Peaches Prattlings

{June 15, 2017}   A great work outing

Tonight, after work, I went out to meet coworkers and the client for a happy hour. 

I don’t know why they call it a happy hour, it lasts a lot longer than that! 

Had a really good day training, after a tough training session at the gym, good questions, responses, engagement by the participants. One of the students even and me to stay after class and help her, that felt great!

Then it was off to happy hour! I got there and on my way to say hello to DLP, I was stopped to chat, then I went to get some food, with the intention of going back to the drink I ordered, I started talking to someone wasn’t very familiar with, as I’m usually in the field and he’s in the office during the week. 

We talked movies, kids, tv shows, movies, Star Wars and you know what that means to true fans…quotes, sounds, memories, laughter and much more! Really great to not talk about work with co – workers!

We were joined by MS, then AK and talked about movies, kids and business travel, that was a big topic of discussion! Get a bunch of road warriors and you can’t get away from it. It’s nice to have common stories and interests. And…SG is Lifetime Diamond with Hilton, wow! That means ten years of Diamond status…ah..a girl can dream!

Then it was off to the next happy hour, we were very happy! Stayed for a while then off to the hotel. I had to pack and get ready for tomorrow!

I can’t wait to tell you what I’m doing or better yet, where I’m going! Pictures, stories, fun to come!

This picture is my idea of a happy hour


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