Peaches Prattlings

{December 29, 2015}   Another masterpiece!

Last night, CKM and I participated in one of our time honored traditions…painting class!

This time we chose Painting With a Twist. We weren’t crazy about the instructor and they’re was no down time to let the paint dry so it didn’t all run together,  but we managed.  In glad it wasn’t our first time,  it may have been our last!

It’s almost like paint by numbers,  just no numbers.  The instructor gives you direction on each section, which is very helpful.  I kept waiting for Bob Rossi…”now we’ll paint a tree,  a happy tree”!

All in all,  a great finished product, we realized this was our forth or fifth time. Can you guess which is mine? (See what the street names are?)

I gave mine to PSM tonight when I got home, something he can put up in the new place, only snow he’ll see there!









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