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{March 4, 2021}   Breckenridge…here I come again!

Today started like any other, up early, on the pc, writing, work call, writing, then…skiing…then friends! I love my life!

I worked until about 12:30p, I’m really enjoying this new job, I’m finally catching my groove. I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but when I write, it can take me a minute sometimes to figure out which direction I’m going, or want to go in. I have to look at everything I’m trying to put together, get a feel for the flow and then I am off and running to the races. And that is finally happening, I’m getting into the groove with this one item I am working on. And when that happens, I love it, and sometimes I can’t step away.

Today was a day that I was really in the groove and I didn’t want to walk away, just a few more minutes, just a few more minutes, but I know what that means…I won’t get to step away and why am I in Colorado? To ski, of course! I’ll be back home on Monday working and I can hammer away at it all I want.

When I finally came up for air, I got dressed and headed out the door. Beauty…Breckenridge is only a 30 minute drive, wah to the hoo! I got there, almost all the lots were open and I found a spot second row from the gondola! What?! And…even better…parking was only $7! Normally it’s $17, but today, I think because it was the afternoon, it was only $7, I’ll take it!

I knew I had about 2 hours to ski, let’s not waste time! Got the boots on, paid for parking and just like that, I’m on the gondola! Up, up, up…there were almost no lines for the lift, I may have waited 5 minutes, not like the weekend, where it’s sometimes 15-20 minutes, I’m good with that!

I lost track of how many runs I did, it was awesome! and today, I stuck to all blues, which was great. It was funny, I went to Keystone yesterday and as I’m coming down towards the lift, I felt like I was higher up the slope than normal, and I was…I realized that I came out in a different spot from where I usually end up and that was great! Today, there was almost no one on the slopes, some of the runs I was the only one, so I could swish, swish, swoosh to my hearts content and I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone. I looked up the slope from time to time, nope, no one.

I took runs I haven’t done in a long time, sometimes you get into a pattern and that’s it. This time, I went left instead of right and it was great! Another thing I noticed, as they say, practice makes perfect, well, there was no perfection going on, but…there was comfort. When I haven’t skied in a while, I might hesitate at the top of a run, not today or the last few days, it was just, let’s go! I only had to stop in the middle when my feet or knees told me to, but other than that, it was wheeeeeeee!

The weirdest part of my day was when I was about to get on the lift and I looked at my right hand and there was blood on it! Pooling between my thumb and pointer. What?! I was already on the lift line, just about to get on the chair, my hand didn’t hurt, so up I went. The people on the chair with me didn’t have a tissue, so when I got to the top, I found some snow, washed it off and went into the restaurant to ask for a Band-Aid. When I finally got it cleaned up, I think I figured out what happened. When I picked up my skis, I think I slid my hand down the edge of the ski and they are super sharp, so…I’m looking at it right now, doesn’t hurt and it’s scabbed over, all in a days skiing!

It was getting close to 3:45, I was done, so I headed down to the gondola, then the car, dropped the top, it was 41 degrees! and headed to the house. Got in, showered and sat down to work for a bit, and then NM and her daughter, AM, came in with the two dogs, Sylvester and Zooey, two doll babies! I don’t know if you remember me telling you when I was here in January, I had dinner from City O’ City with AM and their daughter AM. So, now, I get mother and daughter!

I haven’t seen NM since last year, so this is such a treat! They are up here for a few days riding, that’s snowboarding for those of you not in the know, and we were lucky enough that our plans overlapped so I get to spend a few days with them!

We caught up, laughed, they settled in, I heard all about AM’s projects and what’s happening in school, friends, fun, the usual. We caught up some more, told stories, laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more, had dinner, then hung out and continued all of it! We reminisced about the time we all went to Keystone and they were riding and I was skiing and AM was so young she was telling us where to go, it was great! I was telling NM last week on the phone that it’s been such a long time since she and I have had one-on-one chats, just the two of us. I love spending time with AM and the family, but girl time is something precious and she and I just don’t get that much of it, felt great!

After a few hours of catching up, stories, laughter, and Sylvester getting up and coming over every time she told a story about a dog and said ‘no’ and ‘bad dog’, that was hysterical! then it was time to pack it in, there is skiing, riding, work, and more fun to be had tomorrow! Last day on the mountains for me, it’s been amazing! And I get one more day to spend with family, how lucky am I!


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