Peaches Prattlings

{December 29, 2016}   Getting a cold…

In the summer, not fun. Getting a cold in the winter makes sense, right? 

What about getting a getting a winter cold where it’s warm, like here in Hawaii. It’s very confusing. 

I was fine when I went to sleep, got up felt wonky and now I can only breath out of one nostril…not a fan. Dayquil and a nap it was. 

But…it didn’t stop me from going out to dinner with PSM and A&B R. Maybe I should just refer to them as BAR, that would be wrong, funny, but wrong. 

We met on the North Shore and went to a bar and grill for pizza and these amazing beignet things, oh my! 

Now, home to crash and rest up, get better, tomorrow we have a big and exciting day, can’t wait!


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