Peaches Prattlings

{July 21, 2017}   Mexico Day 6

Our last official day here in Mexico, Playa del Carmen. What a great trip it’s been!

The day started too early! But… that means some beautiful images from the beach to share with you!

We spent some serious time at the pool today and at 12pm, we had a photo shoot on the beach, great pictures! Then some lunch and trying a shot of tequila, um, one was enough! But I did it!

After lunch, more pool time, SDL and CKM went for some massages and DJL and I had some one on one pool time with MissA.

SDL and CKM back and we played a little more, then it was time to turn in our pool towels for the last time. Sigh…

Back to the room to shower and get dressed, we had a sunset photo shoot scheduled! It was a lot of fun and the photos look great!

Then it was time for our next dinner reservation, at the Japanese restaurant. Again, they accommodated my dietary needs, everything was cooked in the kitchen, delicious!

After dinner, we selected photos for our package and then went to the show, Mexican Folklore. It was a lot of fun, dances from different regions of Mexico, the costumes were fabulous!

Then it was time to dance our way back to our rooms to pack, tomorrow is coming very early! Our shuttle to the airport is picking us up at 6am! Ugh!

What a great day! Buenos Noches!


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