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{December 31, 2014}   What a year it’s been.

It’s New Year’s Eve and what a year it’s been!

There have been a lot of changes, some good, some bad, but experiences nonetheless and like you, I have grown with each one. I would like to share some of the things that have happened to me this year.

I got a new job in February that I love. It gives me the opportunity to do two things I absolutely love: train on software applications and travel for work. I have been in multiple cities for this job, my friends on Facebook are trying to keep up! Someone asked me if I was traveling for work or did I win the lottery? My response “I love my job so much it feels a little like both!” This job not only allows me to travel to new locations for work, I get to travel to different locations on the weekends, it allows me to go to fun places to visit family and friends and do races in cool places. Aside from that perk, I am always learning new modules for the applications I teach, it helps build my skill set and makes me a better trainer.

I went to the Bar Mitzvah of one of my closest friends from high school. CS was pregnant at my wedding! Oh my!  What an honor and  treat to be a part of it!

You may or may not have guessed by my posts, that I am now single, DCM and I parted ways romantically, it was a mutual decision that was best for both of us. I hold no grudges or bear ill will towards him, we are still great friends and I am happy that he is happy with his life. I will always be thankful for our time together, our shared experiences and giving me something I never thought I would have, grandchildren!

Speaking of grandchildren… we have a new one! Baby W, DCM calls her Twig, too funny! She is a beautiful baby who I hope to meet one day. I got to see Baby A before the family moved to Texas, it was such a great visit, not only with Baby A, but his mommy, I felt really close to them both that day. Not to mention the fabulous mothers day gift I got!

I finally met LB’s sister, Baby L when I went to Las Vegas. LB was so excited to see me, she had me read the same book five times! I had the best visit with both wee tots and their mom, it felt good to talk to her one on one, so to speak.

I have gotten back in the dating world, gone out once or twice, but obviously nothing worth mentioning, but I have been enjoying life, who knows what next year holds!

I did a few races, 5k, 10k and mud runs, around the country, Disney, Atlanta, Colorado, Michigan and my second half marathon in Las Vegas. I drank some moonshine and Jameson! Ick but I did it!

As much traveling as I do, the one place I have never gone alone was overseas, so two months ago, I took myself to Ireland and it was feckin’ fantastic! I’m ready for more international travel!

I also had the fortune to visit friends and family around the country. I spent quite a bit of time in Atlanta with my favorite people and Miss A is walking! She is walking and running around like a champ! I had trouble keeping up with her a few times! Go Miss A!!! So very proud! You can only imagine how her mom, SDL feels!

As a result of being single, I got to spend more time with my sister’s family, I drove with two cats from Colorado to Kentucky to Boston, I know you’re jealous of that one! The girls get to experience unconditional love with the cats and even better, I have gotten closer with the girls they get so excited when I am there now, amazing!

I started skiing again after almost 20 years! I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I loved it! I skied a little in the beginning of the year and now I am spending New Years at Breckenridge skiing!

A big thing that happened in 2014, I know I didn’t talk about it with you…my sister became a SURVIVOR!!! In October/November 2013, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and in November 2014, she got the all clear, so fantastic! 2014 was a really rough year for my family and we are so happy its over and looking forward to 2015

2015 will be a new year, duh. There will be so many new experiences to be had, projects, places to visit and work, nieces doing amazing things, I cannot wait to tell you all about them.

Along those lines, I have something that I will be sharing, medically speaking with you, I have shared with most of my friends, working through the list, and when I begin the process, there may be days I do not blog much, I hope I will at least be able to tell you what is going on.

Two years ago, January 6th, I rediscovered my blog, with the intention of posting every day and I did it and loved it. I feel lost if I don’t post and January 6th of last year, I decided to continue, guess what I’m going to do January 6, 2015!

You have all stuck with me throughout these last two years and I thank you! My blog has been viewed 4000 times THIS YEAR!!! O  M  G!!! THANK YOU! I will publish some stats in another post. I look forward to sharing the next year with you!

May 2015 bring you health, happiness and all the joy your hearts can handle!

Happy New Year!


When isn’t it a long full day?

I stayed at The Curtis last night, it is a Hilton property and 1950s retro, a lot of fun. Had breakfast, love that Diamond Status, free breakfast and it came with a short stack of pancakes and they were wonderful, well, the one I ate! They dusted them with powdered sugar, yum…

I headed to AM’s house to get my skis, so awesome that he is storing it for me while I’m away, he’s not far from the airport, so I don’t have to go too far out of the way to go skiing. I stopped in to say hello then headed towards the mountains, took a while, the surface streets were a little snowy, but the highways were clear, unfortunately, people were going a little extra slow and there was an accident, so what should have taken about 1.5 hours. It’s ok, I made a stop for some new ski socks, I think they helped with the bruising!

I stopped at Walmart to pick up some supplies [toiletries and food] then headed to the hotel I was originally supposed to stay at, picked up my packet and headed to the Beaver Run Resort, where I upgraded to. Unfortunately, I couldn’t check in until 4pm, so sad…I put the parking pass on my car, parked and got dressed, in the car! I was not quite prepared for skiing, normally I would have left the hotel wearing everything except for my ski pants, this time, I had to start from the ground up, so to speak! Luckily, no one was looking!

The great thing was I was right there at an opening, I got to ski to the chairlift, AWESOME! The bad part… it always takes me forever to get my boots buckled, today was no different…I broke 3 nails trying to get my boots on GRRRR. Someone pointed out that I could move part of the buckle, I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow, unless I can do it myself.

It was so fantastic to ski to the lift, I totally get it now! I went up and hit the slopes and it was fantastic! I skied, I slalomed, I went faster, awesome! I did 6 total runs, feeling more and more confident every time. Only bummer is I dropped my extra phone batter, I did ski near the spot and tried to find it, but I couldn’t get close enough! I saw it when I was going up in the chair! Oh well…I don’t have to worry too much, I am in a ski-in/ski-out, I can come in and recharge!

After six runs, I was freezing! It was about -3 when I got off the mountain, skied to my car and went to check in at the resort, touch and go for a minute, they had a question about my reservation since I had upgraded to the resort. Just in case you didn’t know, ski-in/ski-out means that you are staying on the mountain, you either ski in and out of your room or the resort is right there by the chair lift. You don’t have to drive around to try to find a place to park, AWESOME!

I found a place to park, eventually, in the parking deck, made two trips [luggage, skis, groceries] and walked into my room. Ahhh…I totally get it and I would live here! Well, not full time, but for a week or long weekend! The only odd thing is the bed, right when you walk in the room. Then there is the Jacuzzi tub/shower in the hallway, so to speak, a galley kitchen, then the living room, nice big sofa, overstuffed arm chair, big table and chairs. Ok, the other odd thing… the refrigerator is in the living room.

The view… the slopes and chair lift. Fabulous! It might be tough to say no when I do the time share talk [that’s how I got the room for so cheap for the three days].

I unpacked some stuff, then turned on the bath and had a nice relaxing soak, ahhhh…had a pb&j, yum and after a while, headed out into town for a walk about and maybe see if I was hungry. The town is decorated so pretty, still for Christmas, the trees are still lit, the snow is pretty. I walked up and down the main drag, didn’t find anything that called to me, except for the line for crepes, but after 10 minutes I was cccccold, it was -9, so I stopped by a bar that had a fire pit to warm up until the resort shuttle came by.

Back to the room, jammies and slipper socks to warm up and talk to you! You tired? I am! More tomorrow!

Today was a travel day and it was quite a day, go figure!

Got up, packed my bags, impressed ST…it looked like I would never get it all in two bags, but I did! I was triumphant! I filled the second bag with the fabulous gifts I got, glad I had it! I was also able to leave the third bag in Georgia, since it was broken, it was filled with gifts for people here and to be shipped and I knew it wouldn’t be leaving with me!

We went to breakfast, stopped at the post office on the way back, shipped out belated gifts [they are on the way!] back to the house to collect my stuff, then headed to the airport.

During the morning, I got several messages from Delta that my flight was delayed 30 minutes, then back 20 minutes, then back to the original time, um….I was heading to the airport going on the original flight time. I returned the car, headed to the terminal and made it just at the mark, at least I was hoping. In order for your bags go on your flight, they have to be there 45 minutes prior to take off.

I made it! Mostly! The desk agent did a late check in and said I should be fine, whew! I have to tell you, membership [Gold Medallion] has its benefits! I went through security and got to the gate after boarding had begun, love being able to just walk right up and sort of cut in front of people, sorry. Upgraded to first class, go me!

The flight was fine, it was snowing when we got to Denver, the entire ground was blanketed in white and it’s always interesting when you can see your breath on the jetway! Good for skiing!

I went down to baggage claim and after a while the bags came around and it was about 30 minutes and I got one bag and then….. nothing. I had gotten a call from Delta about missing luggage and I thought it was odd since I had one, but off to the Delta Luggage Help Office I went, right behind me.

Oh… side note… there was a hard suitcase that was buzzing, for a  while. I’m wondering if someone left their toothbrush [or maybe something else…] on or the switch turned on. It was interesting that no one seemed that worried, just curious. Hmmm.

I went to the desk and asked about my bag, I’m so glad I kept the baggage claim sticker! It turns out that one bag came on my flight and the other took a later flight. Huh?

She could not tell me how it happened, but it happens. I am sure it does, just a first for me. Don’t they scan the bags? To see that they need to go to the same place? I guess not.

My bag was on the next flight, having just landed and it would be another 30 minutes before the bags would get to baggage claim. Did I want them to drive the bag to my hotel? No, I’ll wait. Why make someone drive in the snow to bring my bag when I could wait 30 minutes and have it, so I waited.

The bag finally showed up and I was on my way.

{December 28, 2014}   A visit and a Falcon’s game

Another long day, I know you’re shocked!

The day started way before my alarm, of course, but it gave me the time to spend time with KS’ cat, Miss Molly and talk to TS for a while, jumped in the shower, packed my stuff and headed out the door.

I went a whopping three minutes down the road to LGR’s house, we realized the last time we had dinner that she and her family lived so close to TS, very small world. I had not been to their house before, so her fabulous daughter, CGR, gave me the grand tour. I saw her fabulous room and playroom and her Frozen collection, very impressive, MGS would love it!

After the tour, we got in the car and headed to brunch, yum! We caught up, laughed, talked, swapped stories and realized we have known each other since 1995! Can you believe it? It was awesome to spend some time together and CGR. We headed back to the house and after a bit, I headed to the MARTA station to meet JT and his brother DT to go to the Falcon’s game.

We met at one station to ride together to the Georgia Dome. We went in, got drinks and found our seats and settled in for the game. Half time, we went in search of pretzels which we found along with funnel cake for DT. The seats are great and that was the best thing I could say about this game. We left during the third quarter along with almost everyone else in the stadium, that’s how bad the Carolina Panthers were beating them, so now, the Falcons are out. If they had won, they would have gone to the playoffs, oh well. I love going to the game every year, I really appreciate that they take me.

Back on MARTA and the car, hanging at ST’s tonight and then tomorrow off to Colorado.

Maybe I’ll take a nap tomorrow!




{December 27, 2014}   Another fun filled and busy day!

Another fabulous day I had! Visits, laughs, movies, meals, fabulous!

The day started way too early for a Saturday, as my days often do, 8am, what is that about? The alarm was set for 10, but apparently I couldn’t wait to get up! I answered some emails, chilled out and then got ready to head out for the day. I drove to downtown Woodstock to meet KWH for brunch.

This was a treat, for both of us! We haven’t seen each other in over a year, her daughter Baby J was only a few weeks old and now, she’s running around, jumping and playing. She got to come out all by herself, which, as you know, when you have wee tots, you do not get to do very much of anything on your own. And the mutual treat, was seeing each other, as it seems to be about once a year, but it is always a quality visit. KWH and I used to work together, actually at the same company I met BG and TS, the world is very small.

After a good breakfast and great conversation, which of course includes laughs, silliness, hugs, deep thoughts, we walked a little, then went our separate ways. The funny thing is I saw TS tonight and she asked me a few questions about how certain things in KWH’s life were going and I had no idea! I realized that we talked for about three hours and covered a lot of ground, but there were things we just did not cover, and I looked at her and thought “What did we talk about?!” Too funny!

After brunch, I did a little window shopping and some actual shopping and part of next years Christmas shopping is done! Everything was half off, score!

Then off to BG’s house to say hello to his son, J and his parents, then the two of us went to the movies, saw ‘Night At The Museum’, which we both really liked. It was fun hanging out, watching a movie, it’s been a while since we did that. After the movie, we went back to his house for a few minutes and J got to brag about his mastery of the Monopoly board over his Grandmother, very cute. I hung out for a few more minutes and then it was time to go, J gave me a hug! That was great! Over the last two years he’s gotten to know me better and that has been a treat.

After I left, I headed to TS’ house to hang with TS and her daughter KS, so much fun! We exchanged gifts, both birthday and Christmas/Chanukah and then it was out the door, for dinner and a movie! We went to PF Chang’s and the wait was about an hour, so we drove around looking for another possible place, but ended up back where we started and the food was worth it, the service was passable, the noisy table next to us, ugh. When they left, the noise level in the entire restaurant went down by about 1000! Company makes up for so much!

Then it was to the movie theater to see Big Eyes and we were the only ones in the enter theater, we realized we did not have to whisper! That was a plus. The movie itself was good, a but depressing, but it was a true story and I had been wanting to see it and we all love Amy Adams. When the movie was over, not only were we the only three in the theater, itself, I think we may have been the only three in the entire building!

Back home for more chatting and catching up and the next thing we knew it was after 1am! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Now, it is time for some sleep because tomorrow, I have, wait for it… another busy day!

And happy birthday to my dear friend, NM!


{December 26, 2014}   What a day!!!

You ready for today? It’s gonna be a long one! Get some coffee, no-doze, red bull, here we go!

The day started early, well not early like a work day, but 8am after falling asleep about 2:30/3am, that’s early when it’s not a work day. So, I got up about 8, said hello to the cat, hung with Miss A, then with Miss A and SDL while they had breakfast and prepped our breakfast, cinnamon rolls, yum!

DJL came downstairs and the three of us talked and laughed, as we always do and then the cinnamon rolls were done and it was time to munch on some sweet goodness and I believe the first time I have eaten an entire cinnamon roll.

After breakfast it was shower time, hanging out with Boogie Bear, SDL’s cat, who has no tail and from behind, looks like a bear, dress, pack, hugs and kisses and hit the road.

In the car, I headed to lunch with DL at Houston’s, if you remember, DL and I used to work together and she has become one of my closest friends who I love dearly and what a treat to get to sit with her and catch up. We talked about life, kids, grand kids, travel, romance, work, holidays, you name it, we talked about it, all in less than two hours, I was impressed! And thank you again, DL for treating me to lunch, I was very touched.

After lunch, I got back in the car and headed to Decatur to visit with another one of my besties, RJS, she’s been under the weather, so I visited her at home and it was such a great visit. We talked and laughed and caught up and talked about everything and nothing all in the same conversation. The cats came to visit, and I got love from one an typical cat disdain from the other, I was neither surprised or offended.

She was feeling up for a walk before I left, which was great, I could use a little movement and a walk would do her good. We walked towards the entrance and back to her house, then the other direction and back. It was so fantastic to see her! It’s been too long! We exchanged holiday gifts, and my gift was a fabulous pair of RJS original earrings, if I haven’t already told you, she is a master of glass, mostly jewelry and I have received a few pieces over the years and I love them!

After our walk, I changed shoes to a much warmer pair, ready to be outside for the evening and headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to meet CKM. We met, parked the cars and walked to the Garden to enjoy the lights spectacular. We put our names in at the restaurant, there was about an hour wait, gave them my phone number and off we went to admire the pretty lights.

They do a wonderful job a the gardens, all the wonderful lights, in the trees, on the lawns, water, orchid house, the bug and wildlife creations, all spectacular.

After a while, we headed to the café to see if our table was ready, after another 20 minutes we sat down to a rather disappointing experience. The food was pretty good, just overall, not thrilled, but the conversation was good and we had a good time.

After eating, we headed back out to walk around, went into the orchid house, enjoyed the “walk through the treetops” then headed back towards the cars, got our presents and headed to Starbucks for drinks and gifts!

We hadn’t stopped talking yet! We opened our gifts, love! Then as they were closing up, we headed to the parking lot and in typical fashion, we stood there and talked for another 45 minutes, of course.

Then we hugged goodbye, got in our cars and I headed to JT’s house to crash for the night, which is very good because my morning plans are near here.

Ok, so now it’s about one am and time to crash, another busy day ahead!

Good night!

{December 25, 2014}   Merry Christmas!

To all my friends and family who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!

All I keep hearing in my head right now is the line from Trading Places “Merry New Year!” Some will get it, some won’t! But I digress, I know you’re shocked!

Today was a great day, it started at JT’s house, well, next door at his parents house where his dad made breakfast and it was yummy! Thank you T! The best part was it was just JT, his brother, mom, dad and me, well, and the dogs, of course. It was fun sitting with them, talking, joking, talking about last night’s festivities and excitement but then, I got to watch them open their gifts and enjoy every moment with each other, that is a very private family moment and I appreciate being invited to be a part of it. All of this while A Christmas Story was on in the background.

After a great breakfast and a rousing game of backgammon with JT’s dad, which reminded me of playing backgammon with my dad, for hours and I won this game, by the way! I headed to SDL’s house for the annual Christmas Day festivities!

I called on my way and SDL and her sister DJL and of course, Miss A were Skyping with their parents, Momom and Popup, I’m sorry I missed them. I headed to the house, went in and started playing with Miss A, who was monopolizing Aunt F’s attention! Then SDL came down from freshening up and we started cooking.

A great amount of food [we went shopping yesterday] two types of pasta, pesto, meat sauce, steamed veggies [carrots, zucchini, squash, spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli, guess who was really happy!] bread and salad. Think we had enough for three adults and one child? You betcha!

All this while listening to Christmas music and really listening for certain songs. You know, like “Baby it’s cold outside” or Porky Pig’s rendition of “Blue Christmas” or Alvin and the Chipmunks “All I want for Christmas” or The Waitresses.

We ate, talked, laughed, told stories about celebrating the holidays, crazy families, you know, the usual. It was great fun and after lunch, we went into the den to hang out, watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and open presents. I got a fabulous hand made magnet, in the shape of a deridel from Miss A, LOVE! And DJL and I opened our calendars at the same time! My other favorite! I look forward to those calendars!

After presents, there was A Christmas Story, I guess I was making my own marathon! Then after bath and brushing of the long beautiful hair, it was time to watch Home Alone, I think we had a god Christmas viewing lineup. We watched movies, lounged in the hose doing not much else.

And now, my friends, I am going to turn into a pumpkin, if I don’t turn this place over.

Merry Christmas… and to all, a good night!

{December 23, 2014}   Moving a piano

Today, I finally got the piano out of my house! The renters are so pleased!

When I moved out of the house completely last July, I still had the piano there, I wasn’t taking it with me and it would not fit in the storage unit and I really wanted to find it a new home.

Do you know the expression “Out of sight, out of mind?” Well, that’s what it was like for a while. I was hot to find a taker, then I would forget and then I would suddenly remember, go into panic mode and look for a taker.

I had a taker, a friend of my cousin’s, but then it fell through and recently, I mentioned it to ST and he said I’ll take it!

So… this morning, another friend met us and we went to my house to meet PK, who had a trailer do an inspection and get the piano out.

It took about an hour for the whole process, I rode back with PK, J rode back with ST and we brought the piano to ST’s house, unloaded it, just before the rain started to pour down!

ST’s son is over the moon excited about the idea of the piano, he is loving the guitar and now, after the piano is tuned, and it needs to be, he is going to start playing and I cannot wait for my first concert!

The piano is out, the house looks great, the tenants are happy and so am I!  Thank you ST, PK and J!

{December 22, 2014}   Old friends…what a night!

Such a great time tonight!

Tonight I had the best time!! After a great day! (Tell you about my day another day)

I headed to ST’s house and then we headed out to The Roswell Tap,, to meet PK, also known as FB to me and what a time it was!

I’ve known PK since about 1996 when the wasband did lights and sounds for PK’s fraternity cover band. I used to travel with them to gigs on the weekends.

In 1999, I went to work for the same company that PK worked for. Now you’re going to find out how small the world really is.

I kept in touch with PK even after the divorce, and one day we were having lunch and I said I was looking for a job and he connected me with the company he worked for.

On that project, I met ST, who was at that company because of PK. ST had known PK when he sold equipment to the company we worked for in 1999.

The crazy thing is that I started working with ST on a project in 2009, shortly after he did and he was there because of PK.

So…I have stayed friends with both guys and I am so thankful for it! I have seen both of them individually and we talk about the other, but this was the first time all the of us were together in years and let me tell you…If I haven’t already said it, awesome!

ST didn’t tell PK I was coming, but as soon as he saw a short chick walking with ST, he knew it was me and he lot up!

We had dinner and drinks (well they drank, I had hot tea and water, I know, crazy, right?) And we laughed for a few hours, I almost peed in my pants we were laughing so hard!

What a great night! Thanks guys! I’m ready for the next time!

{December 21, 2014}   Falling asleep

My friends, I had a great day and it wiped me out!

First class upgrade, gate checked bag, how could I wrong!   But…3 hours of sleep, long day decorating a tree and  now…I am wiped out!

Therefore. Friends, it is with heavy lids that I bid you a fond farewell, parting is such sorrow, until we meet upon the morrow…

et cetera