Peaches Prattlings

{April 2, 2021}   Did I really do that?! Oh my gawd!

Hanging my head in shame, sigh, oh brother. It’s Passover, I did the big one you’re not supposed to do and it’s so silly how it happend!

One of the rules with Passover is not eating bread and I have been good this week, until last night…There’s actually no bread in the house, for my fabulous breakfast egg sandwich, I have been having it on matzah and it’s actually yummy. Every year, when Passover rolls around, I actually try to stay away from bread for a while, see how long I can last, go healthier, sometimes it works, sometimes…

So…last night we went to yoga, then decided to go to dinner and found a place with a veggie burger, let’s go! It was the Three Kings Public House, and it was pretty good. We started off with one of the best bowl of brussel sprouts I have ever had! I think they were blanched first, they were tender and not very bitter, then they were sauteed in homemade garlic oil, topped with parmesan cheese, candied almonds, and sweetened dried cranberries. It was fabulous! I could have eaten the entire bowl!

PSM ordered seafood stew and I ordered a veggie burger, which turned out to be a spicy black bean burger, of course, but I had dinner! It came with lettuce, tomato, and pickles, and avocado, along with sweet potato waffle fries, unfortunately with waaayyyy too much salt, but put enough ketchup and mayo on almost anything, problem solved. After I ordered I smacked my forehead and thought, duh! When the waiter came back, I asked him to lettuce wrap my burger, that threw him for a moment, but it came out just as I ordered.

When we were finished, PSM decided he was in the mood for something sweet and we ended up getting the dessert menu. The only thing on the menu I could eat, because the other two items: chocolate and cheesecake, no thanks, was bread pudding, sure, let’s get that. Not thinking in the least. It came, it looked good and it tasted alright, it was a little dry, but enjoyable and I haven’t had bread pudding in a while. I’m actually picky about my bread pudding, it’s always hit or miss when I have it.

There we are, munching away and half way through, I had put my fork down about a minute earlier, I had a total D U H moment! I smacked my forehead and exclaimed “Seriously?! O M G! I just ate BREAD pudding! It’s Passover, what’s ONE big thing you’re not supposed to eat? And it’s in the NAME of the dish!” I couldn’t believe it! I have been so good, then I do something like that! It’s in the name!

Where is the DOH/Forehead Slap emoji?!


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