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{July 14, 2017}   Something Rotten

Something fabulous! Oh man, this musical!

Tonight I got to see a show I’ve been wanting to see for a long time! Something Rotten. And it was wonderful! It was funny, silly, tragic, entertaining, inspiring, wonderful! Just ask WIS, we saw it together and she didn’t know anything about it before we went and she loved it!

And I really did my best to not sing every song out loud! It was hard, but I think I did alright! I did well enough that she said she’d like to go to another musical with me! Wahoo!

It’s the story of two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, who live during the Renaissance, where everything is new…haha. Also featured, a rock god of the literary world, Will Shakespeare. He has fans and groupies, as every good rock star does. 

The Bottom Brothers are playwrights, well, more Nigel than Nick and they haven’t been too successful lately, not with Will Shakespeare down the road…

Nick is a dreamer, always looking for the next big idea. Nigel is a dreamer, just a different sort, sonnets, poems, words of love and meaning. One thing holds true, the brothers have each other’s backs.

Nick has a feisty, strong wife who thinks he hung the moon and believes in her husband and supports his dreams. Nigel is nervous around the opposite sex. 

There is inspiration, dreams, big dreams, regret, taking chances, bribery, soothsaying, love, romance, verbal battles. Oh, don’t forget the fabulous musical numbers, it’s a musical after all!

It’s great the way they played on the times and how modern things were…in the renaissance!

Bottom line, ha ha! Go see this musical, its fabulous!!!


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