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{January 4, 2017}   Why can’t they just list what’s in it?!

​I was going to have this as a post on Facebook, it was about 6am this morning, but I just kept going,  so here’s my post. 

I am not a fan of complaining first thing in the morning…my two flights so far have been great.  I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning at about 530pm and it was a snack box I purchased from the airline. I have had a drink and one of those fine free snack bags on each flight, I’m not starving, but I’m hungry. 

I am in Houston and stopped to get a sandwich, something close to my gate.  The lines at the breakfast places were really long, so I went to a kiosk that had sandwiches.  I picked up an egg salad sandwich, thought it was safe, I didn’t know I needed to read the entire label…

By my second bite…a slight kick, hmmm…then I look and there seems to be some meat in the sandwich. This is the point when I decide to read the label…

A southwest egg salad sandwich means jalapeño flakes in the bread and the sandwich AND… those pieces of meat…bacon. How happy is this ovo-vegan? 

On me…I should have read the label, but to be fair, it was 6am, I’ve been flying a while and all the other sandwiches state what type of sandwich it is “ham and cheese”, “chicken and…”

Why couldn’t the label on the front and not just the teeny ingredients list on the back say “egg salad with bacon”, I could have dealt with the jalapeño, but the bacon, not a chance! 

Bottom line…not cool. 


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