Peaches Prattlings

{December 27, 2015}   De-decorating

Today I helped take down christmas decorations.

I was with TS and KS today. TS and I caught up,  just the two of us,  until KS got up. Eventually, we went to lunch,  ran some errands and then got to De-decorating, so to speak.

It’s been do warm everywhere,  it doesn’t seem like Christmas! Everyone has different traditions, some people leave their decorations up through new year’s,  some right after Christmas,  ready for a change.

So,  down came the lights,  the ornaments,  the trim, stockings,  the holders, into boxes as if it never was,  until next year when we start all over again.

It’s fun helping other people decorate and take down,  it helps them and always generates stories, a nice feeling.

After I left,  I went to ST’s house to have dinner with ST and his daughter, their decorations were still up,  wonder if I’ll be helping them tomorrow.



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