Peaches Prattlings

Well, since it’s Friday, even though it’s a holiday weekend, PSM and I were up and working, while I waited for SDL and Miss A to join us upstairs.

The rain was coming, so how much could we do outside? Not much, but we were going to have a great day, no matter what?! One of the things SDL asked before they came…a little pampering? Oh yeah! So…when I called, it turned out they didn’t have any availability for three people until about 1230p, perfect!

Breakfast, then groceries. I had to hang my head in shame! The usually stuff that we’ve had when they visit we were out of! I had just finished the giant jar of peanut butter the day before, no, not the whole jar all at once, but I finished it in a smoothie! And we haven’t had bread, loaves, bagels, nothin! in the house for a while, so I felt terrible about that! Luckily, SDL is always prepared and had two slices of bread and one of those small containers of peanut butter, whew!

We had some time until our appointment, so we went to the grocery store, just enough time to get what we needed, and even went to the Bagel Factory! Their bagels are pretty decent, it’s not NYC or Boston, which is all about the water, but they’re good and made fresh every day. They actually close at 130p, when we got there, there was almost nothing on the shelves and when we were about to drive away, they locked the doors, it was 1215pm! Well, alrighty then! Maybe tomorrow!

We took the groceries home, I unloaded and got everything put away, grabbed some sandals and away we went to our favorite nail salon, honestly PSM was jealous! You know I got him addicted when we lived in Hawai’i!

We got there just in time and they set up two pedi chairs for us, I helped Miss A get onto SDL’s lap and we both settled in to our massage chairs for some pampering! They did Miss A’s feet first, and she got the full treatment! SDL said it was the first time for her to get full treatment! Nothing’s too good for my niece! Miss A got the foot bath, scrubbing, trimming, clipping, massaging, and warm towel, what more could you want! Oh yeah, and pretty pink bubble gum toes!

When she was done, she hung out next to mom while SDL and I got pampered! They started with the pedis, pedicures for anyone not in the know! Oh wow, it felt great! It had been a few weeks since PSM and I went, actually, just over a month! My toes still looked good, a pedicure can usually last me over a month, unless your scraping the ground with your toes, you should be good! They did SDL’s manicure in the chair, she doesn’t get color, so they soaked her fingers where she sat, I love that! For me, I went over to a table and they got to work on my fingers. Claws and paws as the phrase goes! Just what the doctor ordered!

Back to the house, it was snack time for Miss A, walks for the pups, and a while later, it was time to head out for dinner. We looked at a few places and the winner was Three Kings Public House! I’ve told you about it! I go for the Brussel Sprouts! Y U M! We had food, drinks, laughter, silliness, dancing, a few trips around the pub, what more could you want?! Food, family, friends, and fun. Yup, that’s about it!

Back home, bath time, hanging out, talking to you and then…lights out. What adventures await us tomorrow?!

Yes, I know you can eat without a mask, this was walking into a restaurant without a mask!

Now, I know there are some of you out there who have been playing it very safe over the last year, not going out, strict quarantining, maybe only going out for groceries and curbside pickup, and I respect that. For us, as we’ve talked about, PSM and I have ventured out as often as possible. We respect the protocols the establishment has set for their business, masks walking in, masks walking around, masks off at the table, when eating. That is very fair, whatever is best for the business, I go with that.

This…was very different. So…I told you Monday about going to the yoga studio and being able to take our masks off at our mats, you still have to wear the mask when you walk in to the lobby, but on your mat, a machaya! [one of my favorite Yiddish words!] and they are allows you to shower at the studio again, rent mats, the whole gamut.

Tonight, we decided it had been a very long day, let’s go out for beer [for PSM] and brussels sprouts [for me]! I knew just where we were going! The Three Kings! Here’s where it was a new and different experience and took some getting used to. When I walked in, no one, and I mean no one…was wearing a mask! Now, there have been a few places, we may have talked about this, that you walk in with a mask and it’s half-arsed by the staff, so you’re like what’s the point, but you’re following the posted rules and I have accidentally walked out, especially if we’re sitting near the door without my mask on and felt odd and shocked when I got outside! This place, tonight…not one mask in sight, except for some people walking in the door.

I walked in with my mask, took it up when I sat next to PSM at the bar, but I have to tell you…the first time I walked to the bathroom, I didn’t wear my mask, and if felt weird, like I was doing something naughty! Imagine that! How times have changed! I walked to the bathroom, mask-less, no one looked at me, no one stopped me, it felt good, but weird.

Based on what the CDC said this week, businesses are at their own discretion to do what they want and I respect that. I will still be walking around with a mask in my pocket, probably for a very long time, until someone tells me I never have to wear one again, I’m not taking any chances, and why argue with what someone else is comfortable with/doing, what is it going to hurt?

I can’t wait to hear what your first experience is like going completely mask-less in an establishment. Oooh!

Hanging my head in shame, sigh, oh brother. It’s Passover, I did the big one you’re not supposed to do and it’s so silly how it happend!

One of the rules with Passover is not eating bread and I have been good this week, until last night…There’s actually no bread in the house, for my fabulous breakfast egg sandwich, I have been having it on matzah and it’s actually yummy. Every year, when Passover rolls around, I actually try to stay away from bread for a while, see how long I can last, go healthier, sometimes it works, sometimes…

So…last night we went to yoga, then decided to go to dinner and found a place with a veggie burger, let’s go! It was the Three Kings Public House, and it was pretty good. We started off with one of the best bowl of brussel sprouts I have ever had! I think they were blanched first, they were tender and not very bitter, then they were sauteed in homemade garlic oil, topped with parmesan cheese, candied almonds, and sweetened dried cranberries. It was fabulous! I could have eaten the entire bowl!

PSM ordered seafood stew and I ordered a veggie burger, which turned out to be a spicy black bean burger, of course, but I had dinner! It came with lettuce, tomato, and pickles, and avocado, along with sweet potato waffle fries, unfortunately with waaayyyy too much salt, but put enough ketchup and mayo on almost anything, problem solved. After I ordered I smacked my forehead and thought, duh! When the waiter came back, I asked him to lettuce wrap my burger, that threw him for a moment, but it came out just as I ordered.

When we were finished, PSM decided he was in the mood for something sweet and we ended up getting the dessert menu. The only thing on the menu I could eat, because the other two items: chocolate and cheesecake, no thanks, was bread pudding, sure, let’s get that. Not thinking in the least. It came, it looked good and it tasted alright, it was a little dry, but enjoyable and I haven’t had bread pudding in a while. I’m actually picky about my bread pudding, it’s always hit or miss when I have it.

There we are, munching away and half way through, I had put my fork down about a minute earlier, I had a total D U H moment! I smacked my forehead and exclaimed “Seriously?! O M G! I just ate BREAD pudding! It’s Passover, what’s ONE big thing you’re not supposed to eat? And it’s in the NAME of the dish!” I couldn’t believe it! I have been so good, then I do something like that! It’s in the name!

Where is the DOH/Forehead Slap emoji?!

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