Peaches Prattlings

{August 8, 2015}   Ouch…twisted again..seriously???

For of you that know me,  you know my ankles suck, yes, I said suck. Sorry.

Once again, I turned my ankle. We are up in New Hampshire with friends of PSM’s and we went for a hike. There are 3 families with a total of five kids, one dog and the two of us.

We went about half way, found a swimming hole,  everyone had a good time,  I’m not sure who had more fun…the kids or Mollie!

On the way back, rolling alalalalong and OUCH! Foot turns, ankle rolls under and I almost go down, almost…

That hurt a lot.  I am tired of my weak ankles. I know I am kvetching, in Yiddish that means complaining,  but I’m tired of it.  I never know when it’s going to happen.

But,  everyone was very nice and helpful,  someone gave me a tree branch to use as a walking stick, PSM held my arm,  when we got back to the house,  people helped me ice and elevate my ankle and everyone, including some of the kids asked how my ankle was, very thoughtful.

So,  I know I can’t get replacement ankles, just going to have to figure out how to save them!



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