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{January 8, 2017}   Not That Jewish 

A fabulous show! 

Today the snow had melted enough and the roads were plowed and it had stopped snowing, which helped, since we had theater tickets. 

We were going to see “Not That Jewish”. This is a one woman show by Monica Piper. It’s autobiographical, funny, charming, thoughtful, touching, sad, silly, clever and real. 

We learn about Monica from the time she was six and someone said “you’re not that Jewish” and her questions, ‘what does that mean?  What is not that Jewish?’

We join her with family, aunts, uncles, mom, dad, grans, marriage, motherhood, adoption, teaching, comedy, animation, TV, health issues, highs, lows, joy, sadness, love and loss.

What is it to be Jewish, having spirit, humour, a Jewish heart, all with some Yiddish thrown in for good measure. 

The fabulous thing about the show is that if you were raised in a Jewish home, didn’t have a Jewish upbringing or you’re not even part of a tribe, you can understand and appreciate the humor and insights. 

It was a good time, 90 minutes of fun and joy, it made me think about when my grandma called me a gut klepik broyt, pronounced shticky broight..  [a good sticky bread, yeah, that makes sense!]…just listen to me just kvelling over this show! Two thumbs up! 

Thanks pop, it was fabulous! 



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