Peaches Prattlings

{October 6, 2015}   A dining masterpiece!

First…I’m back in Buffalo on my next project. 

Technically,  this is the next wave of the project in Buffalo and I am back on it! I really like the team I’m working with and I met some new people, love it!

Tonight, we are staying in Niagara Falls and we’ve to a restaurant,  AG Cuisine, absolutely fabukous! It started out with a hard boiled quails egg.

Someone had soup, the one pictured was very cool, it had actual popcorn in the dish. My salad was very thin veggies, lettuce and baby carrots.

The main dishes were fantastic! Beautiful, good ingredients, fresh,  some farm to table. It was a little tricky for me,  as you can imagine,  or tricky for the kitchen!

But they came through!  A fabulous vegetable plate,  how fabulously lucky I know I am!  I got to play with the big Kids.

What’s next?







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