Peaches Prattlings

{December 22, 2014}   Old friends…what a night!

Such a great time tonight!

Tonight I had the best time!! After a great day! (Tell you about my day another day)

I headed to ST’s house and then we headed out to The Roswell Tap,, to meet PK, also known as FB to me and what a time it was!

I’ve known PK since about 1996 when the wasband did lights and sounds for PK’s fraternity cover band. I used to travel with them to gigs on the weekends.

In 1999, I went to work for the same company that PK worked for. Now you’re going to find out how small the world really is.

I kept in touch with PK even after the divorce, and one day we were having lunch and I said I was looking for a job and he connected me with the company he worked for.

On that project, I met ST, who was at that company because of PK. ST had known PK when he sold equipment to the company we worked for in 1999.

The crazy thing is that I started working with ST on a project in 2009, shortly after he did and he was there because of PK.

So…I have stayed friends with both guys and I am so thankful for it! I have seen both of them individually and we talk about the other, but this was the first time all the of us were together in years and let me tell you…If I haven’t already said it, awesome!

ST didn’t tell PK I was coming, but as soon as he saw a short chick walking with ST, he knew it was me and he lot up!

We had dinner and drinks (well they drank, I had hot tea and water, I know, crazy, right?) And we laughed for a few hours, I almost peed in my pants we were laughing so hard!

What a great night! Thanks guys! I’m ready for the next time!

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