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{August 21, 2017}   Aladdin, wow! And the meet, oh my!

Today was a day for first meetings and theater!

This afternoon we went to see Aladdin at the Cadillac Palace theater in Chicago and it was wonderful! The sets, the glitter, the fireworks, the costumes, the choreography, need I go on?!

A fantastic cast, bringing the story to life, both the ancient tale and the Disney animated movie. Everyone was fantastic, but who stole the show? The genie of course! He was larger than life, animated, excited, energetic and food Robin Williams proud, you know he made the movie… fabulous! We all loved it!

Who is we, you may be asking, well… you know how I talk about DLP and WIS, the two women I joke that I’m dating in Chicago, because I go out with each of them every week. They are the work wife and work girlfriend respectively and, you know that PSM knows about them. Well, today, they met each other and PSM! DLP met WIS and WIS met PSM. It was awesome!

Now, when I mention each of them, they can have a face to go with the name! My circle was complete!

After the show, a good meal at a local place, them PSM and I headed to the airport, we are both going to be in St Louis for the week, will we see each other? No telling, go figure!

Such a great day!


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