Peaches Prattlings

It’s that time of year isn’t it, or more precise, it was. The holidays were just here and the next one is on the horizon.

The holidays illicit different feelings and reactions in different people. One of the things that happen is people get more emotional, as it were. Some people get depressed, some people get happy, others get loopy, couples get more starry eyed, some even get engaged. Some singles gravitate towards each other, some like to be alone, maybe even hibernate.

Then there are the single people who look for love, some get anxious that they will be alone at the holidays. This is not a judgment, just an observation from what I found when I was single during the holidays and articles that I have read.

How about all of those holiday movies, girl looks for boy to take home to the family for the holidays, boy hires girl to be his girlfriend so he doesn’t have to spend the holidays with family as a single and answer questions. Have you noticed the Hallmark Channel during the holidays?

One thing that struck me was that when I was online dating, some times it was feast or famine, one of the feast times…right around Christmas and again Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I know, the stores are already set up!

I would get an onslaught, is that the right word? of emails from guys interested in meeting me. Whether they were serious or not, in they came. What made me think of it was looking at one of my email inboxes today.

As you know I am in a relationship with this dishy boy, PSM, as you know him, so I technically haven’t been single for almost a year. Can you believe it, almost a year!

Back on track, sorry, just daydreaming a bit.

So, going into my email inbox and there were a lot of emails from the last dating site I was on, Plenty of Fish, or Puddle of Fish, I liked to call it, I think I’ve told you about it. Apparently, I forgot to cancel my account, when I think about going in and canceling, I get PSM disease…shiny baubles, then I’m off doing something else.

There were a lot right around Christmas, so-and-so wants to meet you, so-and-so sent you a wink. Let me tell you, there are a lot of lonely so-and-sos out there! Not so many around Arbor Day or St Patrick’s, I wonder why…

I wish them a lot of luck, I’m very pleased to say I’m not one of them and don’t have plans to join their club any time soon.






Do you find it easier to get stuff done when you have the time or when you don’t?

I find that I budget my time better when I have things to do,  like when I’m on a project and only have the weekend to take care of it. 

Right now,  I’m between projects and have things to do, but I can’t seem to get motivated to do half of them. Part of it was that my trip to Atlanta seemed to wipe me out,  when I got back, it all caught up with me. 

What’s my excuse now?


{January 3, 2016}   The Hateful 8



What to say…I like Quentin Tarantino and I have liked quite a few of his eight films.  Can you believe it’s only been eight?

There are things I like about Tarantino movies
and things I don’t, it elicits a reaction, isn’t that what it’s supposed to do?

There was gunplay, blood, lots of blood,  bad language, really bad language, humor, surprise,  jaw dropping moments, quizzical moments, big names and some of the usual players from many of his movies.

There was even a resolution, but do I feel satisfied, pleased with the outcome?


I’ll let you decide.


How does one ring in the second day of the new year? Why, a party, of course!

When we were at the friends Christmas party, I met another of PSM’s friends, L&C. That night,  night, L said they would be hosting a party on January 2nd and hoped to see us.

This morning, PSM and I were out walking with Mollie and I asked if the party was still on since we hadn’t heard anything.  He reached out and found out it definitely was, wahoo!

We headed up that way, got there a little before 7p…before some and after others,  or should that be other way around?

It was a great time, lots of fabulous people,  most of the same folks, usual suspects,  as it were.  We discussed the holidays, new years,  what’s next. And…next weekend’s celebration, we say “aloha” to PSM.

There were kids and adults to enjoy the evening with, the big reason is that he may not get to see somem before he leaves for Hawaii. There are two special  kids who call him uncle and their goodbye was very sweet, I’m glad we went, I know he is too.

For me,  it was gear to see everyone,  they are all so welcoming and adore PSM to bits and I know I’ve had to pass some tests to be sure I’m right for him,  that’s what family does and your friends can be tough! But I’m looking forward to some girls nights out!!

A great time was had by all and we get to see them again next week for his send off!!

Happy Saturday night!


{January 1, 2016}   The Science Behind Pixar

Today,  the first day of the new year,  we did something fun and what we’ve wanted to for a while.

And before it’s too late! The exhibit,  The Science Behind Pixar, is coating soon! It’s a good thing we went,  PSM was getting tired of me sarong we need to go!

This is a great exhibit, talking about the science behind Pixar, how is not just about drawing cartoons, it’s math and equations and broken down pixel by pixel. Modeling, what they think up to use for those models, the curl of hair and the look and flow of every motion, color, the emotions the slightest gesture and lighting can create. How to make it believable, in the air, under water. It was really interesting and a great leaning experience.

Besides the fact that I am just a big kid,  I was in heaven! They said if you didn’t have kids,  you could get through it in about thirty minutes and with kids,  about an 1.5 hours.  Since I am a big kid,  we split the difference,  we were there about an hour! Besides,  I’m still someone’s kid! Thanks dad!

When I was an undergrad in one of my film classes,  we were working on rotoscoping and animation and morphing and so much more and I remember we saw the Pixar animated lamp short, our mouths dropped open,  we were amazed! So many amazing things were to come!

And how true those words were! Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Brave, The Incredibles, Cars, Inside Out,  just to name a few.

If you’re in Boston, check it out before January 10th.

Happy 2016! What’s next?













{December 31, 2015}   Happy New Year…Its 2016

It’s 2016, where did the time go?

Weren’t we just here a minute ago? How was your year? Was it everything you hoped for?

So much happened in my life…GES turned 40, she’s 100% and rockin’ her new job, EJS turned 8 and excelling at sports, MGS turned 5, lost her first tooth and started kindergarten, ACS left his corporate job to become a teacher. Dad and LaLa celebrated ten years together. We traveled to the Bahamas together for a fabulous family vacation in April.

I met a great guy, PSM,  and a new adventure began for me, East coat skiing, weekend trips,  movies,  theater,  a place in Boston, new places to discover, three international trips together and now the greatest adventure, moving to Hawaii in a few months! I can’t wait to share that with you!

I was on a project in Boston and got to spend a lot more time with the family,  getting even closer with EJS and MGS, I didn’t have to go more than a few miles to celebrate their birthdays with them.

On my projects and where I was I made some new friends,  acquired new skills and discovered new strengths.

I got to spend some time in Atlanta with my friends and family, watched Miss A thrive,  spent one on one time with Baby A and KAB. Drove to NJ to see SRH walk across the stage to get her diploma.

I completed a 15k, a few 5ks and two half marathons 8 days apart on two continents! One in Brooklyn with a friend from high school.

Another year of blogging, only to be continued, January 6th will be 3 years,  can you believe it!

There were some tough times, some great times, some injuries and triumphs and I got through all of them with the help of my friends and family,  I thank you.

I hope this year brings you health, happiness and all the joy your heart can handle. 2016 is going to be great!

Happy New Year!


{December 29, 2015}   Another masterpiece!

Last night, CKM and I participated in one of our time honored traditions…painting class!

This time we chose Painting With a Twist. We weren’t crazy about the instructor and they’re was no down time to let the paint dry so it didn’t all run together,  but we managed.  In glad it wasn’t our first time,  it may have been our last!

It’s almost like paint by numbers,  just no numbers.  The instructor gives you direction on each section, which is very helpful.  I kept waiting for Bob Rossi…”now we’ll paint a tree,  a happy tree”!

All in all,  a great finished product, we realized this was our forth or fifth time. Can you guess which is mine? (See what the street names are?)

I gave mine to PSM tonight when I got home, something he can put up in the new place, only snow he’ll see there!








I don’t think so.

I started the morning off at ST’s, after we all got back from dinner,  I threw in a load of laundry,  always nice to have clean clothes.

Then it was off to see RJS and her new kitties,  Max and Maddie, also known as M&M. So very cute!! They are about 5.5 months, affectionate,  sweet, smart and very precocious. They definitely keep their human parents on their toes.

After a bite of lunch,  back to the house for more catching up,  laughing, silliness.

Next was time to meet CKM, we met at an Italian restaurant for pasta, mine was ok,  but I was jealous of CKM! Apple and goat cheese ravioli, oh my did it smell fantastic!

After dinner we went to do one of our favorite things, a painting class! We decided on the blue background.  Tomorrow I’ll show you the finished product.

Before we went into the class we sat in the car and exchanged gifts, it was raining cats and dogs!

After another fun class, we chatted a little on the way back to the restaurant to get her car,  back to RJS’ house for more catching up, talk to you and lights out.

Another great day,  as always! I’m beat!


{December 27, 2015}   De-decorating

Today I helped take down christmas decorations.

I was with TS and KS today. TS and I caught up,  just the two of us,  until KS got up. Eventually, we went to lunch,  ran some errands and then got to De-decorating, so to speak.

It’s been do warm everywhere,  it doesn’t seem like Christmas! Everyone has different traditions, some people leave their decorations up through new year’s,  some right after Christmas,  ready for a change.

So,  down came the lights,  the ornaments,  the trim, stockings,  the holders, into boxes as if it never was,  until next year when we start all over again.

It’s fun helping other people decorate and take down,  it helps them and always generates stories, a nice feeling.

After I left,  I went to ST’s house to have dinner with ST and his daughter, their decorations were still up,  wonder if I’ll be helping them tomorrow.


{December 26, 2015}   Another fabulous day!

Today was laid back and packed.

The day started not too early…well, sort of,  6am, but doze fire the next two hours until SDL and Miss A came down and we had breakfast.

Today it was a blueberry muffin. We discuss world events,  the economy,  you know,  the usual stuff you talk to a five year old about. It’s actually one of my favorite things I get to do with her, meals.

SDL and I had a chance to catch up,  one on one, which I love as well. Then everyone else started getting up and joined us.

After a bit,  I got showered and dressed,  then headed out to see my house,  just a drive by,  see if everything is in order,  it is.

Then off to see TS and her daughter, KS and Miss Molly, the furry one in the family, at their new house. It’s lovely,  and suits them to a T, just right.

We had a tour,  TS has the first floor and KS has the upper floor and Miss Molly has the run of the place,  of course.

We chatted for a while,  then went to get some dinner and after dinner decided to see a movie,  Sisters, with Tina Fey and Amy Pholer, quite funny actually.

Back to the house to talk for a few hours,  not even realizing how late it was!

Now it’s time to talk to you and get some sleep! Tomorrow is another jam packed day, of course!


et cetera