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{February 4, 2021}   Maternity…seriously?!

Not what you’re thinking, I’m sure!

We have been doing yoga steadily for just over a month and it’s been fun doing it together. PSM wears shorts and a t-shirt, and for me, I have tried a few things. I’ve worn a t-shirt and running pants, then I decided I wanted to try yoga pants, I’ve gotten two different pairs, and with one of them, I totally get why some people, mostly women, live in their yoga pants! They are very comfy, wow! But…the ones I got are a bit long, so if they didn’t have a ribbon to cinch the legs, I would be walking on them and I just paid good money, why would I walk off the ends. Jeans, I get, not yoga pants. Also…I’m not 15 anymore. Wait, I would still probably do it to a pair of jeans well, not intentionally! ha ha.

Sometimes it’s tough being a bit shorter, there are times I have to go with capris to get the pant to my ankle. No short cracks, thank you! and NO…I do not have to sit on a phone book to see over the steering wheel, thank you very much!

I’ve tried a few different shirts, even bought a set of yoga shirts, well, they were advertised as yoga shirts, not sure what makes them yoga shirts, they aren’t flowy, they’re made of very soft material, but they are still clingy in some places, that goes back to the lumpy comment from the other day. I’ll figure out the shirt eventually or I’ll go back to the basic t-shirt!

The last thing I have to wear, that luckily PSM and other men, at least I don’t think other men have to, is a sports bra. This is something that most women have to wear and it’s no fun, let’s just say that. I have tried so many different ones, there are different types made for different sports. I happen to be on the more well endowed side, let’s just say, so for any physical activity I can’t go with out.

Here begins my yoga journey…I’ve had to wear two at a time in the past because one didn’t hold me enough, that was when I was running, let’s just say it doesn’t feel good when the girls bounce like that. I found a great one for running, recommended by a friend who’s a runner and it’s great. For yoga, I didn’t want to wear that one, but I tried it, it’s ok, but doesn’t move as well, it’s more binding. I’ve worn double tank tops, they hold me in and since we’re not jumping, it’s not bad, but I want something with more support. I’ve tried the tank/sports bra I’ve worn as a bathing suit, it’s ok, I’ve been wearing it for a few years, don’t think it has a huge amount of life left. I had another one that I kept having to pull down and then I happened to pop out at the top, no thanks! When I bought the yoga pants and shirts, just after we started doing yoga, I bought a two pack of sports bras as well.

The big problem these days when shopping for clothes is, as you can imagine, with new health and safety regulations due to Covid, you can’t try on clothes in the stores. That saves a lot of time when you can try them on in the store. Needless to say, I have bought a few things I cannot return, oh well.

The sports bras I bought are ok, they don’t have a lot of support in some areas and are tight in some areas. What I really don’t like is that they pull on my neck when I’m doing yoga. I don’t enjoy things tight around my neck, think turtlenecks, tight necklaces, some scarves, bathing suits, yeah, I know…So…it’s not always easy for me to concentrate or relax in yoga because of this. I have looked online and I can see almost everyone else’s when we’re in class, either they are only wearing their yoga sports bras, on top, ooh cheeky! or their tank tops are loose and flowy I can see the sports bra. I haven’t gotten to that stage yet. I may wear a bikini on the beach, but I’m in the water or not moving too much, things stay where they should and I can lengthen enough to not scare people! HA HA

I went online to see if I can find something that might work better. Something that will hold me together, not pull on my neck, not rise up, and let me move, and maybe help me not look so lumpy! I’m not asking much, right? I have found a few things here and there, but on one site, and I’m not going to mention the site because I really do like it, but when I put in my size, the ONLY thing they took me to was MATERNITY cami! Seriously! A cami, for those of you don’t know, is short for a camisole and it’s morphed into many things. It was traditionally a pretty thing that you wear under a blouse, along with a bra, especially if your blouse is sheer, it adds a layer of modesty and if it’s pretty, maybe with a little lace trim at the top, it adds a touch of purdy.

They still make camis in the traditional style, but now, they are functional as well, it’s a tank top with spaghetti straps. Tank tops traditionally have wider ‘sleeves’, I wear them sometimes as pajama tops, they’re comfy and some are loose and some are tight.

Now that you know what a cami is…you might understand my outrage! When I went to this site and put in my bra size, it only came back with MATERNITY camis, really?! I’m not teeny, but I’m also not pregnant and my size does not indicate that I am pregnant, just not on the thinner size. Really?! How do you think that made me feel?! I think you’ve figured out how I feel!

As gawd is my witness, I will find a yoga sports bra that works for me! UGH! Sigh…


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