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{January 2, 2016}   Day 2 of the new year…let’s go to a party!

How does one ring in the second day of the new year? Why, a party, of course!

When we were at the friends Christmas party, I met another of PSM’s friends, L&C. That night,  night, L said they would be hosting a party on January 2nd and hoped to see us.

This morning, PSM and I were out walking with Mollie and I asked if the party was still on since we hadn’t heard anything.  He reached out and found out it definitely was, wahoo!

We headed up that way, got there a little before 7p…before some and after others,  or should that be other way around?

It was a great time, lots of fabulous people,  most of the same folks, usual suspects,  as it were.  We discussed the holidays, new years,  what’s next. And…next weekend’s celebration, we say “aloha” to PSM.

There were kids and adults to enjoy the evening with, the big reason is that he may not get to see somem before he leaves for Hawaii. There are two special  kids who call him uncle and their goodbye was very sweet, I’m glad we went, I know he is too.

For me,  it was gear to see everyone,  they are all so welcoming and adore PSM to bits and I know I’ve had to pass some tests to be sure I’m right for him,  that’s what family does and your friends can be tough! But I’m looking forward to some girls nights out!!

A great time was had by all and we get to see them again next week for his send off!!

Happy Saturday night!



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