Peaches Prattlings

{October 24, 2016}   Airport…goodbyes…breakfast…goodbyes…lunch…fun

What a day! 

It started way to early…6am to be exact! Not right for a Sunday! PSM had a 9am flight so we left about 7am, got to the airport about 730am, had time to check his bags and spend some one-on-one time together. Can’t wait to see him again on Thursday.

Back to the hotel,  ST and I go out to get some breakfast at a place that was recommended and shouldn’t have been. The food was ok, when we finally got it, enough said. 

He headed to the airport,  I headed to my next hotel and DLP headed to pick me up. She was with her friend,  H. We went to The Green Door Tavern,  one of the oldest pubs with a speakeasy in the basement. It was a great atmosphere and the food was good, bonus. Good food,  conversation,  friends. 

Then it was on to Walmart to get candy for the office for Halloween, a shopping spree!  Being silly and having a good time. 

Back to the hotel, run some errands, hang out with DLP on the phone while we watched Monsters University and Bar Rescue, reminded me of when CKM and I used to do that with Hoarders. It was fun and a good memory.

Now, talking to you and thinking about drifting off to sleep. 

Until tomorrow…


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