Peaches Prattlings

{December 26, 2014}   What a day!!!

You ready for today? It’s gonna be a long one! Get some coffee, no-doze, red bull, here we go!

The day started early, well not early like a work day, but 8am after falling asleep about 2:30/3am, that’s early when it’s not a work day. So, I got up about 8, said hello to the cat, hung with Miss A, then with Miss A and SDL while they had breakfast and prepped our breakfast, cinnamon rolls, yum!

DJL came downstairs and the three of us talked and laughed, as we always do and then the cinnamon rolls were done and it was time to munch on some sweet goodness and I believe the first time I have eaten an entire cinnamon roll.

After breakfast it was shower time, hanging out with Boogie Bear, SDL’s cat, who has no tail and from behind, looks like a bear, dress, pack, hugs and kisses and hit the road.

In the car, I headed to lunch with DL at Houston’s, if you remember, DL and I used to work together and she has become one of my closest friends who I love dearly and what a treat to get to sit with her and catch up. We talked about life, kids, grand kids, travel, romance, work, holidays, you name it, we talked about it, all in less than two hours, I was impressed! And thank you again, DL for treating me to lunch, I was very touched.

After lunch, I got back in the car and headed to Decatur to visit with another one of my besties, RJS, she’s been under the weather, so I visited her at home and it was such a great visit. We talked and laughed and caught up and talked about everything and nothing all in the same conversation. The cats came to visit, and I got love from one an typical cat disdain from the other, I was neither surprised or offended.

She was feeling up for a walk before I left, which was great, I could use a little movement and a walk would do her good. We walked towards the entrance and back to her house, then the other direction and back. It was so fantastic to see her! It’s been too long! We exchanged holiday gifts, and my gift was a fabulous pair of RJS original earrings, if I haven’t already told you, she is a master of glass, mostly jewelry and I have received a few pieces over the years and I love them!

After our walk, I changed shoes to a much warmer pair, ready to be outside for the evening and headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to meet CKM. We met, parked the cars and walked to the Garden to enjoy the lights spectacular. We put our names in at the restaurant, there was about an hour wait, gave them my phone number and off we went to admire the pretty lights.

They do a wonderful job a the gardens, all the wonderful lights, in the trees, on the lawns, water, orchid house, the bug and wildlife creations, all spectacular.

After a while, we headed to the café to see if our table was ready, after another 20 minutes we sat down to a rather disappointing experience. The food was pretty good, just overall, not thrilled, but the conversation was good and we had a good time.

After eating, we headed back out to walk around, went into the orchid house, enjoyed the “walk through the treetops” then headed back towards the cars, got our presents and headed to Starbucks for drinks and gifts!

We hadn’t stopped talking yet! We opened our gifts, love! Then as they were closing up, we headed to the parking lot and in typical fashion, we stood there and talked for another 45 minutes, of course.

Then we hugged goodbye, got in our cars and I headed to JT’s house to crash for the night, which is very good because my morning plans are near here.

Ok, so now it’s about one am and time to crash, another busy day ahead!

Good night!

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