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February of last year, 2020, in case you were hoping you just skipped it! a restaurant opened near us, and oh boy was I excited! Vegan and Indian food! What?! Bombay Food Junkies started as a 100% vegan food truck in St Louis! What are the odds? And lucky for me, a brick and mortar store…right near us!

We have ordered take out from them a few times, the dining room was closed, just like so many places, and the food was good. Tonight, we got to eat in! Wah to the hoo! It’s been great the way the counties and cities are opening back up, social distancing, of course and Bombay Food Junkies was no different.

I’ve told you this before, the things I love about eating at a vegan restaurant is never having to ask if something has dairy in it or where it’s cooked! The only things I need to ask…What do you recommend? And is it spicy? The first is easy, people who work at or own the restaurant have opinions. Sometimes they haven’t eaten everything, so they can’t always tell me, but I can usually get a good idea of what to order. The second, not so easy, we’ve talked about this before, when people say it’s not too spicy, that usually means no good for me. Indian food is really tricky, a food known for its fragrant spices and I do mean spices! Well, I should say spicy! And, because it’s Indian food, when I ask…well, you can imagine. I am always hopeful! There was an Indian restaurant in Atlanta that really listened and understood!

Tonight, what we ordered was delicious, even though everything had a kick, good thing they left a full bottle of water on the table! We’ve tried different things every time, this time we ordered falafel with a small hummus sauce, yum, fried cauliflower bites with a creamy mint sauce, veg manchurian with a soy-ginger glaze, and butter chick’n bowl with fried rice and garlic naan. [All these links are for other sites/recipes and by the looks of it, I may be trying some of these out, but…that won’t stop me from ordering from Bombay Food Junkies!]

The food was tasty and not too much! Three appetizers and one main dish that we shared, perfect! I will say that I went through about two bottles of water, but very much worth it! I keep checking things off the list to try, what’s next? I haven’t quite made it to dessert yet!

What a day today was, it was treat, after treat, after treat! I admit it, I’m spoiled, and I’ll take it!

Since I couldn’t get a reservation to ski for the day, I made other plans. First… last night I pulled down the blackout curtain, hoping it would help me also in a little. Well, any guesses how that turned out? It’s all good, more time for me to do nothing! Ha Ha!

I thought about going to a yoga class or doing a virtual livestream class and then I thought about something PSM said, you’re skiing, you don’t have to do yoga, true, but I thought it might help, who knows. Then my body said, “um…yeah, you’re good, take it easy” and I listened, go figure! I laid in bed, turned on the tv and vegged out, it was fabulous! Then I got up and made myself an egg sandwich, moved to the couch and continued my relaxing journey! Not a bad way to start a Saturday.

I decided to be a little productive, checking emails, updating a friend’s resume, and making plans for the day, all while relaxing, that works for me! My friend texted that she loved that I had no plans and I have to say, it is refreshing to not have plans when you’re visiting somewhere. It all depends where you are and what you’re doing, right? I used to live in Colorado, there is a lot that I did, but there is also a lot I haven’t done and depending on what it is, I want to share it with PSM. This time, I’m only here to ski and see friends, and since I have the pass and I’m not that far from the mountains, take it easy.

I finally got motivated and headed out the door for my first treat of the day. I drove downtown to see LJ, she has a great apartment overlooking Denver and the view of the Flat Iron Mountains is fabulous! She shares the apartment with her boyfriend JS and their kitten, Steve. OM G, what a doll baby! Cutest little orange tabby with a lot of energy and a name tag that might be bigger than him!

We sat down and talked and talked, about everything and nothing, and just like all our conversations it went all over the place, par for the course, of course! All the while Steve took turns biting my toes and fingers, pouncing on me and other things, and settling in next to his mom’s side happy as can be.  Oh my am I getting my fix!

After a bit, we looked for a place to go and LJ is one of the friends I have who tries to go vegan with me, a lot of places we called had a wait and we decided on…Edgewater Public Market, I’m in! She’s been there a bunch and her yoga studio is there, same one PSM and I go to, which means…next time we travel to Denver, we can go to our yoga studio! She went off and got pizza and I got a vegan chicken Caesar salad from Meta Burger, another hit! I told her about my dinner from last night and she had to get a side of the vegan mac-n-cheese, she was not disappointed! And we talked some more, we can do this for hours, wait, we are!

Then…another treat! We both saved room and went over to Happy Cone for some vegan gelato for me and full on fabulous ice cream for her! We were both quite pleased. It’s a simple ice cream shop, ‘New Zealand style creamery handmaking ice cream, chocolates and happiness’ is the tag from their website. I believe Hap Cameron, the owner was the one who scooped our treats, I could be wrong, but it sounded like a New Zealand accent when he spoke…through his mask!

Then we sat and talked some more, go figure, then a strange smell wafted by and despite the masks, we could still smell it, it was probably someone’s food as a few people walked by, but it was time for us to get some fresh air, so we went to the outside heated tent and sat at a recently cleaned table and talked some more. I mean, when don’t we talk!? I’ve told you this before, one of my favorite things about my friends is that we can sit and talk about everything and nothing and it’s always as if no time has passed. Eventually, sadly, it was time to leave. I took LJ back home, we said our goodbyes and hugs and headed off in different directions. Looking forward to the next time!

I called AM and we worked on dinner plans, that was the plan after all, hang with friends! He called in an order at City O’ City, I think we’ve talked about it before, but I la la la love this place! I placed my order for ‘chikn’ n waffles. The chikin’ is fried cauliflower, not to worry, the waffles are actual waffles! It’s served with vegan creme fraiche, maple syrup, and carrot bacon. We also had seitan wings for an appetizer, y-u-m! There was a vegan pizza, and for dessert…a ho-ho cupcake and a whoopie pie. Let’s just say, if you come with me to Denver, I’ll take you to City O’ City. I’ll tell you how good it is…the first place LJ asked about getting lunch…City O’ City! Oh yeah!

I picked up the food and headed to AM’s house, it was AM and his daughter…AM! Ha Ha, his wife NM was at their house in the mountains, I was bummed not to get to see her, we kept missing each other this weekend. It was a great time! We talked school, a teeny bit politics, books, movies, podcasts, it was quite the dinner conversation!

When the younger AM went to bed, AM and I retreated to the den, popped in Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan‘s first movie together, Joe Versus the Volcano then spent the next 1.45 hours talking movies, discussing almost every movie on the wall, laughing, disagreeing, agreeing, howling, taking moments to actually watch some of the best parts of the movie. I think I’m going to have to dedicate an entire post to this movie, it is probably one of my all-time favorite, same for AM. What a great night, it really was, I’m still laughing!

What a day for me! Treat, after treat, after treat, after treat. I am spoiled and I’m ok with that! What’s next?!

{January 22, 2021}   Meta Burger…What a Treat!!

Philly cheesesteak to be exact. And…VEGAN! And…FAB-U-LOUS!!!

Tonight I was looking for something to eat after I went to the local Indian Motorcycle Dealership of Denver dealership and went to my friendly neighborhood Happy Cow app and found Meta Burger, 100% vegan and only 6 minutes away, sold! I clicked directions from the Happy Cow app and away I went.

What I found was Edgewater Public Market, opened November 2019. I LOVE places like this…open space, exposed beams, open concrete floors, tables, food choices to satisfy almost any pallet, from what I saw, some in a food court type area, and some were along the walkways. There were a few stores, although it looked like they would be adding more, indoor and outdoor seating with strings of Edison bulbs. It was simple, open, inviting, and welcoming. It reminded me of some places I’ve been in the states and throughout Europe, a place I can see going with PSM on a date night, a girls night, group of friends, lunch during the week, or some fun on the weekend.

Quite a few of the restaurants had entrances along the outside and Meta Burger was one of them. Meta Burger doesn’t say they are vegan, their foods are 100% plant based. As they say, “Meta Burger’s Mission is to reshape fast casual dining through a metamorphosis of ingredients, atmosphere and company values in order to construct a better future for all.”

I’ve told you this before, but I absolutely LOVE when I don’t have to ask where they cook the food, is there dairy in the food, and other questions. My questions now are “Is it spicy”? And my favorite question…”what do you recommend?!” Should I choose between their burgers or classics? I get veggie or plant based burgers a lot, I wanted to try something different. “If I were to choose between the Philly cheesesteak or the chicken sandwich, what would you recommend?”

Philly cheesesteak it is and it was fabulous! It was strips of seitan, seasoned like Philly cheesesteak meat, peppers, onions, on a roll, and cheese sauce on the side. I skipped the grilled mushrooms, no thanks! and for a side I got the mac-n-cheese. I have to tell you, the cheese sauce, which was mostly potato based, was amazing and creamy and delicious and stayed that way, O M G!

The guy who took my order and helped me decide walked by while I was eating asked how I was liking it and I told him that normally I don’t finish my food and tonight, oh yeah! sandwich gone! Mac-n-cheese, well, the rest will make a good midnight snack! I will tell you that there wasn’t enough room to try some vegan gelato at Happy Cones next door. Maybe next time! Hoping there is a next time!

If you are in the Denver area, or within the vicinity of the Edgewater Public Market, give it a shot, I bet you could find something that would tickle your taste buds.

{January 20, 2021}   Vegan BBQ? I’m in heaven!

Last night we went out for BBQ, at Smokee Mo’s BBQ, a place I found on Happy Cow, the app I use to find vegan, vegetarian, and veg friendly options all over the world. I la la la LOVE this app!

PSM said let’s go out to dinner, I was up for it and started to look on the Happy Cow app. Vegan didn’t work in our area, so I selected options and a few more options came up, this time Smokee Mo’s BBQ, which offered VEGAN BBQ! What?! Let’s check it out! It’s only about 15 minutes from us. PSM said let’s go!

We got there and it’s set back from the road, it looks like a BBQ joint, or a giant barn, words burned into the wood, high ceilings, exposed cross beams, huge chandelier, big menus and best of all…as I rounded the corner, a GIANT VEGAN MENU! I’m over the moon! And it’s not just one or two items, nine full items and eight side items, all vegan!

If you eat meat, you start at the beginning of the line, if you are vegan, you order from the folks at the register, even better…the girl who was helping me was vegan, and when the person helping you is vegan, you can breath a little easier because you don’t have to explain things or ask certain questions, that honestly, I get tired of asking, so I honestly do appreciate it!

If you go to their website, you can view their vegan menu, they even have a vegan holiday menu! The tagline on the page “It’s Like A Vegan Restaurant Inside A Traditional BBQ Restaurant!”

One thing I really liked is that even though, when you first walked in, it was smokey, like a BBQ joint smokey, it wasn’t overpowering smokey, so I could actually sit in the place and not think about what I didn’t want to think about. They were socially distant, first, by the signs, and second, it wasn’t very crowded, which was unfortunate, because of the high ceilings and lack of a crowd, it was a little chilly, but that didn’t deter our enjoyment!

The food comes out on big silver trays, I saw a tray of nachos go by that I think you would need an army to finish! PSM got two meets and two sides, brisket and pulled pork, with corn and carrots, along with a piece of cheese bread, it looked good and I did taste the carrots and corn, the only thing non-vegan about them was that they were cooked with butter and as we know, butter hasn’t killed me yet! The carrots were tasty and the corn had a kick.

For me, I got a BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich with cheddar cheese and mac-n-cheese, which was made with cashew cheese as a side. I love that I didn’t just have to say vegan this and vegan that. If you haven’t heard of it, jackfruit is an exotic fruit grown in tropical regions of the world and it’s used often as a substitute for meat because of the texture of the fruit, which can be shredded, hence the pulled jackfruit sandwich. I don’t always like jackfruit, just like anything, it all depends on how it’s prepared, and in this case, it was smokey BBQ good, had a little tang, I added lettuce and tomato and really enjoyed it!

I have to tell you, I love my husband for suggesting that we go out for vegan every once in a while, and if it’s 100% vegan, he’s a great sport and can always find something to eat and quite often enjoys what he orders, I don’t always enjoy what I order, so it’s fair! I love Happy Cow for helping me to find somewhere to go that we can both eat, I love that I could find a BBQ joint that could accommodate me and it was good! I am looking forward to going back to try something else and even taking you when you come to visit! Let’s go!

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