcycle, I still wear my collection of Chuck Taylors, I laugh until I snort, which makes me laugh more, and quite often I forget that I’m 49, which started around when I turned 43, I can’t always remember where I am north of 40!

As a consultant, I work with a lot of people who are a lot younger than me, some just out of college. Since we’re colleagues, I don’t think about the age difference until they say something and I have to look at them and think…how old are you?

Today, on a call, someone said they were old at 41. Wait, what? I messaged my boss “Did he just say he’s old at 41?!” Her response “I still feel young and I have him beat by a lot”. Yup, same here!

Tonight at yoga, it was 90s themed. I didn’t know what that meant until the instructor told us that every year, in honor of her birthday week, she always plays music from the decade she was born. What?! She was born in 92…I was in my junior year of college. I give up! Ugh… did I just hear my bones start to creak? HA HA

No one can make you feel old and most of the time, I definitely do not feel old, but every once in a while…

The cure…crank the music waaaayyyy too loud on the way home, so loud the mirrors shake, oh yeah! Don’t forget…if the music’s too loud…you’re too old!

{February 4, 2021}   Maternity…seriously?!

Not what you’re thinking, I’m sure!

We have been doing yoga steadily for just over a month and it’s been fun doing it together. PSM wears shorts and a t-shirt, and for me, I have tried a few things. I’ve worn a t-shirt and running pants, then I decided I wanted to try yoga pants, I’ve gotten two different pairs, and with one of them, I totally get why some people, mostly women, live in their yoga pants! They are very comfy, wow! But…the ones I got are a bit long, so if they didn’t have a ribbon to cinch the legs, I would be walking on them and I just paid good money, why would I walk off the ends. Jeans, I get, not yoga pants. Also…I’m not 15 anymore. Wait, I would still probably do it to a pair of jeans well, not intentionally! ha ha.

Sometimes it’s tough being a bit shorter, there are times I have to go with capris to get the pant to my ankle. No short cracks, thank you! and NO…I do not have to sit on a phone book to see over the steering wheel, thank you very much!

I’ve tried a few different shirts, even bought a set of yoga shirts, well, they were advertised as yoga shirts, not sure what makes them yoga shirts, they aren’t flowy, they’re made of very soft material, but they are still clingy in some places, that goes back to the lumpy comment from the other day. I’ll figure out the shirt eventually or I’ll go back to the basic t-shirt!

The last thing I have to wear, that luckily PSM and other men, at least I don’t think other men have to, is a sports bra. This is something that most women have to wear and it’s no fun, let’s just say that. I have tried so many different ones, there are different types made for different sports. I happen to be on the more well endowed side, let’s just say, so for any physical activity I can’t go with out.

Here begins my yoga journey…I’ve had to wear two at a time in the past because one didn’t hold me enough, that was when I was running, let’s just say it doesn’t feel good when the girls bounce like that. I found a great one for running, recommended by a friend who’s a runner and it’s great. For yoga, I didn’t want to wear that one, but I tried it, it’s ok, but doesn’t move as well, it’s more binding. I’ve worn double tank tops, they hold me in and since we’re not jumping, it’s not bad, but I want something with more support. I’ve tried the tank/sports bra I’ve worn as a bathing suit, it’s ok, I’ve been wearing it for a few years, don’t think it has a huge amount of life left. I had another one that I kept having to pull down and then I happened to pop out at the top, no thanks! When I bought the yoga pants and shirts, just after we started doing yoga, I bought a two pack of sports bras as well.

The big problem these days when shopping for clothes is, as you can imagine, with new health and safety regulations due to Covid, you can’t try on clothes in the stores. That saves a lot of time when you can try them on in the store. Needless to say, I have bought a few things I cannot return, oh well.

The sports bras I bought are ok, they don’t have a lot of support in some areas and are tight in some areas. What I really don’t like is that they pull on my neck when I’m doing yoga. I don’t enjoy things tight around my neck, think turtlenecks, tight necklaces, some scarves, bathing suits, yeah, I know…So…it’s not always easy for me to concentrate or relax in yoga because of this. I have looked online and I can see almost everyone else’s when we’re in class, either they are only wearing their yoga sports bras, on top, ooh cheeky! or their tank tops are loose and flowy I can see the sports bra. I haven’t gotten to that stage yet. I may wear a bikini on the beach, but I’m in the water or not moving too much, things stay where they should and I can lengthen enough to not scare people! HA HA

I went online to see if I can find something that might work better. Something that will hold me together, not pull on my neck, not rise up, and let me move, and maybe help me not look so lumpy! I’m not asking much, right? I have found a few things here and there, but on one site, and I’m not going to mention the site because I really do like it, but when I put in my size, the ONLY thing they took me to was MATERNITY cami! Seriously! A cami, for those of you don’t know, is short for a camisole and it’s morphed into many things. It was traditionally a pretty thing that you wear under a blouse, along with a bra, especially if your blouse is sheer, it adds a layer of modesty and if it’s pretty, maybe with a little lace trim at the top, it adds a touch of purdy.

They still make camis in the traditional style, but now, they are functional as well, it’s a tank top with spaghetti straps. Tank tops traditionally have wider ‘sleeves’, I wear them sometimes as pajama tops, they’re comfy and some are loose and some are tight.

Now that you know what a cami is…you might understand my outrage! When I went to this site and put in my bra size, it only came back with MATERNITY camis, really?! I’m not teeny, but I’m also not pregnant and my size does not indicate that I am pregnant, just not on the thinner size. Really?! How do you think that made me feel?! I think you’ve figured out how I feel!

As gawd is my witness, I will find a yoga sports bra that works for me! UGH! Sigh…

{February 3, 2021}   Are you kidding?! Rude much?!

Thanks, you ruined my chi, my flow. I have enough time with the relaxing/meditation part of yoga, but tonight, you made it more so because you were flat out, wow. Ok, sorry, this is a slight rant, if you haven’t figured that out.

I got to yoga about 15 minutes before class started, chatted with the girl at the desk and the yoga instructor, then went into the studio to set up my yoga mat. There was one other person in the studio on the far side, by the windows. I decided to set myself up on the opposite wall, near the door, towards the back. The only other mat was the instructor’s at the front of the room and a camera on a tripod, which was probably there from the last livestream class.

After I got my mat situated, I started stretching to get ready for class. Then another person came in, set up next to the other woman in the room, and then another woman came in and set up in the very back of the room, not too far away from where I was. So, now…there are four of us, waiting on the instructor. In comes the last student and guess where she sets up…literally IN FRONT OF ME. Seriously? I know the studio isn’t huge, but with only 4 of us, there was plenty of room to set up.

I get wanting to be in front of the mirror, well, not always, sometimes I just feel lumpy and don’t actually want to see myself, but…I do like to see my form while I’m doing the positions or attempting to get into a particular position. Is my back flat? How’s my Warrior 2? Things like that. Even when a class is full, we all seem to space ourselves juts far enough over that the person behind can see what they are doing, but not this woman, the only thing I could see was my hand, if it moved out of the way. Could you have moved maybe 3 or 4 inches to the left or right? Apparently not…

And, if you’re like me, sometimes when you can’t see the instructor you look to the other participants to see what they’re doing. I didn’t even want to do that, she was still there! Then, when it was time to focus on our breathing and just let everything go, I couldn’t, grrr…all I kept thinking was, well, you know what I was thinking! One thing I’m sure you didn’t know that I was thinking…one of my favorite lines from a movie. Buffy, played by Kristy Swanson, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is said to Merrick, her mentor, played by Donald Sutherland, “Excuse much! Rude or anything?”

And that led to me thinking about telling you all about it in tonight’s post. Thankfully, that movie makes me laugh, so now that I’ve told you about it, it’s in the universe and I’m over it, thanks for listening!

And…lastly…it’s February 3rd, Groundhog Day was yesterday, no “Babe, I Got You Babe” [bummer, I wish I had shared that link yesterday, glad I found it! enjoy!] and it’s tomorrow. Wa to the hoo!

I know I told you that PSM and I have been doing yoga together for about a month and I’m working on it. He is in hog heaven, so to speak. He’s centered, he’s sweating, he’s stretching, he’s moving, and best of all…he’s HAPPY! What more could a wife ask for?! I was out of town for a minute, he continued to go to in-person classes and I did a livestream class, that means from the comfort of my own living room, that’s another post for another day. It wasn’t bad.

Here’s something funny, not sure if it’s funny ha ha or what, but…I got an email from the yoga studio we go to. “Hi JJ, M from the CC Y6 Studio let me know you may be someone who would be interested in Yoga Teacher Training 🙂  I’ve attached some info here. Let me know if you have any questions or want to set up a time to chat about it!” Huh? I forwarded it to PSM ‘interesting’. I responded to A that I didn’t know who M was, but I appreciated her sending the information and if I have any questions, I will be sure to reach out.

The interesting thing about this is that, as you know, PSM is yoga all the way, I’m working on it, but… a few years ago, PSM asked me if I wanted to go to a yoga retreat to learn to become yoga instructors, I was on the fence, but I knew how passionate he was/is, so I was up for it! So…interesting that this opportunity came up, isn’t it? They have had it posted on their site and on the walls at the studio for a while, so it wasn’t a surprise when they started talking about it during classes. They weren’t hyping it up a lot, but at the beginning of class they always make studio announcements, social distancing, taking breaks if you need it, and now, YTT [Yoga Teacher Training], answers if you have questions.

I clicked on the attachment and it has the cost, which is not inexpensive, the total hours [200], different types of modules [In-Person and Virtual], 3-month unlimited membership to the Y6 studios, and a 3-month subscription to Y6 GO, which is their on demand sessions, and lastly, the schedule. The schedule isn’t horrible, there are classes on each day of the week, some classes in the evenings, from 5-9p, the rest are 9a-5:30p, two during the week and the rest on the weekends. There are days off in between here and there and two full weeks off during February, the entire program is three months. And…I just noticed the fine print: *In addition students are required to take, observe, or assist 32 yoga classes throughout the program.

It’s an interesting concept, as you know, or may not know, I’m still on the fence if I love yoga or not. Some of it I like, some of it is alright, still not a fan of hot yoga, but I’m getting better with the moves. I can do almost everything, just not to the full extent, like dancer, I can hold my foot and stretch out, but not all the way up!

There is a part of me that wouldn’t mind taking the Yoga Teacher Training, to get better at the moves and really understand why I’m moving the way I’m moving or the way I’m supposed to be moving and maybe I can get those breaths under control, who knows. Oh yeah, and smile while I’m doing them! HA HA!

So…To Teach Yoga or Not To Teach Yoga? That is the question…

It’s wintery weather out there. 2021 weather-wise has not started out with the best intentions. What’s up with that?

New Year’s Eve was f-f-f-freezing! New Year’s day was overcast, dreary, icy cold, and freezing. [Remember that we had to get those wellies for Bee!] Literally! Look at the trash can and the branches! Isn’t it crazy how it feels horrid, but looks beautiful! and wet, what a start to the new year!

January 2nd was equally cold, it was wet, but at least the ice melted and Bee didn’t need or want the wellies. Well, does she actually want them? Ha ha! It was dreary all day, and wet, and then…it started to snow. And more freezing temperatures.

The freezing and icing was very evident this morning, January 3rd, when I was taking the girls for a walk. They told me they wanted to go the extra long walk, ok, sounds good to me, I could use the steps, right? Well, I slid a few times, couldn’t see the ice, but I felt it and tried to walk very carefully and then…about half way through the walk, I slid, my ankle turned under itself and it was twisted and yes, oh man did it hurt! I will admit, there were a few tears, but I walked it off, that’s what you need to do, right?

We walked home, gingerly and slowly, mind you, it was slippery! But we made it home, I propped up my ankle and chilled out with the pups, I have to heal…yoga tomorrow!

et cetera