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{February 22, 2021}   Yoga…Love…Love…Yoga

As you know, PSM and I have been taking yoga together for almost two months, well, you may not have known how long, but you knew we were taking it together.

People ask me how I like yoga…I’m getting there.

My favorite question and answer:

“How do you like hot yoga?”

PSM LOVES hot yoga.


I really am trying to get home! As much as I didn’t want to leave Colorado, I almost never do when I visit, I did want to get home to my family. Apparently Mother Nature thought it would be funny to make my 12+ hour drive a 14+ hour drive, not funny.

I actually slept later than I had all week, go figure! Every day that I had wanted to sleep past 7/7:30am, no dice, this morning, I got up at almost 8am! And…this is the day I wanted to leave a little earlier, maybe by 8am so I could take advantage of the daylight for driving. I didn’t set an alarm thinking I kept getting up early, but no dice. So…the plan was to leave between 8:30 and 9am, just like I had when I left St Louis for Denver.

I got on the road, no issue, then…apparently it had snowed, and snowed a lot, outside of Denver, the entire state of Colorado, then Kansas, and if you’ve ever made that drive, you know both states seem to go on fore…ever!!! There was snow on the ground, in the fields, it was white, white, white! There were some places I couldn’t see ahead of me or on either side of me, then it would clear, ahhh.

I filled up my gas tank and it was just slushy, but when I pulled into the first rest stop along the highway, not only did I inch my way up to the house, I actually had to put on my waterproof winter boots with the fur because the snow was at least 6 inches in some places and a foot in others. Pretty to look at, not fun to walk in, with Chucks on!

Some of the roads had snow and some ice on both lanes, other areas it was clear on one side, where the trucks had been driving over the road. I loved when cars or trucks would go by and slosh my car with wet, grey snow, thanks a lot! This was a drive that had to be made carefully for a lot of it. There were a lot of electronic warning signs up along the highway.

There were some areas that were absolutely beautiful and some areas, well…even snow couldn’t make it pretty!

I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t wash my car after skiing on Friday or even Sunday. I knew I would be driving and thought about getting her washed before I headed out this morning, really glad I didn’t. Almost every rest stop and gas station, I was getting the packed snow out of the wheel wells, washing the windshield and wiping as much of the ice from the car doors. Fun! Bottom line, she will be getting a bath this week in St Louis!

Now, you’ll love this…or maybe it’s just me. And that was pure sarcasm…At some point during the week, the driver’s side washer fluid nozzle seemed to stop working…the passenger side is fine, driver side, not so much. So…if I crane my head to the right, I can drive looking out the passenger side! HA HA! I did a lot of window washing, let me tell you! Then…somewhere around Topeka, KS, I turned on the wipers, they swished and the driver’s side wiper FLEW OFF! really?! I promptly found an Auto Zone and $70 later, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Rain-X Quantum Wiper Blades, huh? I don’t remember them being so expensive, but they are! And really expensive for something that only lasts about a year and a half! But…I really like the Rain-X brand, and they are on snug as a bug in a rug, so I am quite happy and when I got home…they are still on! HA HA

I was tired of the food I had been munching on for the week and decided to stop for some grub. There aren’t a lot of options for me, but I know I can get a sandwich at Subway, I have always liked their veggie patty, and then I started to want one. I stopped at no less than FIVE Subways along the road, the first…the toaster was out. I would have asked about the patty, but you have to cook it, so no dice. The next location had just closed, and they just started closing earlier the day before. The next two locations didn’t carry the patty and the last location, the girl behind the counter had no idea what I was talking about. Sigh…vegan ham and cheese it is! At least my stomach stopped grumbling!

Back on the road, munching on my sandwich and listening to a podcast or some comedy on Pandora radio, I didn’t get tired until about 11:30p, I had effectively been on the road about 12+ hours at that point and I had about another 2 hours to go. I was doing alright and didn’t start to get tired until about midnight and at that point, I was so close to home, I wasn’t getting a hotel. I did, however, stop at almost every rest stop and every few gas stations on the way!

Best part…pulling into my driveway, walking into the house, peaking in on the fur babies, who had noticed that I was home [I had to ignore the whining! SO hard!], putting on my pjs and crawling into bed, pulling up the covers and…zzzz…

For of you that know me,  you know my ankles suck, yes, I said suck. Sorry.

Once again, I turned my ankle. We are up in New Hampshire with friends of PSM’s and we went for a hike. There are 3 families with a total of five kids, one dog and the two of us.

We went about half way, found a swimming hole,  everyone had a good time,  I’m not sure who had more fun…the kids or Mollie!

On the way back, rolling alalalalong and OUCH! Foot turns, ankle rolls under and I almost go down, almost…

That hurt a lot.  I am tired of my weak ankles. I know I am kvetching, in Yiddish that means complaining,  but I’m tired of it.  I never know when it’s going to happen.

But,  everyone was very nice and helpful,  someone gave me a tree branch to use as a walking stick, PSM held my arm,  when we got back to the house,  people helped me ice and elevate my ankle and everyone, including some of the kids asked how my ankle was, very thoughtful.

So,  I know I can’t get replacement ankles, just going to have to figure out how to save them!


{March 27, 2015}   Setting the tone

So many different things can set the tone for, well, things, right?

There are so many things I could give examples for here, but I’m only going to focus on my classrooms today, well, actually everyday. The class or students really set the tone for the class and how it’s going to progress, wouldn’t you agree?

I start every class full of energy, vigor and vim and I try to keep that momentum going for the entire class, but it doesn’t always work, especially if the class is full of duds. Perfect example was today, I taught three classes and the great thing was they were all full or close to full. SO much better than the majority of my classes over the last few weeks, no-shows, no registrations or really small classes.

Sometimes I tell jokes while we are waiting for other students to arrive, I think I’ve told some of them to you [What’s smarter than a talking parrot?…a spelling bee! wah wah wah], try to keep the mood light, especially since, for the most part, most of them don’t want to be there to begin with, I need to keep them entertained and learn something. I’m not sure that some of them realize how much it takes to be up there in front of them, especially when you look out and see blank stares when you ask a question or see someone fighting to stay awake. I think I told you sometimes at the end of the day, I don’t want to talk anymore, I know, me, JJ does not want to talk to anyone at all! What?!?

My first class today was pretty good, there was a good mix of people, they laughed when they were supposed to, followed what I was saying, took it as it was intended when I called them out on something, especially if they did something they knew they were not supposed to. I feed off of that and it helps keep me going and keeps them engaged.

My third and final class of the day, it was a mixed bag. I could feel some resentment from some people, who just did not want to be there, or felt that they were too good to be there, does not help keep the energy level up and I tried. In almost every class, especially the ones with more people, there are going to be slower learners or less than computer savvy students, those folks need a little extra love and I do what I can to give it to them, if the person next to them isn’t helping them, maybe because they are one of the other challenged students. When they left, I was done, officially for the day and emotionally for the week, done, stick a fork in me!

My second class was great, it was on to capacity, but we made it work. They were energized, motivated, asked good questions, laughed a lot and learned a lot. One women even kept saying “yes mommy” when I would tell her to do something, it was cute! Then I got my greatest compliment…someone who had taken the same class the week before said to me, as I was helping her, “you’re a good teacher” she said she was getting a lot out of my class today and I really was a good instructor, that made my day and helped a lot to keep me going and motivated.

I love getting feedback, from the students especially, it reinforces that I chose my profession well and it is where I am supposed to be. Doing what I love and loving what I do.

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{August 23, 2014}   Packing…ACK and ARGHHHH

I’ve been here for six months, how could I have accumulated this much stuff???

I am in a large room at this hotel and I have two bags packed full of clothes, my toiletries and then some other stuff, I’m not sure where it came from! 

Anyone that knows me, like my family, knows I can be a slob, I used to be a slob when I was a kid. I like a good mess, don’t get me wrong, I like clean…I would pick up everything, clean and put it back. But in this hotel room, I have tried to keep everything straight, putting everything in its place, I like everything to be where it’s supposed to, this is a small space and it’s mine.

Somehow, I have accumulated more stuff than I realized! How? I don’t know. But..I have seen the accumulation, so tomorrow, I will be going to FedEx to ship things back to Colorado and taking just what I can fit into my little beetle bug along with two cats.

Let this be a lesson to me…don’t accumulate so much stuff and take stuff home when you can! 

{August 17, 2014}   Warrior Dash…Go!

Today, I participated in the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain, CO and had a blast!

I participated in the Warrior Dash two years ago in Georgia, actually, my first obstacle/mud run. Then, as I’m thinking about it, I’ve participated in 11 obstacle/mud runs over the last two years! WOW! One of the tag lines for The Warrior Dash is “The hardest, most fun you’ll ever have” and it was!

Admittedly, I skipped 4 of the 11 obstacles and I’m ok with that, I’m the only one who has to live with it! The obstacles that I skipped involved steep drops on the other side and I don’t trust what happens with my ankles in those cases. The first one I was already waiting 15 minutes to do because there was a bottle neck and it would have been another 15/20 minutes before I had the opportunity to go. But…it was awesome the way everyone was helping each other, especially on that first obstacle, either push or pull over the top and then the cheering was fantastic!

The last obstacle I skipped was the last one, which i would have enjoyed a lot. It was a cargo net climb and then a slide down into a pool. There wasn’t enough water at one point, so they had to shut down while they pumped water in so it would be safe. It was already a 30 minute delay and it would be another 30 minutes, maybe more, no thanks! Although, it did make the end of the run a little anti-climactic!

I will say, there wasn’t enough mud or barbed wire, like the first one I did, but…it was Colorado and there was SNOW! Before the mud pit, there was about .20 running through snow! What? Too cool! 

All in all, it was a fun run, lots of people encouraging each other and just having fun and getting down and dirty, what more could you want!

After the run, it was time for a KILLER veggie burger and yes, you can say that, but only after I finally donated my sneakers, they had seen at least 6 of the mud runs for the last two years and it was time. I guess I’ll be calling RG to hook me up with a new pair of sneaks so i can turn my current ones into mud ones!

Hmmm…what’s next?


So as to know, I participated in the Run For Your Lives 5k obstacle run yesterday. It’s funny, someone asked if I did the run yesterday because I didn’t post anything on Facebook or text.

Here’s why and then what the rest of my day and today was like because they were better.(and be prepared, this may take a while!)

I also realized that I didn’t get anyone to take my picture, so I won’t have any of me this time, oh well, maybe there will be one on the race page that I can tag and my friends can see it.

I flew in on Friday night as you know, drove 1.5 hours to Dalton, GA to spend the night, no way I was getting up before the sun to drive all the way down to run a race. I’ve started doing that, if the race is more than an hour, I will spend the night and sometimes, even if its an hour away, could be a fun night out.

I got up in the morning, got ready, requested a late checkout so I would have a place to shower, thank goodness! I had plans later and wasn’t going home first. I headed out, got cash for parking and was on my way. I got the with enough time to check in, check my bag in, get an Atlanta zombie shirt and line up for my heat.

Last year, I really enjoyed the run, it was at a dirt bike park track in the woods and it had been raining, so it was muddy, muddy, muddy. (Friends on Facebook, look for those photos from last year) we lined up in three corrals based on your pace (appetizer: 7-9 min mile, entree: 9-11 min mile and dessert, 12-14 min mile, guess where I was, yup, sweet sweet sweet).

It was so muddy that I lost the soles in both my shoes, almost lost a shoe at one of the obstacles. The obstacles yesterday weren’t in abundance or that spectacular, they seemed more like other obstacle races, last year there were hay bales, mud pits, mud bogs.

This year, except for the places they made muddy, it was DRY, DRY, DRY. Not that much fun running or walking on dry, huge rocks, so there were not many people running, partly because of the rocks, but it felt like the entire course was uphill and the downhills were straight down! People were complaining and getting hurt!

The zombies were in abundance, and they were great, the thing I liked better this year, the zombies weren’t as aggressive or body checking people, which they were rejected for last year. There is one zombie, KR, who I also met at the Vampire 5k earlier this year, he posted that it was great to see me, he’s great, he has two extra heads on his shoulders (ha ha) and squirts water at people.

There were doctor zombies, nurse zombies, (I told them I had lost all faith in the medical community that day!) mommies, kids, cheerleaders, brides, prom queens, you name it, it was probably there! The cool thing was that after you finished running, you could have volunteered to be a zombie, how fun would that be!

SAM_0889 SAM_0822 SAM_0831 SAM_0842 SAM_0843 SAM_0871 SAM_0887

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do most of the obstacles because…wait for it, as I was told by one zombie, I figured out how to avoid or survive the zombie apocalypse, I was injured! Just at the start, I stepped in one of the hundreds of holes, there was one zombie actually standing in one so people wouldn’t fall in, I wasn’t so lucky, stepped in one and turned my right ankle, I felt and heard “POP!” Ouch! I started limping and several people asked if I was alright, even the zombies asked if I wanted medical attention, no not from the zombie doctors! Everyone was very nice! I said no thanks, I’m going to try to walk it off and I am going to finish!

There were a bunch of people who got picked up and driven back on golf carts, it was bad. Eventually they were starting to put out flags to mark the holes…

So, as I’m walking it off and looking pathetic I did it again! Darn it! But I was going on! I kept limping and let me tell you, zombies are actually quite sympathetic when you look that pathetic! They even asked if I was injured! I told some of them they could go for my flags, I wasn’t moving any faster! Some even gave me flags back! (The flags were cool this year, had the logo on them!)

I don’t remember if you recall from yesterday’s post about how Yom Kippur crossed over into the zombie run…one of the zombie nuns was approaching and I said “So, sister, tell me all your bad habits!” I thought it was funny, so did she!(DCM is rolling his eyes right now) and she said, I’m Jewish! I asked if she was fasting! She was, said she had a talk with g-d and it was alright, she was drinking water. I wished her an easy fast and a good Yom Tov! The world is very small!


So, I limped my way through the course and along the way met a lot of cool people, we all talked about different runs that we’ve done and liked. I met a really cool family, J and her husband, C, who lost his glasses, I really hope they got lucky and found them! They were with their daughter and one of her friends. This was their first, they were in from Charlotte, NC, so of course I had tell her about the run I did there and I would be back. We traded email addresses, I hope we’ll keep in touch! I’m hoping she comes to Atlanta for the Hot Chocolate in January!

(For anyone new to reading my blog, specifically J & C, they’re not all this long! Sometimes I just have a lot to say!)

After the run, I collected my gear and headed to the medical tent. There, the EMT looked at my ankle, I told him I did a number on it, he said, woah! And called another EMT over to look at what I done, see, told ya! I don’t do anything half way! He wrapped my ankle up, I found out I could get the wrap wet and it would harden, so far so good.


So…here’s where it gets a little worse, as I’m limping and apparently looking pathetic, a nice guy offered to give me a ride back to my car, on his bike. I had seen him earlier talking to people who worked there, so I said thank you, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble. Well, I climb on to the TEENY TINY back seat, held on and away we went. Very nice bike, by the way orange and black soft tail, too loud for my tastes, but in great shape!

He told me it wouldn’t be smooth, due to all the rocks, no problem, we took the street for part of it. We are ow I the parking area and it’s straw and grass, about 1/4 mile from my car,we are taking a left turn and I’m not sure if it was too fast, all of a sudden, a serious flash, I am on my back with a motorcycle on top of me! In a flash, there were about six people surrounding us picking up the bike, which was good because the foot peg had dug into my LEFT ankle! When I stood up, everyone was checking that I was ok,the driver included, we checked each other out, we were fine, no worse for wear, but better than his bike, the shifter snapped off! He was not going to be able to ride that bike anywhere, luckily he had his truck.

When I was sure he was alright, other people were helping him, I hobbled to my car. It didn’t take very long for the golf ball sized lump to appear on my ankle, pretty solid thing! It’s going to turn very pretty colors! If you’re lucky, I’ll share pictures! Let’s just say this morning, it was tough to get out of bed! I can tell were the bruises are going to be on my left side and backside, but I am lucky, it’s no where near what I had when I crashed my bike a few years ago.


Alright, you heard about my morning, lets move on to the good stuff! (By the way, this all happened before 12:30pm!)

I went back to the hotel for a hot shower, was not as muddy as I have been, thankfully for the hotel cleaning staff! I got in the car and headed downtown to meet some friends for dinner and to Break the Fast, perfect, with my friends. I stopped off at an outlet mall for some retail therapy, it helped my wardrobe for work, not my feet…

I was meeting some of the gang at Yeah Burger in VA Highland, I love it! CKM was there, of course, and first to arrive so we caught up a bit, but I didn’t want to give too many details for fear of repetition, shortly after, DL, my former co-worker and dear friend and her husband, ML, (and CKM and I finally got her to agree to do the Hot Chocolate 5k with us!) we caught up for a few minutes. It was ML’s birthday Friday, Happy Birthday M! Next was SDL and Miss A, you know I scooped that one up and barely let go! Next was TS, looking fabulous as always! I was so excited to hear what she has going on and coming up!

Rounding out the group was another couple who are former co-workers, JC and CC and their adorable son, M, he has gotten so big! I think CC is going to do the Hot Chocolate as well!

We had a great time, ate (I broke the fast with a delicious hand made veggie burger with goat cheese, yum!) caught up, laughed and had the best time! It’s never enough time, but it was great. I was so happy they were able to come out to dinner! I’ll be back, I can’t wait to see them again and if I missed you this time, hope you can join us next time!

After dinner, CKM, SDL and Miss A and I went for dessert around the corner, they had gelato and I had a crepe, yum! We talked a bit more, as we always do and as we are getting to SDL’s car, I walk off the curb and TURN MY FREAKING RIGHT ANKLE, what?!? OUCH! I yelled out quite a few expletives, apologizing the whole time, thank goodness Miss A isn’t repeating what we say! I felt sooo stupid!

SLD gave me a ice pack and after a while, drove me to CKM’s car, who drove me to mine. I felt so stupid! I did feel a little better when she gave me my birthday presents early! I got a stack of books, a patch for climbing Stone Mountain and what I asked for…”whirled peas”! When we were kids, my sister and I would ask my dad what he wanted for his birthday…his response was a digital watch and peace on earth or world peace! So what did I get? Whirled peas! Thank you!!!

I drove home, finished my post, elevated and iced my ankle, as instructed, and passed out!

Are you ok? Need a nap, get a glass of water? (you have to pack as much as possible when the time is short)

Today, I got up and went to meet LK and her three girls, K, J and K. The youngest, K had asked if I would come in for her birthday, it’s in two weeks, of course I wanted to and…it just worked out perfectly. We met at Mimi’s Cafe for a fantastic breakfast and fun. I think I’ve seen them more since if moved than in the last two years I was I Atlanta, I have a lot of time to make up for. When we got there, the youngest K, gave me a bracelet that she made for me, I love it! How did she know I love jewelry made by my nieces?

I told them I would see them when I am back in a we months, we took pictures, gave hugs and kisses, love and we were off!

It was so good to see them ad we would have spent more time together, but one had a softball game, one had a soccer game and I had playtime duties!

I headed to SDL’s house to play with Miss A while SDL mowed the lawn. We played, talked, giggled, ate caught up a little more since last night and a few hours later, it was time to head for the airport.

I dropped off the car, hobbled through security and off we went.

I hope you aren’t too wiped out from my adventure! I need for recoup! Thank goodness I don’t have to get up early tomorrow! I need a nap! Good night!

{May 12, 2013}   My weekend

As promised, my weekend. A tea tasting, two races, a museum, Mother’s Day lunch, and packing. The end.

Sorry, couldn’t resist, but now, here it is, my weekend, not sure if you’ll need a nap and or a tissue or maybe both.

Friday started out fine enough, until I lost ALL my files on my work PC, what? Several hours and cuss words later and a chat with my favorite IT guy at work, RJ, I had my files back, apparently my external hard drive wanted them, bad hard drive!

I managed to get a little packing done as well, then at 3:30, headed out to pick up our race packets for the Electric Run, race number 2 on Saturday. It wasn’t very crowded at all (OMG, Air Supply on the radio!) at packet pick up, but I had our entries and we were ready to go. In order for me to pick up CKM’s packet, she had to complete a release, I attached the link because it was really funny!

Click to access PACKET-RELEASE-FORM.pdf

Then I headed to meet CKM for the first activity of the weekend, a tea tasting at Zen Tea, it was quite enjoyable and highly recommended, by us. There were 6 of us, 3 sets of 2 women, we each got to select a pot of tea to have while we waited to start, we smelled about 6 before settling on White Christmas for CKM and Jasmine Rose for me (I have probably gotten those wrong and she will correct me!). Both were really good and they had lots of sugaring options: simple sugar, raw sugar, rock sugar, sugar water and honey. You know I was in heaven! We also had a glass of an iced tea, yes, I drank iced tea! Not going to make a habit of it, but it was good!

When everyone was settled and had their personal pot of tea, the lesson started. Tonight, we were doing white teas. I love white teas, I enjoy almost all teas, but I really enjoy white teas. Camomile is a good example of a white tea and PF Changs has one of my favorites, White Tangerine. We would get a lesson on the tea we were going to try, we would smell the leaves and then get a demitasse cup of the tea. You wouldn’t think that six teeny cups of tea would be filling, but you would be wrong! CKM was taking her time and laughing because at one point, she had about four cups in front of her and the thing about white teas, they looks so similar! Hard to tell what you’re having! We did agree, neither of us liked the lemongrass tea.

In the middle of the tasting, we were given a slice of chocolate cake with black cherry sorbet, you know what I ate…the sorbet was great! After the six cups, we got to choose one more pot, so we decided on a caramel and oh my! Tasted as good as it smelled!

When we were done, we were hungry! We walked down to Vintage Pizza, I almost asked what the soup of the day was! What? We had a nice dinner and then walked back to our cars, still talking and then I realized, we were going to see each other the next day! Why are we still talking? I had to get to the hotel and it was almost 10 pm!

We parted company and I headed to Cartersville to crash for the night. If I haven’t already mentioned this, when a race is 1.5 hours or more away, I spend the night. I don’t mind driving here, I don’t feel like getting up before the sun to get to the race, so I spend the night. (I get my points, it’s a win-win!)

I the morning I drove to Dallas, Ga to meet BG and his brother AG for the Savage Race. Unfortunately, BG had surgery on his foot and wouldn’t be able to participate, and I knew AG would take off at the start, they are both “real”runners! I didn’t realize when I signed up it was 4-6 miles with obstacles!!! What? So…when someone told me it was 6 or 7 miles for the run, I felt better, because at one point I was thinking, I don’t think this thing is ever going to end!

It was tough because there was more running than anything else and it was mostly uphill, no thanks! I can tell you that my hamstrings are killing me and I thinking my glutes hate me! I said after I did the Spartan Run that I wouldn’t do another without real training, apparently I lied to myself!

This was a tough race, but not much tougher than any other hard core obstacle race. The slogan is “The Savage Run…A race built to kick your a$$! A least at this race, no one made you do burpees if you skipped one and everyone wasincredibly encouraging and helpful to each other, definitely a plus!

There were a few obstacles that I skipped and I slept just fine last night! BG asked if I would do this one again, I said not unless I really trained for it, I have very little upper body strength, need to work on that! But…the most important thing? I finished, I ran, I jumped, I climbed, I slid, I was shocked by electricity and I got muddy, I finished,that is what really matters, I have the tshirt and medal to prove it!
The best part? My knee didn’t hurt! I turned each ankle at some point and my elbows hurt,but other than that, I survived!

Need a nap, a cup of coffee? Go for it, we’re not going anywhere for a while!

Next, I went to LA Fitness to take a shower, I got as much as I could off with a garden hose with really low water pressure. Very nice!

After the gym, I drove over to The High Museum of Art for the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit. It was the last weekend, so I expected it to be crowded, it wasn’t too bad. There were a large number of Hispanic families with lots of kids, which was great to expose them to the art world.

If you’re not familiar with Frida Kahlo’s work, she is famous for her self portraits and one of the distinguishing things was her “uni-brow”.
Frida Kahlo was married to Diego Rivera, it was a tumultuous relationship.
There was a quote from Frida on the wall, “I suffered two accidents in my life. One in which a streetcar knocked me down. The other accident was Diego.” That should tell you a lot!

After I left the museum, I called my dad. I told him I was a little unsettled, I had just been to see a Frida Kahlo/Diego Rivera exhibit, he asked one question, “why? You don’t like her!” True, I’m not a huge fan, but I do like Diego Rivers’s work.

The reasons I don’t like her work is that when I was 9, I was at her studio in Mexico and saw a painting that she did that freaked me out, gave me nightmares. This is a painting that shows her conflict between her Mexican and American sides, after you look at the link you’ll know why I had nightmares!
I really thought I could get thorough it, but no, there were a few pieces I enjoyed and a few that I couldn’t stomach.
I made it through the exhibit and it was good to talk to my dad after, he knows how I feel!

Ok friends, I think it is time for me to pack it in and say goodnight. We’ll call this part one, I will finish my weekend telling tomorrow

et cetera