Peaches Prattlings

{February 14, 2017}   Just another travel day…

It’s Monday, so back to the daily grind, right? Off to Mt Vernon, IL I go.

As I mentioned yesterday, I stayed at a hotel last night in case the roads were bad to the airport, I was close. 

I got there, checked my bags and went through security. There was literally no one on line! This is Logan airport in Boston, that never happens! Do you remember when I showed you JetBlu a few weeks ago? Nope, no one! There we people at the airport, but hundreds of flights had been canceled, so it was sparse. 

I got some breakfast, got on my flight, which was full, by the way. That flight was at 840am, we waited for the de-icing to begin, then left. In Detroit, I had enough time to powder my nose and get to my next flight. 

In Chicago, I had a two hour layover, but not as much time as you’d expect. Get luggage, catch shuttle to next terminal, check luggage back in, walk from B-gates terminal to C-gates terminal, then go in search of something to eat, it’s been a while and a time since since breakfast. Why is it so difficult to find something for a vegan, it’s 2017 airport people! I would like something more than the hummus cup with pretzels. 

Get to gate, wait 20 minutes, board flight for St Louis. Short flight, collect luggage, go to car rental. Collect car, drive 1.30 to Mt Vernon. 

I started at 7am eastern and ended 530pm central [630pm eastern]. 

Let’s just say, I decided if I was going to do anything for dinner, it would be coming to me! I’m staying put in my comfy clothes until I have to get up for work tomorrow! 
The best part of the day…since you can now download from Netflix…I binge watched Stranger Things!  Wow! 



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