Peaches Prattlings

{January 30, 2021}   Catching up…It’s wonderful!

Today was a day in, cold and freezing rain, we took the pups for a walk, then settled in for…settling in!

I was texting with my sister for a minute, then the phone rang, what a treat! We are both so crazy busy that we don’t always get time to chat, so…when we do, as I said…what a treat! We talked, and talked, and talked. Like my blog, about everything and nothing. We talked family, spouses, kids, four legged fur babies, work, tv shows that we like, what we binge, wearing sweat pants, you know…the usual! Then dad called and I conferenced him in, that was a serious treat! When we hung up the phone about an hour and a half had passed and I don’t know about her, but it felt like no time at all!

A while after I got off the phone, PSM had some errands to run and off he went and my next catch up/treat…a text from JCT who I haven’t spoken to in a few months. Work, as you may or may not know had been crazy for the past few months so…unfortunately, some of my relationships suffered and for that, I am truly sorry. We texted or had a few moments on the phone, but never a serious chat like we used to. The holidays came and went, work, and life got in the way and one day led to the next and here we are, in January and we were able to get on the phone and catch up. And catch up we did…over THREE HOURS! O M G! It was FABULOUS! Like almost all of my friends, and one of the things I value more than anything…we pick up as if we just spoke the other day and I have to tell you, I la la la love it! Don’t you? That is true friendship, when you pick up the phone and talk as if no time has passed and I thank you!

Tomorrow, I actually have some phone dates scheduled, how excited am I! Best news…with my new adventure starting Monday…I’ll have more time at reasonable hours for catching up and even some quick chats and I cannot wait! Lookout ‘Ma Bell’ I’m comin’ for ya!

I forgot how much I loved Kitchen Nightmares, hosted by Gordon Ramsay. I have watched the entire series, not when it first came out, but I’ve watched it and I la la la loved it! And watching it again this weekend, I realized how much I loved it!

I don’t know if I told you that I don’t always watch a series while it is on tv, I wait until it’s over, then binge watch it, it’s kind of crazy, but that’s how I do it, actually, the way I like it. Now, before streaming, even before DVR or On Demand, I watched shows each week, it was an event, wasn’t it? We got together to watch something. Ok, I’m not going down that path, I just got inspiration for another post! [Draft begun!] And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

As I said, I used to watch it if I caught it, it wasn’t something that I scheduled the time to watch, but I loved it! I loved watching it late night when it came on…laughing at some of the crazy things said, cringing at some of the conditions of the kitchen/dining room/walk-ins, crying sometimes at the heartache, hiding my eyes at the grody, gagging at the food Chef Ramsay samples, getting irate at the stubborn owners/chefs, impressed by what he can accomplish overnight when his team revamps the restaurant, and the transformation of the menu, triumph watching the chefs find their passion again, is that enough?

Watching the show, I always wondered why menus had to be so complicated. Chef Ramsay’s biggest message: Keep it simple and keep it authentic! What always amazed me was when a restaurant owner/chef doesn’t think, because Gordon Ramsay is not that nationality or something like that, he can’t cook whatever the local cuisine is. Really? Half the time when he shows up, they think their menu/restaurant is the bomb and when he tells them it’s shite, they fight him. THEY invited him! Then…he turns things around, simplifies the menu, cooks the food better than they do/could or imagine. He is a multi-Michelin starred chef, I think he might know a few things!

Just in case you don’t know who he is, a little background…Gordan Ramsay, as I mentioned, is a multi-Michelin starred chef, he has opened restaurants around the world, UK, France, Singapore, and the US, as well as well as the star of tv shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. I’m not into the shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef, but I love Kitchen Nightmares, as you can tell, and Hotel Hell, which is similar to Kitchen Nightmares, but with hotels.

The reason I’m telling you about this, I ended up on ‘tv’, meaning, it wasn’t a streaming channel and I started flipping and found a station that had Kitchen Nightmares Revisited, which, as you can imagine, is when Gordon goes back to restaurants he helped to see how they are doing. And despite the fact that I cannot stand commercials, I am sitting here watching Kitchen Nightmares and I think I remember every single episode, there are not surprises, it’s like a traffic accident, I can’t look away and I’m in…heaven!

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