Peaches Prattlings

{March 17, 2017}   And then this happened…

Flattered and humbled. 

I spent the week doing support at an office in Chicago. One of the things I did was teach multiple one and two hour sessions. 

I spent a little extra time with a few of the people I was training, it was nice when some came back after training to get more help, I did what I could, even learned a few things myself. 

Today, when I was leaving, I found this card  on my bag. It was from the SDS, the trainer, that I had worked with for the week. 

We hit it off immediately, both professionally and personally,  it was great! 

I’m always humbled and flattered when I’m given a compliment about the way I train. It helps me remember why I do what I do,  this just made my day. Thank you!


{February 17, 2017}   Apparently I’m famous!

Well, in my little world I am! 

When I teach a software class, I like to make it fun, informative and memorable. Apparently, I’m doing my job.  

One of the things I like to do is get people on their feet about 2pm. Lunch was over a while ago, people are getting antsy and we’ve been in this room together since 9am. I get them on their feet and we sing nursery rhymes! The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels On The Bus, I’m a Little Teapot, the list goes on. Yesterday, we sang Take Me Out to The Ballgame. 

Here’s where I’m famous…when I got to this training site, I saw some people from past classes and we caught up, then they asked what we were going to sing! 

Keep in mind…I haven’t been here since last summer! 

The two people at the front desk, who were never in one of my classes, asked what we were going to sing and gave me suggestions! 

When I walked in this morning, there we four people standing in an office, one asks what are we going to sing today, the others talk about what they sang in their class and all of a sudden one breaks into the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

If nothing else, people have a good memory from being in my class and what more could I ask for?!

{February 3, 2017}   Did I actually day that? 

Sometimes you think about it after you say it and think “huh…did I really just say that!?”

I’ve done that a few times in my life, I know we all have and I’ve probably told you one or two of them. This wasn’t that bad, just not sure it was completely appropriate.

I was teaching a class yesterday and we needed a name, we make them up for one of the lessons and someone decided to select Willie Nelson. That led to a few comments about weed. Uh oh…here I am teaching a class and they are talking about weed. But…it helped to put things into perspective and it made the class laugh and understand what we were trying to do,  so that worked out. 

You never know where inspiration is going to come from our what will make the light bulb go off over someone’s head…do what you can! 

{May 12, 2016}   An apple for the teacher

First, sincerest apologies for not posting last night, apparently, I fell asleep in the middle of posting and then woke up at 6am, apparently I was tired.

That being said…Today, I had a great “teacher moment”.

Yesterday and today I had a class of Managers learning the new system. We had a great time yesterday, they warmed up, got into the material and the application, relaxed and we had a great time, have to, we were going to be together for two days.

I opened with some bad jokes, well, I say opened, it was really the few minutes before class started, we can’t start early. I teased and engaged with the class as I always do and feel you need to. One of the guys in the class had an apple and I teased him, asking if he brought enough for the class, stuff like that. Everyone was a really good sport.

Well, today, one student brought a box of little strudels and lollipops for us to give out later in the day, she knew we’d need a pick me up later in the day.I ended up giving them out for right answers and people were clamoring to get them! So cool!

Another student brought pastries from a Mexican bakery, this was great! And finally, the student I teased about the apple…brought two apples for the teachers! How cool is that! I really was touched. I have it sitting on the nightstand. Am I going to eat it? You bet your sweet bippie!

I can’t wait to see what next week brings!



I think we talked about practicing with the cats over the weekend to teach a class.

Well, today was my first class and I…killed it. You knew that was coming! The day didn’t start as well as I had hoped though.

I got a taxi and gave him the address…what I forgot to give him was the city. He took me to the address in Chicago, we both thought it wasn’t quite right. An abandoned lot and building, yeah, no. I asked if this was Melrose Park and, guess what…nope, that’s in the suburbs, oh brother! Drive on…another 3o minutes. Let’s just say I was supposed be there about 8am, got there about 8:40am. I did make it!

We headed out and I was SO very lucky that LS was there early and was able to set the classroom up with everything we needed. She was also my co-trainer, she’s written most of the materials, so she’s pretty knowledgeable, you might say.

We were set and at 9am, we started. We stayed on track, kept everyone engaged, you know my teaching style and finished on time! There were spots where we were behind, once 8 minutes, another time 20 minutes, but made up for it here and there. There is  A LOT of material to get through in six hours, we are there from 9 to 4:30, but you have two 15 minute breaks and one hour for lunch.

We felt great when we were done and there were some great questions asked during training. We had some folks in the class who could answer questions, which was incredibly helpful.

But…in the end, it was a great experience. I got through my first class, tomorrow and Thursday are the next class and then next week I do it all again and then the next week and the next. But, I’ve got my first class under my belt and I’m excited about that.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


{May 7, 2016}   I can’t talk anymore!

I’m talked out! Is that even possible?

You’ve met me, what do you think? Nah…

So…I believe I’ve told you, I’m on a new project in Chicago, this Wednesday will be two weeks on the project. The other trainers went through a full seven weeks of T3 or Train The Trainer. T3 is the session that a trainer will participate in to learn the new application, hence, train the trainer.

I participated in T3 for a week and a half. Last Monday I was given a lesson to teach and on Tuesday I did a “Teach Back”, where I teach the lesson to the other trainers. It’s an opportunity to teach in front of a class and for the other trainers to see your teaching style and for the Training Leads and Managers to watch and see your confidence and knowledge level.

I got up there, had a great time and let’s just say, I killed it! I think my feet didn’t touch the ground for a while,  do you remember that runners high I told you about? I got great feedback from the other trainers and the Training Lead and Manager. Felt great. I need that feedback, both positive and areas that could use improvement.

Apparently I did well because on Friday one of the other trainers quit and I got an email yesterday when I was boarding my flight, asking me if I was up for taking over those classes next week! Oh my! Learn two classes the weekend and teach on Tuesday?!

I spent the flights yesterday going over the materials and today, teaching the first class to the cats all day. [I’ll do more tomorrow and Monday eventing.] Lots of talking and I’m done! Don’t even want to talk to the cats!

Look out Chicago, in ready to take on the world! Or I will be Tuesday! But until then…mmmmmm


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