Peaches Prattlings

So…yesterday, I told you that Ruby got spooked and tried to get on the sofa, and we don’t allow dogs on the furniture. I did also say that being on the bed was a special occassion, as long as PSM or I are there. And she got on the bed and got yelled at for it.

Today, I walk into the living room and guess who is lying on the sofa, happy as you please, without a care in the world?! Yup, Ruby! Seriously?! I reacted, yelled to get off the sofa and she did, after a moment, then ran into PSM’s office on the dog bed. PSM was in the other room at the moment and asked “Did you put her in the crate?” I’m still learning some of the doggie discipline. I’ve put them in the crate when it was really bad, I didn’t think about it this time, but he was right.

I went into the office and grabbed her by the collar and said, “into the crate” and that’s where we went, well, we went into the front room and she went into the crate. Here’s the interesting thing…when Bee was in the crate on Saturday, while I called the vet and then was rinsing the dye out of my hair, I didn’t want her inhaling the house or throwing up everywhere, it was for her safety, and Ruby, because she was worried about her sister, Bee, she kept running back and forth from me to the crate. Today, Ruby was in the crate, Bee was off somewhere sleeping! Not fair! ha ha

Apparently her time with the dog sitter, when she got one over on JS and got on the sofa, we have to do a little re-training. One thing that PSM did point out about it, she knows this is her home and she feels safe. That makes me feel good, sigh. Why can’t she just say that with kisses and snuggling? ha ha

{April 28, 2021}   The thunder spooked someone…

Our two dogs are so very different from each other, they are wonderfully alike in so many ways when it comes to wanting affection, giving kisses, snuggling, getting treats, but Bee ain’t skered a’ nutin’! On the other hand…sometimes Ruby is afraid of her own shadow!

Ruby can step up to a dog, let them know when they are not welcome, haven’t seen that with a human, and that’s only some dogs. I have to say, she’s great, well, they both are, great with puppies and older dogs, hmmm…we always test the water to see if a meet and greet will go well or sideways.

When anyone comes near the yard, well, dogs, and they are in the backyard, they will let everyone know it’s their yard. Before 8am, if they happen to do that, I stop it, if it’s after 8am, people are usually working, it’s ok. I love hearing the laugh when I say “You are fine, no one is invading your yard!” Both Ruby and Bee let those passing by know who rules the roost!

One way they are different is with sirens, if there is a fire truck or a police car siren, Bee could care less…Ruby, on the other hand…either she’s worried or trying to help! I have to reassure her they have it under control. It does make her nervous and she will come for comfort, it’s cute. She also whines along with them, like I said…worried or helping! Who knows.

Another way they are very different is when it comes to the weather. I’ve told you what Bee was like when it was snowing and icy, she wouldn’t step foot outside, while Ruby, on the other hand, was ready to run through the raindrops, bring it on! Thunderstorm, hard rain, lightning, you name it, Bee is asleep, she doesn’t even notice. Ruby on the other hand…wow! She is at our sides in a flash. Today, she even tried to get on the sofa, I stopped that! Mostly because we both had to work, so I got her to come into my office and finally convinced her to sit under my desk, she’s done that a few times. It really reminds me of Mollie, she was the same way with loud noises, big dogs, go figure…

I stepped out of my office to use the bathroom and I didn’t shut the bedroom door. Now…usually, when one of us is in the bathroom for business or showering, if the door is open, the dogs will sit outside waiting for us to come out and pet, snuggles, whatever. Today…however…Ms Ruby was on the bed! Oh no! Not happening! I think I’ve told you that the dogs are not allowed on the furniture, but on special occasions, like a Saturday or Sunday morning, if there is some lounging happening…I let them on the bed, if PSM gets in there, it’s usually a lick fest, ha ha, but with me, I get licked for a minute, then they settle down and just snuggle. They know they can get on the bed when I give them permission, and when it’s not given, a very stern no!

Well…I came out of the bathroom and she was sitting on the bed, pretty as you please! And when I asked her what she was doing on the bed…did not look at me! It was like all those videos people post on youtube! Cheeky monkey! Of course I took a video!

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