Peaches Prattlings

{April 28, 2021}   The thunder spooked someone…

Our two dogs are so very different from each other, they are wonderfully alike in so many ways when it comes to wanting affection, giving kisses, snuggling, getting treats, but Bee ain’t skered a’ nutin’! On the other hand…sometimes Ruby is afraid of her own shadow!

Ruby can step up to a dog, let them know when they are not welcome, haven’t seen that with a human, and that’s only some dogs. I have to say, she’s great, well, they both are, great with puppies and older dogs, hmmm…we always test the water to see if a meet and greet will go well or sideways.

When anyone comes near the yard, well, dogs, and they are in the backyard, they will let everyone know it’s their yard. Before 8am, if they happen to do that, I stop it, if it’s after 8am, people are usually working, it’s ok. I love hearing the laugh when I say “You are fine, no one is invading your yard!” Both Ruby and Bee let those passing by know who rules the roost!

One way they are different is with sirens, if there is a fire truck or a police car siren, Bee could care less…Ruby, on the other hand…either she’s worried or trying to help! I have to reassure her they have it under control. It does make her nervous and she will come for comfort, it’s cute. She also whines along with them, like I said…worried or helping! Who knows.

Another way they are very different is when it comes to the weather. I’ve told you what Bee was like when it was snowing and icy, she wouldn’t step foot outside, while Ruby, on the other hand, was ready to run through the raindrops, bring it on! Thunderstorm, hard rain, lightning, you name it, Bee is asleep, she doesn’t even notice. Ruby on the other hand…wow! She is at our sides in a flash. Today, she even tried to get on the sofa, I stopped that! Mostly because we both had to work, so I got her to come into my office and finally convinced her to sit under my desk, she’s done that a few times. It really reminds me of Mollie, she was the same way with loud noises, big dogs, go figure…

I stepped out of my office to use the bathroom and I didn’t shut the bedroom door. Now…usually, when one of us is in the bathroom for business or showering, if the door is open, the dogs will sit outside waiting for us to come out and pet, snuggles, whatever. Today…however…Ms Ruby was on the bed! Oh no! Not happening! I think I’ve told you that the dogs are not allowed on the furniture, but on special occasions, like a Saturday or Sunday morning, if there is some lounging happening…I let them on the bed, if PSM gets in there, it’s usually a lick fest, ha ha, but with me, I get licked for a minute, then they settle down and just snuggle. They know they can get on the bed when I give them permission, and when it’s not given, a very stern no!

Well…I came out of the bathroom and she was sitting on the bed, pretty as you please! And when I asked her what she was doing on the bed…did not look at me! It was like all those videos people post on youtube! Cheeky monkey! Of course I took a video!

{April 7, 2021}   A rainbow! What a storm!

The storm is here and it is raging! Wow! We were predicted to have rain, but this is one of those ka-razy storms! We were watching the news and the weather report said possible hail. Hail? In April? I’ve heard about April showers and all, but c’mon!

PSM had to go somewhere earlier today and it was one of those raining sideways, can’t see the car in front of you, wipers at full tilt and it still isn’t enough storms. He didn’t mention thunder or lightning, that’s ok, we had that tonight!

He had taken his bike into the shop yesterday to have something checked and we went today to pick it up and we were moving fast because the rain was coming, it sprinkled on me, but that’s about it. Dropped him off, got home, took the pups for the evening walk sooner than later because it was coming and about 630p, the sky was dark and the weather was messing with the antennae on the tv. I know, I know, we decided to watch a tv show in real time, crazy town! The signal was all messed up, going in and out, skewing the picture, you name it, it was happening!

Then…our sweet scaredy cat of a dog, Ruby, was looking for her parents, big time. She didn’t leave PSM’s side wherever he went, there she went. Mollie, my step-doggie I used to tell you about when I met PSM, and was with us in Hawai’i, she was the same, loud noises, thunder, lightning, fireworks, you name it…I’m sorry I didn’t get any pictures, PSM took one of the beds we call a burrito, because sometimes when she gets in it, it folds around her. He brought that back by the chair, she got in it and he covered her with a towel, like a blanket, and she was safe, oh, she also made sure to be touching him any time he was in the chair! Eventually Bee crawled in there, it was a family affair!

At one point, Ruby came out of the burrito bed and laid down right in front of where I was on the sofa and gave me that look. She definitely knows who mom & dad are! SO stinkin’ cute! I was telling PSM, I might have to start a YouTube channel with some of the videos I take of the dogs!

That’s the storm…now…you can’t have rainbows without a good storm and I looked outside and the rain seemed to have let up, the sky was bright, brightest before the storm, right? The next one anyway, and I was compelled to look outside and there it was, right above our street, a rainbow, big, bright, beautiful. It truly was on par with some of the fabulous rainbows we used to have in Hawai’i. I have to say, I’m glad I never lost my wonder at looking at rainbows, they truly are magical and all I could do was smile.

We took advantage of a lull in the storm, it was about 930p, puppy bed time, even though Bee tried earlier! and put them in the crate, good thing, because the storm started up again and it’s going good and steady out there, some lightning and a thunder clap or roll every so often, but the pups are safe in their space, curled around each other, I just checked, they’re snuggling, music and light are on, they are fine.

I sure hope the rain lets up tomorrow, we have something planned and I’m hoping to not have to change plans completely! Fingers crossed!

After all of this…we better have some fab-u-lous flowers in May!!!

{March 31, 2021}   Movie Trailers

I absolutely la la la love movie trailers! I mean, I love trailers. One of the reasons I love going to the movies, I mean actually going to the movies is to watch the trailers before the movie starts.

Some trailers are great…they give you just enough to get you interested, but not enough to give the whole movie away. Other trailers, you wonder why they bothered, you get the entire movie, what’s left to go see? Some trailers give you almost nothing and you sit there and scratch your head!

For those of you who know me, you know I absolutely la la la love movies, well, in addition to the trailers I was just talking about. But I really do and I have a knack for knowing who’s in a movie, even if I haven’t seen the movie. I can also tell you things about a movie after only seeing it once. I can also watch a trailer and 9 times out of 10 I know if I’m going to like the movie, I’m not usually wrong.

I remember my dad calling me once because he was playing Trivial Pursuit and needed to know the name of an actor in a movie and, yup, I knew it. I had never seen the movie, but I knew the actor was Broderick Crawford, no idea how I knew, I just did. Another time that spoke volumes, I was at a friend’s house with a bunch of people and we started playing Scene It. It’s a game where you answer trivia questions about movies and pop culture. After we finished playing, we decided to play again and it was seven people against ME! What? And guess what…I lost by ONE point! Not too shabby. I really do love movies! You know I watch movies over and over, I watch movies in the background and to fall asleep, movies!

In college, I majored in Communications, focus on television. My goal was actually to work for Children’s Television, truth be told, I really wanted to work for Sesame Street! How amazingly awesome would that have been! Working in an industry I loved with a show that I adored. You have no idea! I am such a Muppet head! During my communications courses in college, we focused not only on television, but film. We disected scripts, counted beats, watched for continuity, broke down scenes, analyzed how music plays a huge part in film, you name it, we did it. I even wrote a script, it was awful, but I wrote a script. I would never have gone to see my own movie if someone made it, tried to get my money back! That bad!

What all of that did was give me an appreciation for film, I know a movie is good if I don’t start breaking it down while I’m watching it, finding things that are wrong or don’t make sense, I’m mesmerized. And one thing I always wanted to do, while in college, and then after college, was to make movies. To watch a movie and have to pick out the scenes that would entire someone to want spend their money, want to watch that movie. It’s a skill and a gift. I knew that there were certain movies I could never create trailers for, horror for one, omg! I don’t watch horror movies, no thanks! Reality can be scary enough!

One of the things I love about Hulu, Netflix, IMDB, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, even YouTube [the list goes on!] is the ability to search for and watch trailers. It’s something to do, something I love and gives me something to look forward to when I select Add to My Watchlist. I am telling you, I can get lost in trailers, especially when they have suggestions, oh man! Ooh, this looks interesting, ooh, that one too! And then it’s an hour later, what happend!? Where did the day go?

Here are a few that I love. A Song is Born, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine, Animal House, The House Bunny, Mary Poppins, The Godfather, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Footloose, Beauty and the Beast, The Muppet Movie. There are so many more, but we’d be here for ever!

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