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Sorry, I know I just blurted that out, but I couldn’t help myself! If you watch The Masked Singer and you haven’t seen the fist episode yet, sorry! I’m just still in shock!

If you don’t watch The Masked Singer [IMDB listing], then you’re good! If you don’t watch it, the premise is A singing competition guessing game based on Korean format King of Mask Singer. 12 celebrity performers wear costumes to conceal identities. One singer is eliminated each week and unmasked. Small hints are given for the viewer guess along. There are four judges, but it’s the audience, and the judges who vote, not just the judges, and at the end of the show, whoever gets the least amount of votes goes home. Now you know the way you win or lose. Let’s get to the rest of it.

There are 12 famous people who are in the costumes, and these costumes were nominated and won an emmy! These costumes really are something! Look at it this way, you can’t see the singer, so you need something to look at! Here is a list of all 5 seasons of costumes! There have been some great ones and some goofy ones, but all of them have been impressive. I want to say we tried to watch The Masked Dancer and one episode was enough for us, you won’t hear me talk about it again!

In each costume are celebreties that include singers, dancers, actors, politians, athletes. These performers include stage and screen, paid atheletes and olympians, you honestly never can tell! There are four judges, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke, and host, Nick Cannon. Niecy Nash is hosting the first few shows of the season, I looked it up, Nick Cannon had Covid at the time they started taping. She was fun, gave Ken Jeong the same crap Nick Cannon does! The winner of The Masked Singer is going for The Golden Mask trophy, the judges are going for bragging rights and now, The Golden Ear trophy. Each week, four singers go up against each other, before they go on, they give the audience and panel clues to their identity. When they first come out, the judges have to make a first guess and it goes into a vault, to be taken out at the end of the season and the judge with the most correct guesses, wins. Some of the clues are easy, some are tough. It’s funny to watch the judges try to guess, Ken Jeong is the goofiest of them all. The silliest part…they ALL say this is the best opening ever! And it’s always the toughest to watch someone go…

The thing we like about the show is you honestly don’t know who is in the costume and they really are doing for the love of doing it! Sometimes you can’t believe how long someone has lasted and you’re shocked at some of the ones who go home early! It really is a fun show and what we love…we watch it on Hulu, so if we want to just binge an entire season…there it is, even better…I paid for no commercials! I told you, I have no patience!

Ok, back to the first episode. This season, so far, there are Russian Dolls, Porcupine, or Robopine has he wanted to be called, you’ll see…Seashell, Raccoon, and Snail. I thought Racoon would go first, but Snail [this was the Snail singing the song] it was. He sang You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates, I thought he did pretty well. Actually, when he started singing, I actually, for a moment, thought it sounded like Barack Obama! Why not?! But it wasn’t. It was actually… Kermit the Frog! O M G! If I remember correctly, the tag line was a TV Legend, movie star, producer, singer, actor, entertainer. And wow, is he ever! If you know me, you know I am a HUGE Muppet fan, not just Kermit the Frog, as evident by my Muppets Monopoly [2 different versions], Muppets Chess set, Muppet Show and Muppet Movie collection, GIANT stuffed Kermit the Frog and Kermit the Frog cookie jar, and my other Muppet stuff, I’ll show you those some other time.

Kermit the Frog was the first eliminated singer, watch the reveal, also the first puppet/Muppet to participate in The Masked Singer. We were floored. If this doesn’t tell you what a big kid I am, we need to talk! Bottom line, we really enjoy The Masked Singer, not a lot of reality shows we watch together, but this one is fun and fun to guess and get shocked at!

And…sorry for the spoiler alert…I wonder who’s next! I won’t do that to you again, promise!

{January 18, 2017}   Not what I expected to see

Especially in the restroom.

Let me preface by saying, when you gotta go, you gotta go. If you know me, I ain’t ‘skered’, I’ve gone in the men’s room at concerts or if there is a single room and I just gotta.

In an office,  there’s either one room or a multi-stall space. Today, I walked into the office restroom and saw a pair of feet in a stall, that wasn’t the odd thing. The odd thing was the feet were backwards, as in facing the bowl add to that…the entire time we were in there,  the feet never moved. 

It’s like the person was talking to the back of the toilet…hmmm

{October 6, 2015}   A dining masterpiece!

First…I’m back in Buffalo on my next project. 

Technically,  this is the next wave of the project in Buffalo and I am back on it! I really like the team I’m working with and I met some new people, love it!

Tonight, we are staying in Niagara Falls and we’ve to a restaurant,  AG Cuisine, absolutely fabukous! It started out with a hard boiled quails egg.

Someone had soup, the one pictured was very cool, it had actual popcorn in the dish. My salad was very thin veggies, lettuce and baby carrots.

The main dishes were fantastic! Beautiful, good ingredients, fresh,  some farm to table. It was a little tricky for me,  as you can imagine,  or tricky for the kitchen!

But they came through!  A fabulous vegetable plate,  how fabulously lucky I know I am!  I got to play with the big Kids.

What’s next?






We’ve all done it, or almost all of us have done it. We get on Facebook to check one thing and three hours later, you have no idea where the time has gone.

Take me for instance, I got on Facebook about 11:15 to wish some people, like my brother-in-law, AS a very happy birthday, along with some other people who share his day and the plan was to wish a few happy birthdays and blog and here it is midnight and I’m just starting to write to you.

Facebook, for all it’s good points, has a lot of bad ones and time waster and brain sucker are among the top two. If you’re like me, you might go on there for one reason and one reason only, maybe it’s birthdays or you heard about someone’s status or picture, like all the grandkids, nieces and nephews, when CKM was doing her photo of the day, I had to go and look.

The next thing you know, it’s hours later and you have looked at the newsfeed at least four times, wished everyone a happy birthday, laughed at some jokes, responded to messages, checked on some peoples status, watch a few videos and then it’s time for bed, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook a lot, it just sucks you in!

That’s all I had to say!

{April 24, 2013}   My Monopoly Collection

It all started with The Wizard of Oz…

For my birthday, my friend LGR gave me Wizard of Oz Monopoly and it seemed to take off from there. I played Monopoly as a kid, but it wasn’t a great love or fascination for me, but I enjoyed it, I was a passive player. I know people who have marathons, can play for hours and others who don’t like to play, for that reason.

And for that reason, is started hosting Monopoly Marathons, I set up 3-4 games, depending on how many people attend, one in each room, a different version (we’re getting there) and everyone is on a team. One person from each team is at a table, so each table has someone from team 1,2,3,4. We play for 30 minutes, then when the buzzer sounds, or I yell “Time!” everyone moves to another table, you don’t have to go to the next logical table, as long as there is one person from each team at a table. When you sit at the table, you have to sit at your teammate’s seat and play the hand that they left. You may have started at that table with money, property, hotels and come back and find that you are bankrupt!

People seem to like it, it goes quickly and you’re never in one spot for too long. At the end of the tournament, there are prizes for the team with the most money/property. I also ask people to bring specific food, never telling them what the versions we are playing. For example, Kiss-opoly (based on the band) I asked for Hershey’s kisses, we played NY Yankees, I asked for peanuts, pretzels and cracker jacks, get the idea?

My friend AM is uncanny when it comes to Monopoly, he is like Yoda, he plays without looking at the cards, he knows exactly how much each property is worth, what the mortgage is and what it would take to get it out of hock, without even thinking, he’s amazing! He also gave me Waffle-opoly!
I got The Beatles from my dad for Chanukah and my latest? DCM found Klingon! Geek out people!

Before I list out my collection, as people have asked me to do, I want to tell you about my pride and joy. Years ago, and I mean years, I cross stitched an afghan with a Monopoly board, I think one day I a going to cross stitch the properties. I have played on the blanket, kids love it. I hope you enjoy the picture.

I once took a picture with all the monopolies I had at the time, I am 5’1 & 1/2 ” tall, with my hand extended I couldn’t reach the top of the pile and I’ve added more since. I am spoiled! People will buy them for me, I have only purchased a few, and I’ve played many of them, but I love them all!

I have had pictures of my collection on Facebook and I was so tickled when someone I have known since grade school and reconnected with on Facebook, SBS, said she had her mom’s Monopoly from when she was a kid and would I like it? Oh my yes, she dropped it off at my dad’s house and now it is part of my collection! How lucky am I?

How about this…I was in Las Vegas with my dad in October 2009, staying at Caesar’s and what did we find? The World Monopoly Championship! What are the odds? There were players from all over the world! They had team jackets, track suits, coaches, translators, separate judges and bankers! It was awesome! The pot was exactly $20,071, exactly what is in the bank in a game of Monopoly!

I didn’t start out collecting these, but I love each and every one of them, I hope to have more, so if you find a unique one, one that screams YOU, send it my way! I will love it dearly!

Here now, is my collection (some of them are not Parker Bros)
Snow Boarding The Beatles The Muppets Sesame Street
Greenway Packers The Nightmare before Christmas. Whooville
My Marvel Heroes. Nintendo. Justice League of America
Disney Theme Parks. Monopoly Junior Classic Wooden. Harley Davidson
St Louis Rams. NY Yankees. Wizard of Oz. M & Ms
Las Vegas. Pirates of the Caribbean Rudolph
The Simpsons. Simpsons: Treehouse of Terror. Mickey Mouse (75th edition)
Fantastic Four. Scooby Doo: Fright Fest Edition. Pokemon
The Muppets (collectors edition). Lord of the Rings Klingon
Coca Cola Star Wars: Episode I. Millennium (has rice paper money!)
Disney. NFL. Original (1950’s)
Classic 1935 Reproduction. Looney Tunes. Here & Now
Anniversary Edition (mine from when I was a kid!). 2006 edition
Electronic (play with an iPad)
Fancy schmancy wooden box edition I got at Restoration Hardware
I gave DCM USMC ooh rah!

Unofficial (add “opoly”to the end of each one)
Motown. Atlantis. Waffle. Niagra. Earth.
Anti. Kiss. Greatful Dead. Brew. Stitch.
Redneck (thanks twin) Cat. Atlanta. Millennium.
Make your own. Brooklyn Dodgers. Staten – Comes in a pizza box!

Who wants to play?




et cetera