Peaches Prattlings

{August 23, 2014}   Packing…ACK and ARGHHHH

I’ve been here for six months, how could I have accumulated this much stuff???

I am in a large room at this hotel and I have two bags packed full of clothes, my toiletries and then some other stuff, I’m not sure where it came from! 

Anyone that knows me, like my family, knows I can be a slob, I used to be a slob when I was a kid. I like a good mess, don’t get me wrong, I like clean…I would pick up everything, clean and put it back. But in this hotel room, I have tried to keep everything straight, putting everything in its place, I like everything to be where it’s supposed to, this is a small space and it’s mine.

Somehow, I have accumulated more stuff than I realized! How? I don’t know. But..I have seen the accumulation, so tomorrow, I will be going to FedEx to ship things back to Colorado and taking just what I can fit into my little beetle bug along with two cats.

Let this be a lesson to me…don’t accumulate so much stuff and take stuff home when you can! 

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