Peaches Prattlings

Today started like any other, up early, on the pc, writing, work call, writing, then…skiing…then friends! I love my life!

I worked until about 12:30p, I’m really enjoying this new job, I’m finally catching my groove. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but when I write, it can take me a minute sometimes to figure out which direction I’m going, or want to go in. I have to look at everything I’m trying to put together, get a feel for the flow and then I am off and running to the races. And that is finally happening, I’m getting into the groove with this one item I am working on. And when that happens, I love it, and sometimes I can’t step away.

Today was a day that I was really in the groove and I didn’t want to walk away, just a few more minutes, just a few more minutes, but I know what that means…I won’t get to step away and why am I in Colorado? To ski, of course! I’ll be back home on Monday working and I can hammer away at it all I want.

When I finally came up for air, I got dressed and headed out the door. Beauty…Breckenridge is only a 30 minute drive, wah to the hoo! I got there, almost all the lots were open and I found a spot second row from the gondola! What?! And…even better…parking was only $7! Normally it’s $17, but today, I think because it was the afternoon, it was only $7, I’ll take it!

I knew I had about 2 hours to ski, let’s not waste time! Got the boots on, paid for parking and just like that, I’m on the gondola! Up, up, up…there were almost no lines for the lift, I may have waited 5 minutes, not like the weekend, where it’s sometimes 15-20 minutes, I’m good with that!

I lost track of how many runs I did, it was awesome! and today, I stuck to all blues, which was great. It was funny, I went to Keystone yesterday and as I’m coming down towards the lift, I felt like I was higher up the slope than normal, and I was…I realized that I came out in a different spot from where I usually end up and that was great! Today, there was almost no one on the slopes, some of the runs I was the only one, so I could swish, swish, swoosh to my hearts content and I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone. I looked up the slope from time to time, nope, no one.

I took runs I haven’t done in a long time, sometimes you get into a pattern and that’s it. This time, I went left instead of right and it was great! Another thing I noticed, as they say, practice makes perfect, well, there was no perfection going on, but…there was comfort. When I haven’t skied in a while, I might hesitate at the top of a run, not today or the last few days, it was just, let’s go! I only had to stop in the middle when my feet or knees told me to, but other than that, it was wheeeeeeee!

The weirdest part of my day was when I was about to get on the lift and I looked at my right hand and there was blood on it! Pooling between my thumb and pointer. What?! I was already on the lift line, just about to get on the chair, my hand didn’t hurt, so up I went. The people on the chair with me didn’t have a tissue, so when I got to the top, I found some snow, washed it off and went into the restaurant to ask for a Band-Aid. When I finally got it cleaned up, I think I figured out what happened. When I picked up my skis, I think I slid my hand down the edge of the ski and they are super sharp, so…I’m looking at it right now, doesn’t hurt and it’s scabbed over, all in a days skiing!

It was getting close to 3:45, I was done, so I headed down to the gondola, then the car, dropped the top, it was 41 degrees! and headed to the house. Got in, showered and sat down to work for a bit, and then NM and her daughter, AM, came in with the two dogs, Sylvester and Zooey, two doll babies! I don’t know if you remember me telling you when I was here in January, I had dinner from City O’ City with AM and their daughter AM. So, now, I get mother and daughter!

I haven’t seen NM since last year, so this is such a treat! They are up here for a few days riding, that’s snowboarding for those of you not in the know, and we were lucky enough that our plans overlapped so I get to spend a few days with them!

We caught up, laughed, they settled in, I heard all about AM’s projects and what’s happening in school, friends, fun, the usual. We caught up some more, told stories, laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more, had dinner, then hung out and continued all of it! We reminisced about the time we all went to Keystone and they were riding and I was skiing and AM was so young she was telling us where to go, it was great! I was telling NM last week on the phone that it’s been such a long time since she and I have had one-on-one chats, just the two of us. I love spending time with AM and the family, but girl time is something precious and she and I just don’t get that much of it, felt great!

After a few hours of catching up, stories, laughter, and Sylvester getting up and coming over every time she told a story about a dog and said ‘no’ and ‘bad dog’, that was hysterical! then it was time to pack it in, there is skiing, riding, work, and more fun to be had tomorrow! Last day on the mountains for me, it’s been amazing! And I get one more day to spend with family, how lucky am I!

{March 2, 2021}   Wearing a mask…

It’s been quite the year, hasn’t it?

When everything started, many of us were on the fence about wearing masks. I’ll be honest, I fought it as long as I could, I just didn’t want to wear one or be told I had to. No one likes to be told what they have to do, and we still weren’t at critical, but we were encouraged to wear one. I carried one with me and always asked when I entered a store if I needed to put it on and if they said yes, I complied.

As things progressed, PSM started to wear his more consistently and shortly after we had a conversation and I decided that I would wear my mask full time. I kept one in my pocket and put it on when I got to the door of wherever I or we were going. Now, it’s the new normal, as they say. And people not wearing masks is more noticeable to me, it reminds me of former smokers who sometimes get more sensitive when someone around them is smoking. I’m not here to talk about people wearing or not wearing masks.

One thing that hasn’t been bad is wearing the mask keeps my face warm in the winter, so that’s been a plus. What hasn’t been a plus is having to wear a mask when we do yoga, it gets hot, sweaty, wet, and it’s hard to breathe, especially when it’s hot yoga. When I said it gets hot, sweaty, and wet, I wasn’t kidding. The mask itself is wet, and when you’re sweating, the straps get wet, ick! Ha Ha! I always wear a different mask into and out of the yoga studio, and if I forget, ugh.

PSM and I both have multiple masks, he’s bought a few, I’ve bought a few, PSM works for Bayer, and they sent us a set with their logo on it and those are the ones we wear for yoga. They are soft and silky and fit just right, soft enough to wear when we do yoga. I’ve tried the cloth ones, they don’t breathe as well and wearing the disposable, medical masks with the metal bridge get wet during yoga and when I bend over, they ride up into my eyes. We’ve definitely tested!

With all the safety precautions at the ski resorts, I believe I told you, masks are mandatory. Actually, in Colorado, when you step out of your car, you should be wearing your mask. I wear a mask that my sister got me, a Beatles Hey Jude pattern and a Turtle Fur neck gaiter. I was talking with a friend who said it must be great, the mask keeps my face warm while I’m skiing, but…it’s like when I’m doing yoga, and it’s actually the same on the motorcycle when it’s cold and I have to wear a face cover to keep warm…when you ski you breath out of your mouth and nose, which is covered, and when it’s that close, and you’re active, you’re breathing heavier and guess what happens? It gets wet. ick. So…as it gets wet and cold, and the temperature drops, sometimes it freezes, how’s that for ya?!

I know there’s an end in sight and I look forward to it. Until that time, masks up!

For most people, it’s Valentine’s Day, the day of love, in all sorts of ways. So, to you, who celebrate, I say Happy Valentine’s Day! Wait, let me say it in a few different ways!

  • Traditional Chinese: 情人節快樂 Qíngrén jié kuàilè
  • Russian: С днем ​​Святого Валентина S dnem ​​Svyatogo Valentina
  • Scottish Gaelic: Latha Valentine sona dhut
  • Samoan: Manuia le Aso o Valentine
  • Kazah: Әулие Валентин күні құтты болсын Äwlïe Valentïn küni quttı bolsın [nod Miss A!],
  • Hebrew: יום אהבה שמח
  • Greek: Καλή Ημέρα του Αγίου Βαλεντίνου Kalí Iméra tou Agíou Valentínou
  • Welsh: Dydd San Ffolant Hapus
  • Vietnamese: Chúc mừng ngày lễ tình nhân ❤ ️ 🌹 🌷
  • French: Joyeuse saint Valentin
  • Hawai’ian: Hauʻoli lā aloha

Don’t get too excited, Google Translate is my friend! HA HA It truly saved me in several countries we have visited! Ok, so Valentine’s day, if you celebrate it, enjoy it!

For one of my best friends, JCT, and her husband, it’s their wedding anniversary! What a beautiful testament to love. Happy anniversary to you my seester friend, I hope today today is just as par-fect as you two! [They are a golfing family, har har har]

For two very special people in my life it’s Gotcha Day! This is the day that Miss A’s adoption by SDL became official in 2011! O M G! We often have chats, trying to remember what life was like before she came into our lives! Don’t remember!

For me, it’s a day to tell the people you love that you are thinking about them and you love them. If I didn’t reach out to you directly, please know that I am thinking about you and I la la la love you! I am spoiled by mty dad, he sent me flowers and…I got the most amazing hand painted cards, one of them…I even thought about turning into a tattoo! O MG! I am such a daddy’s girl, thank you!

One great memory, I can’t go without sharing with you…I told you a few weeks ago that this was the 6th anniversary of my first date with PSM. What you didn’t know, or maybe you did, six years ago, this weekend was our third date and he took me skiing! We actually skied on Saturday, 2/14/15, pretty cool, right?! When we first started emailing, he came up with six ideas for a first date, what guy does that!? and skiing was one of them. On our second date, I mentioned it, and he said…”since you mentioned it…” ha ha ha. So…Friday, 2/13/15, I received a dozen roses, a little while before he picked me up, with Molly, his [and my soon-to-be] dog, and we drove to the ski house he owned with his brother in New Hampshire. That was our first road trip, of sorts, and we discovered how much we had in common, especially with random music selections, come on, how often do the Animaniacs come up when talking about music! And…as you might say, the rest is history.

Whatever February 14th means to you, maybe you tried to kill yourself doing a power yoga class, ha ha, or should I say, hint hint, I hope it was the best Sunday, or Valentine’s Day, or Anniversary, or Gotcha Day, or whatever…I wish you love and happiness. Wait, I do that every day, why is it so special today? Just is!

{January 26, 2021}   Naps are so underrated!

When you’re a kid, naps are part of your day, it starts when we’re babies, we go down for naptime, then we grow a little and we go down for naptime, I still have memories of being in kindergarten on my mat for naptime.

Then…as we grow, we fight naptime, afraid we might be missing something, we fight it, but we succumb. Then, we get a little older and napping is for babies, we don’t do it, we rest our eyes, we’re not napping. In college, we’re taking a break in between classes, but we’re not napping.

Then…as adults, we look at little kids and think…you don’t know how good you’ve got it! I would kill for a nap! There are cat naps, which are very short naps, longer naps, not sure what those are called! There are so many classifications of naps! Where to begin? Or end?! Have you ever taken a nap, woken up and not realized where you were, what day it was, who you were? Oh, those can be the best sometimes!

I remember growing up, when my family had a summer house on Long Island, we would go to the beach and I never slept as well as those naps in the sun on a beach blanket or towel on the sand. The sound of the ocean, the feel of the spray, the warmth of the sun on my back. Yes, I know it sounds like a movie or an advertisement, but that’s what it was like and I can tell you…I have never slept as fabulously deep and well as I did those summers, or since. We know I’m not a sleeper, but there are times the beach still manages to call out to me!

As we’ve talked about, I’m not a sleeper, I’m not even a napper really, but…there are times when my body just says “Hey!” and honestly, I don’t hear another word because I am unconscious! Today was one of those times. I was at my desk working on something and I realized I wasn’t focusing and I’m not 100% sure which end was up and I said to myself, ‘you need to lie down’ and I did. Well, not right there, I got up, walked the very long walk, about 10 feet, ha ha, to my bedroom, closed the door, got under the covers, and, as much as I would like to say I was asleep before my head hit the pillow, it took a few to get there, but when I did…I slept like the you know what. I woke up about 90 minutes later and I thought I had missed a whole day!

It took me a few minutes to realize where I was, so I sunk back into the bed and pulled the covers up over my head. Isn’t that the best feeling? When you sink into the bed? There’s nothing like it. Eventually, I picked up head up and tried to focus, this wasn’t one of those naps you wake up so refreshed that you could run a marathon, come on, who does that anyway! This was one of those naps that, honestly, I’m not sure if, at this particular moment, I have truly woken up from! I feel like I’m still a little groggy, and that was about four hours ago!

I think everything finally caught up with me…the lack of sleep last week, and lets face it, most of the time, altitude in Denver, skiing, the crazy long drive back from Colorado and only getting a few hours of sleep last night. That was some nap and…between you and me my friends, I’m thinking about sinking into the bed and going back to wherever I was! I don’t have far to go…I’m in my jammies, sitting cross legged in bed, under the covers with the ceiling fan doing it’s thing to help combat the flannel sheets I am enjoying right now.

When your body tells you something, like maybe you need a few zzzzzz’s, you should listen. And friends…that’s what I’m about to do, I’m going to listen to my body, my eyelids are getting heavy…you’re getting sleeppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy….

{January 24, 2021}   Hello Breck…What a Day!

Today was my last day of skiing and I decided on Breckenridge and I was not disappointed. To be honest, like Keystone, I have never been disappointed in skiing at Breckenridge.

It was 25 when I left Golden and 23 when I got to Breckenridge, but crisp and clear, so not terrible. You can tell that it snowed over the last few days, you could see snow on some of the mountains as I drove. Breckenridge was looking good! I found a parking lot and started to get set up for my day. The nice thing was that there was no snow in the parking lot where I parked, so I could step on the ground to get my boots on without fear of wet feet! Yeah!

I struggled, not as much as yesterday, but struggled buckling my boots. Funny enough, one of the women in the jeep that pulled in next to me was having the same issues. Oh boy, as much as it sucks, it’s nice to know someone else is experiencing the same thing! We chatted for a minute and then I was off and running, well, not running, there is no running in ski boots, at least not for me!

I took the gondola up to the first level and got off and went to stand in the very long lift line. The line went a little up the hill, so I trudged up with everyone else and inched my way down with everyone else, finally deciding to put my skis on when I got to flat land, I watched a lot of people standing sideways inching towards the flat spots. Up and up and up we went.

The slopes were wide open and smooth, there was some ice in a few places, they haven’t had a lot of snow over the past few months, but it didn’t get in the way. The ice wasn’t like East Coast ice, that was a plus. The music was on shuffle, never knowing what was coming up next. I swished and swished and swished, even a few straightaways. One of the runs I even shouted “I’m so happy!” and I was. It was such a great feeling!

I took a video of me swishing and swooshing down the hill, I completely forgot my GoPro, duh. One of these days I’ll get it set up and remember to take it with me, grrr. Let’s just say…my hand was mighty cold after 2 minutes and 33 seconds!

Eventually, I made it to the bottom, I can’t tell you how many runs I completed, but it was great, it even started snowing at some point, from the top of the mountain, it seemed as if there was low visibility, but it cleared up as you make your way down, still snowing, but easy to navigate. At the bottom, I used the facilities, had some lunch and decided it was time to go.

Part of me wanted to keep going because it’s my last day in Denver, but my body was telling me something else. Heart vs body, hmmm…body wins! I picked up my skis and headed to the gondola and headed back down to the bottom and towards the shuttle back to the parking lot.

It seems that a lot of people had the same idea, the same people I was ‘getting ready’ with at the car were at their cars to get disassembled, so to speak, at the same time, what are the odds? Granted, if you live in Denver and know you can ski many, many, many days during the season, even if you have to drive 2 hours, it’s worth it to go for just a few hours. It was the same for us when we lived in Hawai’i and would go snorkeling or to the beach, just to go to the beach, we’d go for one to two hours and go home, fair point.

Got ready to drive, headed out, got on the highway and then…what was supposed to be an hour and a half drive…red lights, no movement. I was already on the road about 45 minutes, maybe an hour and I looked at GPS, because of an accident on the highway, the delay was 1 hour and 4 minutes, really? It took me two solid hours to get back to the hotel. I was done! On with the pj’s! Figure out food and talk to you.

Tomorrow is my 12 hour drive back to PSM and two fur babies! And I’m already trying to figure out when I can come back to Denver to get some more skiing in before the end of the season. Hmmm… Despite the traffic, a great day, thank you Breck! Overall, three great days of skiing, fabulous visits with friends and a fabulous trip. Thank you Keystone, Breckenridge, Denver, and Colorado, I heart you!

et cetera