Peaches Prattlings

{May 7, 2016}   I can’t talk anymore!

I’m talked out! Is that even possible?

You’ve met me, what do you think? Nah…

So…I believe I’ve told you, I’m on a new project in Chicago, this Wednesday will be two weeks on the project. The other trainers went through a full seven weeks of T3 or Train The Trainer. T3 is the session that a trainer will participate in to learn the new application, hence, train the trainer.

I participated in T3 for a week and a half. Last Monday I was given a lesson to teach and on Tuesday I did a “Teach Back”, where I teach the lesson to the other trainers. It’s an opportunity to teach in front of a class and for the other trainers to see your teaching style and for the Training Leads and Managers to watch and see your confidence and knowledge level.

I got up there, had a great time and let’s just say, I killed it! I think my feet didn’t touch the ground for a while,  do you remember that runners high I told you about? I got great feedback from the other trainers and the Training Lead and Manager. Felt great. I need that feedback, both positive and areas that could use improvement.

Apparently I did well because on Friday one of the other trainers quit and I got an email yesterday when I was boarding my flight, asking me if I was up for taking over those classes next week! Oh my! Learn two classes the weekend and teach on Tuesday?!

I spent the flights yesterday going over the materials and today, teaching the first class to the cats all day. [I’ll do more tomorrow and Monday eventing.] Lots of talking and I’m done! Don’t even want to talk to the cats!

Look out Chicago, in ready to take on the world! Or I will be Tuesday! But until then…mmmmmm



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