Peaches Prattlings

{December 27, 2014}   Another fun filled and busy day!

Another fabulous day I had! Visits, laughs, movies, meals, fabulous!

The day started way too early for a Saturday, as my days often do, 8am, what is that about? The alarm was set for 10, but apparently I couldn’t wait to get up! I answered some emails, chilled out and then got ready to head out for the day. I drove to downtown Woodstock to meet KWH for brunch.

This was a treat, for both of us! We haven’t seen each other in over a year, her daughter Baby J was only a few weeks old and now, she’s running around, jumping and playing. She got to come out all by herself, which, as you know, when you have wee tots, you do not get to do very much of anything on your own. And the mutual treat, was seeing each other, as it seems to be about once a year, but it is always a quality visit. KWH and I used to work together, actually at the same company I met BG and TS, the world is very small.

After a good breakfast and great conversation, which of course includes laughs, silliness, hugs, deep thoughts, we walked a little, then went our separate ways. The funny thing is I saw TS tonight and she asked me a few questions about how certain things in KWH’s life were going and I had no idea! I realized that we talked for about three hours and covered a lot of ground, but there were things we just did not cover, and I looked at her and thought “What did we talk about?!” Too funny!

After brunch, I did a little window shopping and some actual shopping and part of next years Christmas shopping is done! Everything was half off, score!

Then off to BG’s house to say hello to his son, J and his parents, then the two of us went to the movies, saw ‘Night At The Museum’, which we both really liked. It was fun hanging out, watching a movie, it’s been a while since we did that. After the movie, we went back to his house for a few minutes and J got to brag about his mastery of the Monopoly board over his Grandmother, very cute. I hung out for a few more minutes and then it was time to go, J gave me a hug! That was great! Over the last two years he’s gotten to know me better and that has been a treat.

After I left, I headed to TS’ house to hang with TS and her daughter KS, so much fun! We exchanged gifts, both birthday and Christmas/Chanukah and then it was out the door, for dinner and a movie! We went to PF Chang’s and the wait was about an hour, so we drove around looking for another possible place, but ended up back where we started and the food was worth it, the service was passable, the noisy table next to us, ugh. When they left, the noise level in the entire restaurant went down by about 1000! Company makes up for so much!

Then it was to the movie theater to see Big Eyes and we were the only ones in the enter theater, we realized we did not have to whisper! That was a plus. The movie itself was good, a but depressing, but it was a true story and I had been wanting to see it and we all love Amy Adams. When the movie was over, not only were we the only three in the theater, itself, I think we may have been the only three in the entire building!

Back home for more chatting and catching up and the next thing we knew it was after 1am! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Now, it is time for some sleep because tomorrow, I have, wait for it… another busy day!

And happy birthday to my dear friend, NM!


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