Peaches Prattlings

{December 29, 2014}   Luggage should arrive together, right?

Today was a travel day and it was quite a day, go figure!

Got up, packed my bags, impressed ST…it looked like I would never get it all in two bags, but I did! I was triumphant! I filled the second bag with the fabulous gifts I got, glad I had it! I was also able to leave the third bag in Georgia, since it was broken, it was filled with gifts for people here and to be shipped and I knew it wouldn’t be leaving with me!

We went to breakfast, stopped at the post office on the way back, shipped out belated gifts [they are on the way!] back to the house to collect my stuff, then headed to the airport.

During the morning, I got several messages from Delta that my flight was delayed 30 minutes, then back 20 minutes, then back to the original time, um….I was heading to the airport going on the original flight time. I returned the car, headed to the terminal and made it just at the mark, at least I was hoping. In order for your bags go on your flight, they have to be there 45 minutes prior to take off.

I made it! Mostly! The desk agent did a late check in and said I should be fine, whew! I have to tell you, membership [Gold Medallion] has its benefits! I went through security and got to the gate after boarding had begun, love being able to just walk right up and sort of cut in front of people, sorry. Upgraded to first class, go me!

The flight was fine, it was snowing when we got to Denver, the entire ground was blanketed in white and it’s always interesting when you can see your breath on the jetway! Good for skiing!

I went down to baggage claim and after a while the bags came around and it was about 30 minutes and I got one bag and then….. nothing. I had gotten a call from Delta about missing luggage and I thought it was odd since I had one, but off to the Delta Luggage Help Office I went, right behind me.

Oh… side note… there was a hard suitcase that was buzzing, for a  while. I’m wondering if someone left their toothbrush [or maybe something else…] on or the switch turned on. It was interesting that no one seemed that worried, just curious. Hmmm.

I went to the desk and asked about my bag, I’m so glad I kept the baggage claim sticker! It turns out that one bag came on my flight and the other took a later flight. Huh?

She could not tell me how it happened, but it happens. I am sure it does, just a first for me. Don’t they scan the bags? To see that they need to go to the same place? I guess not.

My bag was on the next flight, having just landed and it would be another 30 minutes before the bags would get to baggage claim. Did I want them to drive the bag to my hotel? No, I’ll wait. Why make someone drive in the snow to bring my bag when I could wait 30 minutes and have it, so I waited.

The bag finally showed up and I was on my way.

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