Peaches Prattlings

{May 11, 2016}   Taught my first class…killed it!

I think we talked about practicing with the cats over the weekend to teach a class.

Well, today was my first class and I…killed it. You knew that was coming! The day didn’t start as well as I had hoped though.

I got a taxi and gave him the address…what I forgot to give him was the city. He took me to the address in Chicago, we both thought it wasn’t quite right. An abandoned lot and building, yeah, no. I asked if this was Melrose Park and, guess what…nope, that’s in the suburbs, oh brother! Drive on…another 3o minutes. Let’s just say I was supposed be there about 8am, got there about 8:40am. I did make it!

We headed out and I was SO very lucky that LS was there early and was able to set the classroom up with everything we needed. She was also my co-trainer, she’s written most of the materials, so she’s pretty knowledgeable, you might say.

We were set and at 9am, we started. We stayed on track, kept everyone engaged, you know my teaching style and finished on time! There were spots where we were behind, once 8 minutes, another time 20 minutes, but made up for it here and there. There is  A LOT of material to get through in six hours, we are there from 9 to 4:30, but you have two 15 minute breaks and one hour for lunch.

We felt great when we were done and there were some great questions asked during training. We had some folks in the class who could answer questions, which was incredibly helpful.

But…in the end, it was a great experience. I got through my first class, tomorrow and Thursday are the next class and then next week I do it all again and then the next week and the next. But, I’ve got my first class under my belt and I’m excited about that.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!



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