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{October 15, 2016}   Today’s post is brought to you by the Letter H!

Did you figure it out?

So…up too early for a Saturday, but it was good,we talked for about an hour, almost a continuation of our fabulous conversation last night, talking about family, family history fabulous. 

Then it was up for breakfast, then off to T-mobile to replace my Galaxy Note 7 for a Galaxy Edge 7. This was going to take a while, about an hour 15, so we went for a walk, got some lunch, then back to the store, they weren’t done, so off we went back to the hotel because we had somewhere to be at 2pm…

We saw HAMILTON!!! Oh my gawd, it was amazing! How did we get tickets, you might ask, when tickets are a minimum of $450, if you’re lucky? 

Well, after Dad got here, as we were walking to get something for lunch, we passed the theater where Hamilton is being performed and said “I wonder if they have tickets”, can’t hurt to ask…

Dad “do you have tickets?” Box Office guy “I do”. Dad”tomorrow? Box Office guy “I do”. Dad “how much?” “That’s all?? We’ll take two!” “Oh, where are they?” Box Office guy “orchestra”! Go dad!

The people sitting next to dad, same scenario. It really can’t hurt to ask!

So, here we are at 1:30pm fighting our way into the theater to see Hamilton. And I go mean fighting, they have no control or order to get people to their seats. Getting out…no picnic either. 

But in between…

Oh man! What a show! It’s about the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, set to music. The music,lyrics and book were all written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, an amazing talent! The music, the lyrics, the beats, choreography, amazing! I laughed, I cried, I was sad, I was happy and…I did my very best not to sing along! [Anyone who knows me knows I love musicals and I know most of the music before I see a show, I want to sing every word!]

One of my favorite things about the show, the diversity of the cast. Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Caucasian. None of the characters was the “traditional” race for that character, except for King George III, who’s character was…AMAZING! great comic relief, transition, story. Each lead had a solo, the three supporting leads played different roles in act two. 

If…you have the opportunity and can find tickets…that you don’t have to mortgage your house for, go!

How do you follow that? With Chicago Blackhawks HOCKEY, of course! 

When dad was coming to Chicago I asked if he’d like to go to a sporting event, he said sure! If the Cubs were going to be in the playoffs, which they are! Go Cubs! the tickets would be crazy, about hockey? Sold! 

I got us Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators tickets, section 303. I don’t know if you noticed by the picture…Blackhawks won! 

I said it was a good game, dad made a good observation, it’s always a good game if your team is winning! And it was and they did! Scored in the first six minutes! Three goals in the first 11 minutes! 

The second period was eventful for the Predators, one goal, oh well. In the third period it was 3:2 Blackhawks.  I said, they either need to score or hold them off for the next 8 minutes. 

Guess what happened about 20 seconds later…score! Those fans go crazy when their team scores, just like any team, it was great!

This video doesn’t exist

It was a good game, lots of fun, energy and best part…I got to take my dad to his first ever professional hockey game! Go me!

Blackhawks win!

Today’s post is brought to you by the Letter H: Hamilton and Hockey!


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