Peaches Prattlings

{December 28, 2014}   A visit and a Falcon’s game

Another long day, I know you’re shocked!

The day started way before my alarm, of course, but it gave me the time to spend time with KS’ cat, Miss Molly and talk to TS for a while, jumped in the shower, packed my stuff and headed out the door.

I went a whopping three minutes down the road to LGR’s house, we realized the last time we had dinner that she and her family lived so close to TS, very small world. I had not been to their house before, so her fabulous daughter, CGR, gave me the grand tour. I saw her fabulous room and playroom and her Frozen collection, very impressive, MGS would love it!

After the tour, we got in the car and headed to brunch, yum! We caught up, laughed, talked, swapped stories and realized we have known each other since 1995! Can you believe it? It was awesome to spend some time together and CGR. We headed back to the house and after a bit, I headed to the MARTA station to meet JT and his brother DT to go to the Falcon’s game.

We met at one station to ride together to the Georgia Dome. We went in, got drinks and found our seats and settled in for the game. Half time, we went in search of pretzels which we found along with funnel cake for DT. The seats are great and that was the best thing I could say about this game. We left during the third quarter along with almost everyone else in the stadium, that’s how bad the Carolina Panthers were beating them, so now, the Falcons are out. If they had won, they would have gone to the playoffs, oh well. I love going to the game every year, I really appreciate that they take me.

Back on MARTA and the car, hanging at ST’s tonight and then tomorrow off to Colorado.

Maybe I’ll take a nap tomorrow!




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