Peaches Prattlings

{January 2, 2017}   Man’s best friend

It’s so true. At least in this case it truly is. 

My cats used to stay by my side when I was sick, I think Jymy was worried, Peanut just wanted attention, ha ha, Gabby stuck to me like glue, it felt good when they did. 

As you know, PSM isn’t feeling well and today, since we didn’t have plans and stopped moving, so to speak, finally gave in and decided to rest today. 

Well, with resting came a companion, Miss Mollie McDougal never left his side, expect to come downstairs for food and to go out. He was outside on the lanai, there she was, upstairs in bed, Mollie, on the sofa…you guessed it. 

She was a good companion, worried about her person.


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