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{January 5, 2016}   The holidays trigger different things

It’s that time of year isn’t it, or more precise, it was. The holidays were just here and the next one is on the horizon.

The holidays illicit different feelings and reactions in different people. One of the things that happen is people get more emotional, as it were. Some people get depressed, some people get happy, others get loopy, couples get more starry eyed, some even get engaged. Some singles gravitate towards each other, some like to be alone, maybe even hibernate.

Then there are the single people who look for love, some get anxious that they will be alone at the holidays. This is not a judgment, just an observation from what I found when I was single during the holidays and articles that I have read.

How about all of those holiday movies, girl looks for boy to take home to the family for the holidays, boy hires girl to be his girlfriend so he doesn’t have to spend the holidays with family as a single and answer questions. Have you noticed the Hallmark Channel during the holidays?

One thing that struck me was that when I was online dating, some times it was feast or famine, one of the feast times…right around Christmas and again Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I know, the stores are already set up!

I would get an onslaught, is that the right word? of emails from guys interested in meeting me. Whether they were serious or not, in they came. What made me think of it was looking at one of my email inboxes today.

As you know I am in a relationship with this dishy boy, PSM, as you know him, so I technically haven’t been single for almost a year. Can you believe it, almost a year!

Back on track, sorry, just daydreaming a bit.

So, going into my email inbox and there were a lot of emails from the last dating site I was on, Plenty of Fish, or Puddle of Fish, I liked to call it, I think I’ve told you about it. Apparently, I forgot to cancel my account, when I think about going in and canceling, I get PSM disease…shiny baubles, then I’m off doing something else.

There were a lot right around Christmas, so-and-so wants to meet you, so-and-so sent you a wink. Let me tell you, there are a lot of lonely so-and-sos out there! Not so many around Arbor Day or St Patrick’s, I wonder why…

I wish them a lot of luck, I’m very pleased to say I’m not one of them and don’t have plans to join their club any time soon.






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