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Oh what a weekend I had with my dad! Let me tell you all about it!

Now, sit back and relax, because I just spent a fun filled weekend with my dad and I’m going to share it all with you! And I got there Thursday night, so this is a full weekend sharing!

I got in Thursday evening, earlier than I thought I was going to be there, so I was quite pleased. Except for the long commute from the airport to dad’s house, now that was not fun. I went from Long Island to Brooklyn to Manhattan to Brooklyn to Staten Island. Seriously?! Argh!

I finally made it! Hugs, kisses, hugs and kisses, catch up and food! We ordered sushi, it was all veggie, wahoo! And yummy! Nice that we could share and he was good with veggie and not fish. whew! We ate, caught up, talked, laughed, it was great.

Then the festivities started. We put on comfy clothes and started watching Ghostbusters, the one that came out last year, he hadn’t seen it yet, good thing I own it! He liked it! We laughed a lot, I had forgotten how much I actually liked it! We didn’t get through the whole thing, it was late, so we turned in, knowing we would watch the rest Friday.

Friday morning came too early, no alarm, but I was still up too early! I started working when I got up, broke eventually for breakfast, back to work, break for lunch, back to work. I kept going until about 4:30, then it was time to go out and run errands. Bed, Bath & Beyond and Best Buy. Treats for all! Then on the way home, Chinese food for dinner at a very popular joint! At home, we finished Ghostbusters, then started watching Versailles and he sucked me in!

Saturday, I actually slept past 8am! Relaxing, wahoo! I watched a new baking competition show, breakfast, relax, hang out, then…movie date! Murder on the Orient Express. LOVED IT! Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about it!

A few more errands, Best Buy and Bed, Bath & Beyond again, we love those two places. Love my new slipper socks? Time for food, Mediterranean, it was nice to share the entire meal. Lentil soup, hummus, babaganoush, bean salad, shepard’s salad, couscous, doesn’t that sound fabulous!

Back home and more Versailles, it’s addictive, darn it! Dessert too! I brought my dad one of those cookie dough cups, he loved it, I knew he would. More Versailles, boy is it violent, the intrigue, the sex, the violence, the sneaking around, the sneaky behavior, the underhandedness, the you name it, it happened!

Sunday morning came and it was breakfast, pack and then next movie date! Thor: Ragnorak. LOVED it! We laughed and laughed and really enjoyed it! It was fun figuring out who the actors were, the previews, deciding if we’re going to see any of them!

Then it was a late lunch, finish packing and getting ready to head to the airport. Then…it was time to go, boo.

It was such a great weekend, I had so much fun with my dad, it was great spending time together, we laughed so much. I can’t wait for a repeat!


Today was a day for first meetings and theater!

This afternoon we went to see Aladdin at the Cadillac Palace theater in Chicago and it was wonderful! The sets, the glitter, the fireworks, the costumes, the choreography, need I go on?!

A fantastic cast, bringing the story to life, both the ancient tale and the Disney animated movie. Everyone was fantastic, but who stole the show? The genie of course! He was larger than life, animated, excited, energetic and food Robin Williams proud, you know he made the movie… fabulous! We all loved it!

Who is we, you may be asking, well… you know how I talk about DLP and WIS, the two women I joke that I’m dating in Chicago, because I go out with each of them every week. They are the work wife and work girlfriend respectively and, you know that PSM knows about them. Well, today, they met each other and PSM! DLP met WIS and WIS met PSM. It was awesome!

Now, when I mention each of them, they can have a face to go with the name! My circle was complete!

After the show, a good meal at a local place, them PSM and I headed to the airport, we are both going to be in St Louis for the week, will we see each other? No telling, go figure!

Such a great day!

{July 21, 2017}   Mexico Day 6

Our last official day here in Mexico, Playa del Carmen. What a great trip it’s been!

The day started too early! But… that means some beautiful images from the beach to share with you!

We spent some serious time at the pool today and at 12pm, we had a photo shoot on the beach, great pictures! Then some lunch and trying a shot of tequila, um, one was enough! But I did it!

After lunch, more pool time, SDL and CKM went for some massages and DJL and I had some one on one pool time with MissA.

SDL and CKM back and we played a little more, then it was time to turn in our pool towels for the last time. Sigh…

Back to the room to shower and get dressed, we had a sunset photo shoot scheduled! It was a lot of fun and the photos look great!

Then it was time for our next dinner reservation, at the Japanese restaurant. Again, they accommodated my dietary needs, everything was cooked in the kitchen, delicious!

After dinner, we selected photos for our package and then went to the show, Mexican Folklore. It was a lot of fun, dances from different regions of Mexico, the costumes were fabulous!

Then it was time to dance our way back to our rooms to pack, tomorrow is coming very early! Our shuttle to the airport is picking us up at 6am! Ugh!

What a great day! Buenos Noches!

{July 18, 2017}   Mexico Day 2

Day two of our Playa del Carmen, all – inclusive resort trip! Life is good!

CKM and I are sharing a room and we both woke up a little after 6am, we were sitting on our balcony and could hear the animals waking up, so we went in search of what  was making some of the sounds. 

We found flamingos, peacocks, these rodent looking things and the source of the howling, the howler monkeys!

By now, we’re hungry, everyone else is stl sleeping, so off to breakfast we go. Don’t you just love all the details they put into everything?!

What to do next? Go back and check for the others… head out to breakfast number two,  rough life!

After breakfast, back to the room, bathing suits, supplies and off to the pool! Pick up towels, stake our claim on some chairs, hard to do after everyone got there and claimed theirs, not allowed, but done  anyway. 

There was pool time, lunch, pool, beach, pool, beach. Then back to the room to shower and get ready for dinner. 

Did you see the cute towel animal for today?

Unfortunately, my phone died, so no pics in the evening, sorry.

Dinner was good, one of the chefs gave me a tour of what I could and couldn’t eat. He even had someone make me a special dessert, fruit in a martini glass, love it!

Then it was a Broadway Extravaganza! The entertainment group put on different musical numbers from different Broadway shows, Grease, Cats,  Chicago, Mama Mia, Wicked, just to name a few. 

Then it was back to the room for bath, night nights and lights out, can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!

{July 14, 2017}   Something Rotten

Something fabulous! Oh man, this musical!

Tonight I got to see a show I’ve been wanting to see for a long time! Something Rotten. And it was wonderful! It was funny, silly, tragic, entertaining, inspiring, wonderful! Just ask WIS, we saw it together and she didn’t know anything about it before we went and she loved it!

And I really did my best to not sing every song out loud! It was hard, but I think I did alright! I did well enough that she said she’d like to go to another musical with me! Wahoo!

It’s the story of two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, who live during the Renaissance, where everything is new…haha. Also featured, a rock god of the literary world, Will Shakespeare. He has fans and groupies, as every good rock star does. 

The Bottom Brothers are playwrights, well, more Nigel than Nick and they haven’t been too successful lately, not with Will Shakespeare down the road…

Nick is a dreamer, always looking for the next big idea. Nigel is a dreamer, just a different sort, sonnets, poems, words of love and meaning. One thing holds true, the brothers have each other’s backs.

Nick has a feisty, strong wife who thinks he hung the moon and believes in her husband and supports his dreams. Nigel is nervous around the opposite sex. 

There is inspiration, dreams, big dreams, regret, taking chances, bribery, soothsaying, love, romance, verbal battles. Oh, don’t forget the fabulous musical numbers, it’s a musical after all!

It’s great the way they played on the times and how modern things were…in the renaissance!

Bottom line, ha ha! Go see this musical, its fabulous!!!

{January 22, 2017}   Definitely a thespian!

The Wizard of Oz! My favorite movie and now…my favorite young stage production! 

Today, EJS performed in The Wizard of Oz.  She’s in a theater group called Show Stoppers. Last year, she was in Beauty and the Beast, she was a few different characters. This year she was Elmira Gulch in Act I, wow! Elmira Gulch, if you’re not in the know, is the mean woman who becomes the Wicked Witch of the West. 

In the rest of the show, she was a jitterbug, and munchkin, a crow and part of the Queens Guard, versatile! There was singing and dancing and they were all great, but you know,  she’s my niece so of course, she was the star! 

She asked me to do her hair in a sideways French braid. First time…let’s give it a shot!  I did the braid, she approved and they pinned it up, looked great! Whew! 

It was a fun production, minimal sets…we had a farm, a yellow brick road, a curtain for the Great and Powerful Oz, colored lighting, music, singing, costumes…what more do you need? 

It really was great and EJS knew her lines, she was on point, she danced and sang and enjoyed herself and had an entourage of about 25 people! Aside from my sister, b-i-l, MGS, dad and LaLa, J&AS, B&SS she had three friends on their own, then J&EK with their kids,  S&P, S&LR and their kids S&E, RG and her daughter A. What a crowd and what a lucky girl! Can you image what her Broadway debut will look like! 

Congrats to the entire cast and easy to go EJS! I’m so proud of you! 

{January 8, 2017}   Not That Jewish 

A fabulous show! 

Today the snow had melted enough and the roads were plowed and it had stopped snowing, which helped, since we had theater tickets. 

We were going to see “Not That Jewish”. This is a one woman show by Monica Piper. It’s autobiographical, funny, charming, thoughtful, touching, sad, silly, clever and real. 

We learn about Monica from the time she was six and someone said “you’re not that Jewish” and her questions, ‘what does that mean?  What is not that Jewish?’

We join her with family, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, grans, marriage, motherhood, adoption, teaching, comedy, animation, TV, health issues, highs, lows, joy, sadness, love and loss.

What is it to be Jewish, having spirit, humour, a Jewish heart, all with some Yiddish thrown in for good measure. 

The fabulous thing about the show is that if you were raised in a Jewish home, didn’t have a Jewish upbringing or you’re not even part of a tribe, you can understand and appreciate the humor and insights. 

It was a good time, 90 minutes of fun and joy, it made me think about when my grandma called me a gut klepik broyt, pronounced shticky broight..  [a good sticky bread, yeah, that makes sense!]…just listen to me just kvelling over this show! Two thumbs up! 

Thanks pop, it was fabulous! 


Did you figure it out?

So…up too early for a Saturday, but it was good,we talked for about an hour, almost a continuation of our fabulous conversation last night, talking about family, family history fabulous. 

Then it was up for breakfast, then off to T-mobile to replace my Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy Edge 7. This was going to take a while, about an hour 15, so we went for a walk, got some lunch, then back to the store, they weren’t done, so off we went back to the hotel because we had somewhere to be at 2pm…

We saw HAMILTON!!! Oh my gawd, it was amazing! How did we get tickets, you might ask, when tickets are a minimum of $450, if you’re lucky? 

Well, after Dad got here, as we were walking to get something for lunch, we passed the theater where Hamilton is being performed and said “I wonder if they have tickets”, can’t hurt to ask…

Dad “do you have tickets?” Box Office guy “I do”. Dad”tomorrow? Box Office guy “I do”. Dad “how much?” “That’s all?? We’ll take two!” “Oh, where are they?” Box Office guy “orchestra”! Go dad!

The people sitting next to dad, same scenario. It really can’t hurt to ask!

So, here we are at 1:30pm fighting our way into the theater to see Hamilton. And I go mean fighting, they have no control or order to get people to their seats. Getting out…no picnic either. 

But in between…

Oh man! What a show! It’s about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, set to music. The music,lyrics and book were all written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, an amazing talent! The music, the lyrics, the beats, choreography, amazing! I laughed, I cried, I was sad, I was happy and…I did my very best not to sing along! [Anyone who knows me knows I love musicals and I know most of the music before I see a show, I want to sing every word!]

One of my favorite things about the show, the diversity of the cast. Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasian. None of the characters was the “traditional” race for that character, except for King George III, who’s character was…AMAZING! great comic relief, transition, story. Each lead had a solo, the three supporting leads played different roles in act two. 

If…you have the opportunity and can find tickets…that you don’t have to mortgage your house for, go!

How do you follow that? With Chicago Blackhawks HOCKEY, of course! 

When dad was coming to Chicago I asked if he’d like to go to a sporting event, he said sure! If the Cubs were going to be in the playoffs, which they are! Go Cubs! the tickets would be crazy, about hockey? Sold! 

I got us Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators tickets, section 303. I don’t know if you noticed by the picture…Blackhawks won! 

I said it was a good game, dad made a good observation, it’s always a good game if your team is winning! And it was and they did! Scored in the first six minutes! Three goals in the first 11 minutes! 

The second period was eventful for the Predators, one goal, oh well. In the third period it was 3:2 Blackhawks.  I said, they either need to score or hold them off for the next 8 minutes. 

Guess what happened about 20 seconds later…score! Those fans go crazy when their team scores, just like any team, it was great!

This video doesn’t exist

It was a good game, lots of fun, energy and best part…I got to take my dad to his first ever professional hockey game! Go me!

Blackhawks win!

Today’s post is brought to you by the Letter H: Hamilton and Hockey!

We went to see Kinky Boots… what were you thinking!?

I was out with LJ last week and saw the marque for one of the theaters here in Chicago,  Kinky Boots! I don’t know if you remember how much GES and I loved it when we went to see it in NYC last year! I looked it up and it was only going to be here for a week… who wants to go!

LJ and DLP both said yes, tickets were purchased and here we are! Then coordination is next.  LJ is no longer on the project with us and DLP had been in Springfield and got back today. We all synchronized our watches and off we went!

We met at Vapaianos for dinner, it’s across from my hotel,  drop our bags there, eat, it was DLP’s first time there,  yum! Then Uber to the theater, didn’t want to take a chance of being late! Up, up, up…in the balcony, almost in the last row,  huff, puff, lots of stairs!

Curtsins up and…sigh! I miss the theater! I feel that every time I go. Sometimes I regret not pursing it,  but then it is kind of what I do every time I’m in front of a class teaching. 

The show was great! And I did my best not to quote everything! I’m sorry girls… it was hard not to! I love the movie!!

The cast was great,  Lola was amazing and we had a great time! Walk back to the hotel, said goodnight. I opened the window for the first time,  nostalgic for sleeping with the window open as a kid. I guess it’s a NYC evening all the way around.

“Ladies… and gentlemem… and those who have yet to make up their minds”

“We are no longer making a range of shoes for men… are are making shoes for a range of men”

Go see it!

Tonight was the third time I have seen EJS perform on stage. And it was fabulous!

She is in a theater  program called show stoppers. They have been rehearsing for the last few months every Sunday. It paid off!

Today was the production of Beauty and  the Beast. EJS played two roles: Nadia the Knife and a wolf. As Nadia the Knife,  she was part of the kitchen numbers, even had lines! Oh, and fabulous jazz hands,  great expressions.
As a wolf there was great clawing.

We were all blown away by the quality of the performance. There was some really strong talent in the leads and the supporting cast was great. Every supporting player had at least 2-3 lines, it was terrific.

The entire show was about an hour and dine just to script.  It made me want to watch the animated feature. Some people in the audience were singing along with the numbers, that was fun.

I didn’t know who else would be in it, but it was fun seeing people I knew who had kids in the show. The bigger surprise was song PSM’s aunt and uncle! Their grandkids were in the show,  H&M T, so of course they were there. It felt good telling them how PSM is doing and they are coming to Hawaii next March, how fantastic!

After the show,  we went back to GES and ACS’ house,  B&S M came,  with banana bread,  per EJS’ request and we had breakfast for dinner to celebrate. 

At some point it was time to go,  I had a flight to catch!

EJS was great and had a terrific time, I’m so proud of her…I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!




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